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RFP for the Procurement of Recruitment Services for the Molly of Denali Efficacy Study

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Alaska, United States
Download the rfp file: 11972-2019-01 Molly Recruitment RFP.doc.

The purpose of this RFP is to invite prospective Offerors to submit a proposal to provide recruitment, scheduling, retainment, and location rental services for our upcoming Randomized Control Trial to study the efficacy of the show "Molly of Dinali".

Set in rural Alaska, Molly of Denali focuses on enhancing young children's ability to access, use, and create informational text. Informational text has as its primary purpose to convey information, and comes in many forms: written texts, oral texts (e.g., interviews, presentations), visual texts (e.g., photographs, pictures, videos), and texts that include a combination of written, oral, and visual elements (such as on informational websites). Molly contains a full set of media assets for children and caregivers (i.e., stories, interstitials, games, activities). EDC/SRI will conduct an efficacy study to evaluate whether exposure to Molly media increases children's ability to use informational texts they access (read, listen to, and/or view) and/or create (write, speak, and/or present, including visually) to meet their needs and wants, including to help them solve real-world problems, to satisfy their curiosity, to take advantage of opportunities, to teach others, and to accomplish tasks.

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