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Anti-Harassment Training Services for Portland-Based Consulting Firm

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Oregon, United States
For Profit : Small Business

We would like to prepare our team to successfully navigate through difficult circumstances independently as Managers and team members, but also with the support of Winning Mark's Leadership and HR teams. While important to convey, requirements mandated by law are not the only elements on which we'd like our facilitator to focus. Rather, we'd like to have our team consider the deeper intentions behind and implications of how we work together. It is critical that our facilitator takes a trauma-informed approach and is comfortable and competent when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including people of color, non-binary individuals, and others from marginalized backgrounds.

Scope of Work
Specifically, we would like to walk away with the following deliverables completed:
- One Facilitated Workshop for Managers
- One Facilitated Workshop for Non-Managers
- Resources and Advising for HR Personnel
- Production of Relevant Training Materials for Team Members

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