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How does The RFP Database work?

The RFP Database is a community powered exchange for RFPs. Users may add RFPs to The RFP Database and receive credits which may then be used to gain access to other user's RFPs. Users without the means or time to upload RFPs may directly purchase credits. Using The RFP Database is entirely free if you are a contributor.

It is an exchange

The RFP Database relies on the credit system to incentivise the community exchange. There are no subscriptions and no fees. For every upload, a user may access the details of multiple RFPs. Uploaders also gain or lose their reputation based on beneficial or detrimental activity on the website. Consistent quality contributions yield a better reputation. Users may use this reputation to decide if a RFP is worth using credits. The RFP Database rewards users that provide constructive feedback, bring problematic RFPs to our attention, and continue to upload quality projects.

The RFP Database does not screen community uploads; users utilize credits at their own risk. It is always to a user's benefit to notify site administration of problematic RFPs.

Use the search

There are over 850,000 RFPs tracked by The RFP Database with more being contributed daily. The most effective means for a user to find their best matches is to use the advanced search. Registered users may search faster and save their favorite searches. They may also sign up for daily / weekly e-mails of new RFPs matching their searches and use their searches as the basis for a syndicated feed. Register to utilize advanced search tools.

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