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Pacific Environment 2023 Grant Opportunity

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United States

Pacific Environment is aiming to harness people power to regenerate ports and end ship pollution once and for all. Together with local communities, allies, and partners, we have the power to transform port infrastructure and accelerate the transition to zero-emission shipping, ultimately transforming ports from hotspots of fossil fuel pollution to thriving hubs of sustainable economic development and environmental protection. Our campaign unites strategic, place-based objectives with local, state, federal, and international policy goals to tip the global shipping industry off fossil fuels for good.

Through this grant opportunity, Pacific Environment aims to fund multi-level organizations, including community-based groups, environmental justice organizations, and environmental organizations and we welcome organizations and project scopes of any size. We value and plan to prioritize frontline organizations, community-based groups, and environmental justice organizations that are serving and working within communities directly impacted by ship and port pollution.

To apply: For question and application form, please reach out to Carolina Velasquez at

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