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RFP for Foundational Playbooks for Goodwill Industries International

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Maryland, United States

This request for proposal seeks support in developing and publishing high-level summaries (7-10 pages) designed for member CEOs of best practices in all major areas of Goodwill operations by an annual meeting of Goodwill CEOs to be held in March 2023. This effort will include:

In Retail, developing an additional 2-3 executive summaries/chapters.
In Mission, developing and publishing approximately 10 executive summaries.
In Brand, developing and publishing approximately 10 executive summaries.
In Administration, developing and publishing approximately 10 executive summaries.

The exact number of summaries are subject to change based on member input to be gathered in September and October.

While the content for each domain area will be unique, the process by which these chapters will be developed will be standardized. This will include:

a.Baseline current state
b.Convene a member CEO Advisory Board to prioritize playbook summary topics
c.Prepare internal team
d.Identify member SMEs
2.Member-led Development
a.Source and organize currently existing GII and member content
b.GII/member SMEs guide development of draft content
c.Write, edit & design summaries in accordance with GII standards
d.Internal & member SME review
e.Work with GII to Recruit and organize member focus groups
3.Member Review
a.Focus group input for each summary
b.Revise and refine content
c.Finalize design
a.Prepare for member access
b.Communication and training plan
e.Seeking feedback

Goodwill Industries International is convening an internal team of subject matter experts, communications professionals, and learning professionals to support this effort. This request for proposal specifically seeks the following to enable this scope of work at this time:

Up to three (3) mid-level project managers who will drive the above process from start to finish: outlining processes and timelines, coordinating internal and external resources, synthesizing member feedback, and ensuring fidelity to purpose while meeting deadlines. These project managers will work closely with an internal lead subject matter expert to engage member CEOs in the process.

Up to two (2) technical writers to organize the information gathered, work closely with subject matter experts to write and refine the summary chapters, and coordinate with internal design and communication resources to finalize the product for launch. This engagement goes beyond editing and formatting existing text; these writers will be expected to take source content and develop it into written playbook chapters that are understandable and actionable for a non-expert audience.

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