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    1. This is a COMBINED for items ******** in with the in FAR Subpart 12.6, using ********** in conjunction with FAR Part 13, as ** with the in this notice. This ** constitutes the onl... Maine, United States
    2. The base period is for the Long Term Room Rental of forty (40) rooms per night for a total of (47) nights for a total of 1,880 nights in the area of ********** Naval ******** (PNS), ME. The base period of *********** is fr... Maine, United States
    3. The will be made to the public solely *** through the General Federal Opportunities website at Hard copies of the **** will not be . This site instructions. All future * this acq... Maine, United States
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    4. ATTACHMENT 1 - PAST AND COVER LETTER ******** one set of letters and forms for each project in your firm s SF 330 Section F, Example Which Best Team s ** for This Contract. space or... Maine, United States
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