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Parking Enforcement Services at New York City Housing Authority Locations

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New York, United States
For Profit

LAZ Parking is now accepting proposals for Parking Enforcement services at all New York City Housing Authority ("NYCHA") locations across New York City.

LAZ offers opportunities for firms through a public solicitation known as a "Request for Proposals" (RFP). LAZ's objective in issuing an RFP is to publicly offer and promote specified competitive bids or proposals. The goal of the RFP process is to attract strong and viable proposals.

LAZ's selection criteria include the financial strength, demonstrated management expertise, business plan and track record of the Consultant, as well as the bid or offer. The RFP, therefore, requires the completion of an extensive application.

The Contractor's Qualification Statement (CQS) must be filled out completely; incomplete CQS forms will be returned and may disqualify a proposal.

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