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Sri Lanka Emerging Markets Program (EMP) Evaluation

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The Soybean ************* (ASA) WISHH program is interested in ********** the of their Emerging Markets Program (EMP) to provide ********* training for food **********, government officials and health care professionals in Sri Lanka.


October 17th, 2022


The purpose of this Request for (RFP) is to solicit applications from companies and/or individuals to conduct the final for Soybean Association/WISHH's Emerging Market's Program (EMP) 2020.

ASA/WISHH has found that (i) the food processing sector lacks the ********* knowledge and market expertise to produce soy-enriched foods, (ii) U.S. soy suppliers have limited experience in Sri Lanka, and (iii) Sri Lankan consumers, companies and government officials have incomplete information on biotech. To overcome these challenges, ASA/WISHH will conduct three interventions.

Intervention 1: ASA/WISHH will conduct two ********* assistance visits with targeted companies. Prior to receiving a visit from a technologist, targeted companies will compete a questionnaire about their existing product line, equipment, available inputs, and desired products that could include soy. Questionnaire results will help ensure that ********* assistance visits are as productive as possible.

This intervention will teach businesses the reasons to consider incorporating soy and for those currently using soy, how to better utilize value-added soy products in the food processing. A ********* assistance visit consists of a ********* expert working on-site with targeted companies to provide information about the value of soy protein, including product descriptions, nutritional analysis, economic analysis, and product handling. Technologists will work with company personnel to develop formulations that include soy as an ingredient in locally processed foods. ********* assistance visits will target companies in the baked goods, frozen foods, and beverage sectors.

Intervention 2: ASA/WISHH will conduct two conferences for food **********, government officials and health care professionals. These programs will be delivered in association with U.S. experts and technicians. One conference will target health care professionals and government officials, who can disseminate knowledge about biotech, along with the nutritional and health benefits of consuming soy. The second conference will focus on food processing companies, including bakers, meat ********** and other food manufacturers. This conference will be more targeted and smaller due to the limited number of food manufacturers that were identified in the market assessment.

Intervention 3: ASA/WISHH will bring a six-member trade team made up of for food **********, government officials and or health care professionals to attend appropriate events in Asia or in the United States, which will help teach them new uses for soy ingredients and improve product quality. These events could include the INTSOY course held at the Northern Crops Institute (NCI) in Fargo, North Dakota, the SNAXPO or Natural Products West Expo trade shows, the Specialty Soya & Grains Alliance (SSGA) Global Trade Exchange or a university short course at NCI, Texas A&M University, or other educational institutions.

ASA/WISHH will use the below performance measures and any other custom performance measures to show the progress of this activity and the effect it had on meeting objectives and addressing the constraints identified in the by the conclusion of the project. ASA/WISHH will report the performance measure results in the final report.

Performance IndicatorGoal
********* Consultant Visits
Percent of companies receiving a ********* consultant visit will understand the economic, functional, and nutritional benefits of using U.S. soy in food products80%
Number of food ********** will request indicative pricing from U.S. exporters by the end of the project3
Number of food ********** will plan to use U.S. soy for the first time2
Conferences to educate food **********, government officials and health care professionals
Percent of participating government officials and healthcare professionals will understand the nutritional benefits of consuming soy and will reduce dissemination of soy myths80%
Percent of participating food ********** will understand the functional, economic, and
nutritional benefits of U.S. soy80%
Trade Team
Percent of trade team members will understand the functional, economic, and nutritional benefits of U.S. soy80%
Number of food ********** will request indicative pricing from U.S. exporters within the
first year of their trade team education3
Educate Government Officials and Food ********** on Biotech Benefits
Percent of government officials and food ********** will understand the benefits of biotech products75%

The Period of Performance for this contract will be November - December 2022. The anticipated award data of this contract is November 10th. The final report should be submitted to ASA/WISHH on or before December 30th, 2022.

The Soybean Association (ASA) was founded in 1920 by soybean farmers and extension workers to promote soy for high protein applications in developmental settings. Overseas activities initiated in the mid-1950s, and to date ASA has worked in over 80 countries. The World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) was founded in 2000 to expand the work of the Soybean Association (ASA) in developing and emerging markets to improve health, nutrition, and food security, building the groundwork for future markets of soy. WISHH provides services in food technology, business development, nutrition services, and program and development. WISHH expertise extends its network into additional areas, such as aquaculture and animal feed.

ASA/WISHH connects trade ...

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