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    1. The Air Force (AF) is evaluating the need to obtain A/D devices as is used on the MMIII, and ********** them as ************* The AF would like to obtain which would be ********** if it took the spares The purpose of t... Utah, United States
    2.   This is a ******** in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6. This ************ the only are being ********* and a written will not be issued. The Product Service Code (PSC) is 5... Utah, United States
    3. See attached Sources Sought and the Draft PWS. Dan O. Alyk, ********** Email ---- Utah, United States
    4. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Utah, Color Country seeks a vendor to provide two (2) UTVs to include ************* for traded in ATVs. The UTVs shall be a Honda Pioneer 1000 or ******** equal. The full details are in the & Trad... Utah, United States
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    5. SOURCES SOUGHT SYNOPSIS: Notice Type: Current ***** Sources Sought Sources Sought PLEASE READ THE BEFORE * SECTIONS 1-12: If your company * to the ***... Utah, United States
    6. The Contractor shall provide for each Climate Control Unit (CCU) as defined in the ******** ****** Work (PWS) for Thermo King Model TS-500 and T-1000 CCUs ********* to the Air Force Space Command Space Missile ... Utah, United States
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    7. The Region has a to replace ******** fire ******** in our fleet, and the new ******** need to be to fire standards. The Region uses these ******** to fire *********** and SCOPE OF ******** The ********or sha... Utah, United States
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    8. The 84th RADES at Hill AFB has a to upgrade the radar video and timing signal *** and the Log-RF unit of the Radar ******** Support System (RASS) radar kits. Navila Prado, * Manager, Em... Utah, United States
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    9. UPPER DRY FORK TRAIL HEAD Meier, Vicki Utah, United States
    10. ********** Request for *********** and ******** ********** This notice is a Request for *********** and ********.********** The primary ******** of this notice are as ********** **************************************... Utah, United States
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    11.   SOURCES SOUGHT FOR Concept ******** Seat (ACES) II Reefing Line Cutter 1.15 Second Delay and ******** Kit Locking Cord Cutter 4.0 Second Delay USAF and/or Foreign ******** Sales (FMS) A-10, B-... Utah, United States
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    12. This is a  five (5) year to procure ********** Part Number 68A52162P2, ************ in support of the ICBM Each Order (DO) shall stand alone and shall specify the ******** needed. Unit Price in the ba... Utah, United States
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