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White Cloud Natural Spring Water Request for Proposal

  1. This RFP had a pre-bid event.

Michigan, United States

The P3 Group, Inc., in collaboration with White Cloud Natural Spring Water is seeking a firm that can offer a detailed
proposal to expand the existing White Cloud Natural Spring Water facility to extract, bottle, and distribute its natural
spring water in a quantity up to its licensed capacity of 880 million gallons annually. White Cloud Natural Spring Water will
enter into a ground lease agreement (the "Lease") with a Special Purpose Entity owned by The P3 Group, Inc. who will in
turn Build-To-Suit a state of the art facility and lease the constructed facility to the successful proposer for a period not to
exceed 100 years, with one (1) renewal option not to exceed an additional 100 years. The lease will include the rights to
extract, bottle, and distributed the natural spring water from the natural artesian aquifer below the surface of the earth of
the subject property. The successful proposer shall include, but not be limited to the information below:
1. FINANCIAL RATIONALE: Outline the financial feasibility of operating and maintaining the proposed facility. Proposer
shall identify any foreseen challenges and their plans to resolve those challenges.
2. CONCEPTUAL BUDGET: Preparing detailed budget that includes the following: a.) Conceptual Budget to Construct
Facilities b.) Proposed nonrefundable earnest money deposit at award of contract; c.) Proposed annual guaranteed
minimum lease payment; d.) Proposed price per gallon to be paid under the Lease for water extracted from the project
3. BUILD-TO-SUIT: The successful proposer shall be responsible for providing design specifications. All specifications
shall be developed in the most cost-effective manner for both the short and the long term operation and maintenance of
the Project. The successful proposer shall have the right to make recommendations and approvals regarding design and
construction methods.
4. INNOVATION: Energy efficiency and operational cost must be at the forefront in the financial, design and engineering
5. TIMELINE: The proposal should include a proposed timeline to negotiate definitive contractual agreements

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