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T-Shirt, Moisture Wicking, Army, Sand, Tan or Brown

Pennsylvania, United States
Government : Military
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NSN:  8415015198782(s)  PGC:  02982 (SAND);  NSN:  8415016305523(s)  PGC:  04011 (TAN): 

NSN:  8415015048531(s)  PGC:  02854 (BROWN)


SPECIFICATION:  CR/PD 03-10 dated 29 January 2003 (SAND, TAN) and CID A-A-59791 dated 28 JUN 2006 (BROWN).     


RFP  SPE1C1-16-R-0033, will be utilized for the purchase of item T-Shirt, Moisture Wicking, Sand, Tan and Brown.  


A Solicitation is being issued for the purchase of the T-SHIRT, MOISTURE WICKING, SAND, TAN, AND BROWN, GENERAL PURPOSE, ARMY;  NSN: 8415015198782(s)  PGC:  02982 (SAND);  NSN:  8415016305523(s)  PGC:  04011  (TAN):  NSN:  8415015048531(s)  PGC: 02854 (BROWN)   The proposed contract will be issued as 100% Small Business Set-Aside, which will result in firm fixed price, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract in accordance with FAR Part 12, Acquisition of Commercial Items .   The resultant contract will contain a base year, and four (4), one year option terms with the same quantities for each year.   The quantities for the base year and each option year will be 400,000 each MINIMUM; and 2,000,000 each MAXIMUM.  Annual Estimated Quantity (AEQ) will be 1,600,000  each (Any combination of colors).

NOTE:   In accordance with the Federal Procurement Policy and FAR Subpart 8.6,  a timely offer from Federal Prison Industries/UNICOR will be considered for award in accordance with the specifications and evaluation factors as outlined in the solicitation.

RFID at item, case and pallet level will be required for this item.


Best Value Tradeoff Acquisition with Pass/Fail PDM Evaluation procedures will be utilized in making the proposed award, and as a result, a Technical Proposal is required.  Evaluation factors are as follows in descending order of importance:  1) Pass/Fail Product Demonstration Model (PDM) and 2) Past Performance/Performance Confidence Assessment. Technical and Past Performance, when combined, are significantly more important than cost or price.  Only firms with acceptable (Passing) PDMs will be eligible for award.  Firms with Unacceptable (Failing) PDMs will not be reviewed any further and their proposal will no longer be considered.  A Passing PDM Evaluation is being defined herein as acceptable PDMs and compliance with all solicitation terms and conditions.  The PDMs will be evaluated in accordance with the criterial outlined in the solicitation.  There will be no allowable re-submittals for PDM. 


From among the firms with Passing PDMs, the Government will then review the second evaluation factor:  Past Performance.  The Government intends to award to the firm who has a Passing PDM and is the best value to the Government with regard to Technically Acceptable/Passing PDMs, Past Performance and Price.  Passing PDMs and Past Performance, when combined are more important than cost or price.  As other evaluation factors become more equal, the evaluated price becomes more important.  The first Delivery Order for each award is due to begin 120 days after date of award with a reduced leadtime of 90 days for follow-on delivery orders.   Acquisition is FOB Destination to Pendergrass Distribution Center (SC0150), Travis Association Distribution (SD0131), and Peckham Vocational Industries (SD0119).   All materials used to manufacture this item are to be furnished by the contractor.


Product Demonstration Models will consist of two (2) Size Large, T-Shirt, Moisture Wicking, Sand or Tan or Brown.  PDMs must be submitted for every intended place of performance, including all proposed subcontractors.  It is the offeror's responsibility to ensure that PDMs arrive by the closing date and time of the solicitation. 


Availability of solicitations, FAR 5.102(d) applies, as our office no longer issues solicitations or amendments in paper form.


SPECIFICATION: CR/PD 03-10 dated 29 January 2003 (SAND, TAN) and CID A-A-59791 dated 28 JUN 2006 (BROWN).  Specification will be included at time of solicitation as an attachment.  Specification and Technical data are attached to this document and the information is attached to the solicitation document.


Solicitation is posted concurrently on Detailed system requirements and instructions for registration can be found on the DLA DIBBS Home Page accessed on A few highlights of the information that will be found include: 1. On the DLA Internet Bulletin Board System (DIBBS) Home Page, click the VENDOR REGISTRATION link to begin the registration process. 2. In order to register for access to secure portions of DLA DIBBS, the company you are representing must already be registered in the System for Award Management ( website. 3. A Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code registration will be processed immediately. A User ID will appear on the registration screen and a password will be sent separately to the email address of the Super User. If a CAGE is already registered on DLA DIBBS, the name and email address of the Super User will be provided. The Super User should be contacted to set-up additional accounts, logons and passwords for their CAGE DIBBS Super User * If your CAGE has already been registered on DIBBS, the name and email address of the person designated as your super user will be provided. * The representative who starts the DIBBS registration process has the option to accept their SAM registration POC as the DIBBS super user, or they can designate themselves or another person to act as the super user for the CAGE. * The super user acts as the account administrator for a CAGE. They can add up to ninety-eight (98) additional users, provide user IDs and passwords, modify existing users, and control the login status of each user for their CAGEs through My Account (Account Maintenance).


The Solicitation is also posted in FEDBIZOPPS along with this synopsis.


The Defense appropriations and authorization acts and other statutes (including what is commonly referred to as "The Berry Amendment") impose restrictions on the DoD's acquisition of foreign products and services. Generally, Clothing and Textile items (as defined in DFARS clause 252.225-7012) and "specialty metals" (as defined in DFARS clause 252.225-7014), including the materials and components thereof (other than sensors, electronics, or other items added to, and not normally associated with clothing), must be grown, reprocessed, reused, melted or produced in the United States, its possessions or Puerto Rico, unless one of the DFARS 225.7002-2 exceptions applies.


DLA Troop Support has developed a web-based system that allows manufacturers the ability to request specifications, patterns and drawings on our contracting page. To request technical data for DLA Troop Support Clothing and Textiles (DLA C&T) solicitations, use the following link to the DLA C&T Technical Data Repository area at


Contracting Office Address:

700 Robbins Avenue

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111-5096


Primary Point of Contact:               

JoAnn Zirilli

Acquisition Specialist

Phone: 215-737-6157                      

Fax: 215-737-5624                            


Secondary Point of Contact:

Hoi-Ying Man

Contracting Officer

Phone: 215-737-2461

Fax: 215-737-5624

Joann M. Zirilli, Contract Specialist, Phone 215-737-6157, Fax 215-737-5624, Email - Hoi-Ying Man, Contracting Officer, Phone 215-737-2461, Fax 215-737-5624, Email

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