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PHIA Products and Data Visualization

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New York, United States

ICAP is looking for a communications agency with experience in web and product design to design and layout PHIA products ( and re-design and maintain the PHIA project's interactive data visualization site (

For products, this includes development of a standard template for a summary sheets and final reports and layout of documents with standard figures and graphs. For data visualization, a visual redesign, regular maintenance and updating of the platform is needed in consultation with the PHIA data team.

Each product will involve designing a cover page, basic proofreading of text, formatting text and tables, designing graphs and maps, and formatting the annex pages. Formatting services will also be required for documentation and manuals related to datasets. Approximately 4-6 rounds of review will be required for finalization of the reports assuming good accuracy and fidelity to templates and style guides on the first draft. Printing of the summary sheets and final reports will be required.

The data website requires regular updating to incorporate new data in line with the release of final reports. The data site should be user-friendly, interactive and allow researchers, policy-makers, program implementation staff working on HIV to access national and subnational level summary PHIA data. The public dataset, log-in, registration and help pages should also be maintained in coordination with the PHIA data team. Future improvements to the data visualization should be anticipated after the initial re-design.

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