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Probation Violation Residential Centers in New York State

New York, United States
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DPCA has prepared this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the operation of pilot regional Probation
Violation Residential Centers (PVRC's) to assist probation departments in stabilizing
probationers while their violating behavior is addressed. These Centers will provide a graduated
sanction and diversion from state prison for appropriate probationers. The PVRC's will offer
more highly structured supervision in a supportive environment, and will include access to
evidence-based interventions. Additionally, these PVRC's can provide an immediate resource to
probation departments seeking to admit offenders to residential treatment programs in lieu of
incarceration. The PVRC would affectively become one option in a continuum of graduated
sanctions to avoid the use of incarceration. Programming at the PVRC's must include the use of
screening, assessment, case planning and staff training. Project proposals may suggest either
building onto existing services or establishing new services. Project designs may include:
staffing directly responsible to provide identified evidence-based program services,
including case monitoring and supervision;
staffing who serve as part of an interagency team in the provision of evidence-based
program services, including case monitoring and supervision;
subcontracting with an evidence-based service provider; or
combination of two or more of the above.

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