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    1. Eastern Shore Public Library (ESPL) in Accomac, invites bids for the of a new of digital images, and PDFs to a new system for use in the new and ongoing redirects for to the new ********** Virginia, United States
      • Technology
      • Data Management
      • Web Development
    2. Our USO centers around the world provide many different of the same thing - a place to relax and connect while off duty. We offer free ************ and a *** place to watch a movie or read a book. Troops can even call home from man... Virginia, United States
      • Other
    3. ********** of the Air Force *********** and Management ********** Office of and ******** (OCEA) Solutions Opening (CSO) for and ******** and ********** (CERI) ********** CSO DES... Virginia, United States
      • Business Services
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      • Research & Development
      • Analysis
      • Management
      • Development
    4. This Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), is by the Army Rapid **** and Office The Army RCCTO serves to **** to the field to meet needs. The Office enables the Army to *********** evo... Virginia, United States
    5. Colleen R. Houser, Ms., Phone----, Email ---- Virginia, United States
      • Construction
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    6. Starting August 10, 2018, shall be via email to Rodney A. Johnson at ---- and Tashona M. Beale at ---- . Hard copies will not be The email subject heading for shall specify the area of (for ******** for Futu... Virginia, United States
    7. *** 0003 TO The is being amended to add 0003 of the **** to changes in the ******** VIBB ** dtd May 8, 2015. Offers are * in No new offers will be ******** in with FAR ****... Virginia, United States
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