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Oregon, United States
Government : Military
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US Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District is soliciting services to clean the Oregon Shore Potable Water Storage Tank at The Dalles Lock and Dam Project.

The potable water storage tank was last cleaned in 2008 and is due for a routine interior cleaning. The following specifications pertain to the cleaning of a concrete potable water tank that is 44' in diameter and 19' 10-1/2" high.

See attachment #1 for tank configuration and dimensions. Since the tank is enclosed by a roof, sediment in the tank is expected to be less than 8 inches. The tank does have two means of entry one being through a man door at ground elevation and one entry from the roof of the tank. There is a fixed ladder to access the roof from the ground and a fixed ladder to access the inside of the tank from the roof. The tank is located within two locked gates up a steep hill. Minimal parking is available around the tank. Attachment #3 is an aerial photograph of the general area and tank.

The inside of this tank is considered a confined space and all employees who will be entering this tank must be trained in confined spaces and have the necessary number of confined space competent persons and entry supervisors. The Contractor must submit the training completion records a minimum of seven days prior to the arrival of the individuals that will be involved in confined space work. The Contractor must also maintain a copy of the trainings certifications while on site. In addition, at a pre-work meeting the POC will cover The Dalles Lock and Dam's Confined Space site specific information. The Contractor is responsible for providing confined space entry equipment and PPE to complete the job.

The Contractor shall provide the necessary number of individuals needed to clean the tank walls, floor, and remove all foreign materials from the tank. All employees involved with the tank's cleaning shall be trained and authorized for Hazardous Waste Site Operations per OSHA's 29CFR1910.120. The Contractor shall identify and provide the necessary PPE required for their employees to safely complete this contract. Washing shall be accomplished using a pressure washer with adequate pressure to remove all scaling and sediment. The washing shall include a weak disinfectant recommended by the Contractor and approved by the POC. The Contractor is responsible for providing information on the product to be used for disinfecting and concentration at least seven days prior to the commencement of work. Following the disinfecting of the tank the Contractor will then rinse the disinfectant off.

The Contractor is responsible for collecting and disposing of all the water used during the washing, rinsing, and the solids removed during this tank cleaning. The Contractor is responsible for transporting all materials offsite in accordance with all DOT standards including the proper shipping container, documents, placards, and licensed hauler. The Contractor shall provide USACE with a copy of all transportation related documents. The Contractor is responsible for identifying the proper treatment and disposal location(s) for all waste materials. In addition, the Contractor is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits required for the transportation or disposal of these wastes. Prior to transportation and disposal of the waste materials the Contractor will submit their recommendations for treatment, permits, and disposal location(s) to USACE for Approval. The Contractor is responsible for providing a completed manifest or disposal record back to the POC within 45 days of shipment.

This solicitation will result in a firm fixed priced purchase order. The period of performance will be coordinated with the project but work is expected to be completed by 30 November 2016. One contract will be awarded to a single contractor. This is an unrestricted procurement, available to all responsible offerors.

The NAICS code for this work is 562998 with a size standard of $7,500,000.00. The PSC code is J079. Due to the commercial nature of this item, the publicizing and response time has been set to afford potential offerors a reasonable opportunity to respond in accordance with FAR 5.203.

The request for quote is attached to this announcement and should be completed and returned to the buyer listed by the date and time indicated. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the buyer listed on this announcement. The Small Business Deputy for Portland District is Carol McIntyre. Carol is available by calling (503) 808-4602 or via email at


Jeffrey S. Renner, Phone (503) 808-4630, Email

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