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    1. Charlotte Country Day School is for a ****** fully * student system that not only meets the **** set forth in this Request for (RFP), but is also and scalable in order to meet its future and ... North Carolina, United States
      • Technology
      • Data Management
      • Information Technology
      • Software
    2. The contractor will be to clean and the pools at the end of the pool season, clean and prepare each pool for the ********* of the normal pool **** Types of work but are not limited to: ******** washing to clean the pools, ite... North Carolina, United States
    3. The U. S. Postal Service plans to issue a Fixed Price Contract to a Fire at the New York NY Main ******************* at 8840 164th Street, NY 11432. All work will be done in accordance with USPS ************** and North Carolina, United States
      • Construction
    4.   Notice to All If you have * regarding Broad Agency **** (BAA) or any white paper with , please submit your question(s) in writing to the ACC (APG) RTP Point of Maria D. Nelson, a... North Carolina, United States
      • Creative
      • Writing
    5. THIS IS A Sources Sought Notice ONLY. The Mission and Installation Command Center - Fort Bragg (MICC Center FB) is seeking sources and from small ONLY and capable of requirements from the ... North Carolina, United States
      • Construction
    6. The purpose of this AMENDMENT 1 to is to provide * and the ** to them. See ********** 9 for Summary of Changes and for * and Answers. Leroy R. Hardy Jr., Email ---- North Carolina, United States
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