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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The RFP Database?
The Request for Proposal Database (RFPdb) is a marketplace and exchange for Requests for Proposals and was created as a place for organizations to publicize their RFPs for free and as an inexpensive means for companies to find projects on which to bid. This website has been developed to allow users to contribute RFPs not matching their interests in exchange for RFPs in which they may have interest.
Why am I seeing ***** stars?
Not all information about a lead is visible. You must first gain access to a item to view the full details.
How do I use The RFP Database?
Almost every advanced feature on this website is available only to registered users. As the use of this website requires no subscription fees or other necessary cost to the user, registration is the first step in customization of the RFPDB. Upon registration you will be granted credits which may be used to access the details of a posted RFP. Quality interaction in the site will earn you more credits to access more RFPs.
You should use the search to customize the listings to show only the parameters of the RFPs matching your interests. Registered users may save their favorite search configurations and set daily/weekly e-mail alerts based on those searches.
How do I customize The RFP Database?
Registration is a required prerequisite to site customization. You may use the advanced search to focus only on your specific interests. On any RFP listing you may elect to save that search to your profile or further refine the parameters of the search. When you have found a search that best meets your needs you should save it to your profile. You may save as many searches to your profile as you wish.
How do I announce or upload a RFP?
Registered users may add a RFP to the database via the upload a RFP page.
What are credits?
Credits are a means to encourage the community exchange. You gain credits for positive contribution to the database and you may use credits to access details of posted RFPs and advertise on the site.
How do I obtain credits?
Credits may be gained via the addition of RFPs to the Database. High quality and well documented uploads will yield the most credits. Users may also purchase credits directly. Bonus credits may be awarded to users from time to time for other positive contributions to the website.
I uploaded something, where are my credits?
If you are a new user to the Database your upload is awaiting approval before your credits are awarded. If your upload was fraudulent or had insufficient information you may have lost credits on the posting.
Why do I have negative credits?
Negative contributions to the Database are strongly discouraged. Posting a fraudulent will result in the removal of that RFP and negative credits being awarded to the uploader. Providing insufficient information about a posted RFP will also result in negative credits. Any activity determined to be harmful to the Database may result in negative credits at the discretion of the site administration.
How may I advertise with The RFP Database?
Registered users may exchange their credits for advertising space on the RFP Database. Login to get started.
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