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NMCP Janitorial Services

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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This acquisition is a Prospective 100% set aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) or Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). If two or more interested (SDVOSB) and/or (VOSB) respond, then the solicitation to acquire services described below shall be 100% Set-aside to the appropriate VOSB or SDVOSB. If there are at least 2 interested veteran certified companies listed on, this requirement shall be set aside to all small businesses. The NAICS Code is 561720 (Janitorial Services) $16.5 Million size standard.

Please note: That this is not a request for quotes or proposals; this is a requested for information (RFI) notice to inform all interested Small Businesses that the VA National Cemetery Administration, Pacific District as directed by the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (NMCP), is preparing to solicit the appropriate Set-Aside proposal Depending on the interested Reponses on this Request for Information. Contract award will consist of One Base year and up to 4 one year option; a total of five years (maximum if needed). A solicitation is currently not available. The intent of an awarded contract shall be Janitorial services for the Cemetery employees. Subject to all terms, conditions, provisions, and schedules of the contract; contractor shall furnish all equipment, parts, materials, supplies, labor, and supervision necessary and incidental to the work required. The evaluation factors are as follows Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA).

BACKGROUND: The VA National Cemeteries are a resting place for our nation's heroes and as such, the standards for management, maintenance and appearance of these cemeteries have been established by the VA National Cemetery Administration (NCA) to reflect this nation's concern and respect for those interred there. NCA mission is to honor veterans with a final resting place and lasting memorials that commemorate their service to our nation. National Cemeteries are National Shrines. The standards of maintenance and appearance at these cemeteries shall reflect this nation's concern for those interred.

Participation in this effort is strictly voluntary. All costs associated with responding to this RFI Notice will be solely at the interested respondent s expense. The objective of this RFI Notice is to allow industry the opportunity to provide comments to the VA NCA Pacific District. Review of the responses to the RFI Notice will focus on the offeror s technical input and clarification of requirements.

RFI Notice Response Due Date: The VA NCA Pacific District will only entertain written communication (capability Statements); no verbal capability statements will be accepted. Please submit written information (capability statements) via e-mail to Joseph Mendoza, Contracting Officer, at no later than 25 April 2017; 4:00 p.m. Pacific time. RFI Response Contact: Respondents to this RFI Notice shall designate a primary and one alternate point of contact within the company (Name, Address, Email, and Telephone).

Clarification of RFI Notice Responses: To fully comprehend the information contained within a response to this RFI Notice, there may be a need to seek further clarification from those responding. This clarification may be requested in the form of brief verbal communication by telephone; written communication; electronic communication; or a request for a presentation of the response to a specific VA NCA Pacific District group or groups. The VA NCA Pacific District reserves the right to seek additional information from those respondents identified with unique solutions that are determined to beneficial to the VA NCA Pacific District.


SCOPE: This is a Non-Personal Janitorial Service in which the Contractor shall furnish all supplies, materials, personnel, equipment, tools, and supervision necessary to provide complete Janitorial Services at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, 2177 Puowaina Drive, Honolulu, HI 96813.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration (NCA) requires janitorial services to be performed at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is a National Shrine. The standards of maintenance and appearance at this cemetery must reflect this nation s concern for those interred there. For this reason, the Contractor s strict adherence to the specifications is required and essential.

PERSONNEL: Contractor personnel shall adhere to established training criteria (such as OSHA, JCAHO), and shall be able to demonstrate a documented employee initial and refresher training program that includes Universal Precautions, basic bacteriological concepts, infection control, safety, fire protection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and laundry operating procedures and policies.

PHYSICAL SECURITY: The contractor shall, at all times, exercise care and caution in performing the duties described in the statement of work so as not to cause injury to themselves or other persons. The contractor shall perform the assigned tasks and duties in a safe manner in accordance with VA, NCA, and OSHA regulations and policies. The contractor shall indemnify to protect self, and render the United States Government, its employees, agents and representatives, harmless from any liability resulting from personal injury arising out of performance of the work contained herein. The contractor shall maintain insurance in accordance with FAR Clause 52-228-5, Insurance Work on a Government Installation, in an amount not less than $100,000/per occurrence/per person. The contractor shall provide evidence of insurance coverage, as well as evidence that employees performing work under the contract are bonded or otherwise insured against theft, damage and loss.

B. The Contractor and Contractor s employees shall follow the cemetery no smoking policy. Policy is available at the cemetery.

C. All debris resulting from cemetery janitorial services shall be disposed of in Government provided dumpster designated by the COR. .

D. The Contractor shall be responsible for any damage to Government and/or personal property. All damage by the Contractor shall be repaired or replaced by the Contractor at no additional cost to the Government.

E. Contractor shall provide all safety warning devices at worksite to eliminate all hazards to visitors and cemetery employees.

QUALITY CONTROL: The Contractor shall establish and maintain a complete Quality Control Plan to ensure that the requirements of the contract are provided as specified. One copy of the contractor s Quality Control Plan shall be provided to the contracting officer not later than the Post Award Conference. An updated copy must be provided to the contracting officer and COR on the contract start date and as changes occur.

The plan shall describe the methods for identifying and preventing defects before the level of performance becomes unacceptable.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: The Government will evaluate the contractor s performance under this contract in accordance with the work statement and the enclosed Janitorial and Restroom Checklist s. The checklist s shall be initialed and dated each day by contractor personnel signifying that the work was completed. All surveillance observations will be recorded by the Government. When an observation indicates defective performance, the COR will complete a discrepancy report and send it to the contracting officer and the contractor by e-mail and or fax. The discrepancy reports will be used to establish documentation for Non-performance or tasks not satisfactorily completed in accordance with the Work Statement which will result in a reduction of the monthly amount in the Schedule.

Formula to Calculate Payment Reduction:
Monthly Rate divided by the scheduled workdays during the month = Daily Rate

Performance Evaluation Meetings: The contract manager may be required to meet with the COR and contracting officer at the beginning of contract performance. Quarterly meetings will be scheduled with the Director of National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, COR and/or Contracting Officer. The contractor may request meetings whenever a Contract Discrepancy Report is issued. The written minutes of these meetings shall be signed by the contractor s manager, contracting officer and COR. If the contractor does not concur with the minutes he/she shall state any areas of non-concurrence within 5 business days of receipt of the signed minutes.


1. Based upon satisfactory completion and final inspection and acceptance of all work performed in accordance with the Statement of Work., the Contractor shall be paid monthly in arrears by Government Purchase Order and after receipt of a properly prepared invoice.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the contract covering inspection and acceptance, any items found to be unsatisfactorily cleaned shall be re-cleaned at no additional cost to the VA/NCA.

3. Contracted services are to be accomplished subject to emergency situations-as defined by VA-which may require alteration of schedules. In the event that the VA declares a facility emergency or disaster, or participates in a federal and/or DOD drill, the contractor shall perform services as required by the facility COR per the Emergency Preparedness Plan.

4. Contractor shall specify a point of contact (with phone number) as the designated contact for VA/NCA, and the parties shall meet as needed. The point of contact can be reached during normal business hours and off-duty hours, and be able to respond within one hour of notification by the VA/NCA and take prompt action on matters pertaining to the contract.


1. Contractor Supplied Items. Unless otherwise stated all equipment, such as step ladders, water hose, mops, vacuum, brushes, etc. as well as all cleaning chemicals which must meet (The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act (FSRIA) of 2002, E.O. 13423, and Part 23 of the FAR which requires Federal agencies to purchase USDA-designated bio-based products, also known as Bio-Preferred products.) will be furnished by the contractor. Contractor will provide employees with a binder and training for all cleaning materials with a copy of all material safety data sheets (MSDS), and provide the COR with copies of the MSDS s for all chemicals stored at the cemetery.

2. Contractor will supply all expendable items such as hand soap, plastic garbage bags, air freshener and paper products i.e. toilet paper and hand towels.

a. Proper and Safe use of Equipment and Chemicals.
Contractor shall use all equipment, disinfectants, detergents, and other chemical agents in accordance with OSHA and manufactures instructions. Contractor shall take extreme care while performing cleaning services to insure that corrosive or abrasive chemicals do not mar, discolor, remove or harm the finish in any way on any facility or fixture. Contractor may be liable for damages to private or Government property caused by misuse.

b. Reasonable Cleaning Effort. Contractor shall advise the COR of any stains or markings that cannot be removed by reasonable cleaning efforts.


Areas to be serviced are located in the Administrative Building (Admin Bldg), Public Information Center (PIC), Public Restrooms, Maintenance Shop, and Overlook Restroom. The Admin Bldg consists of 2 levels, they are: Upper Level: 1. Reception Area. 2. Administration Lobby. 3. Conference Room. 4. Elevator Lobby. 5. Elevator. 6. Storage Area. 7. Kitchen Area/ Break Room. 8. (2) Restrooms. 9. Operations Area. 10. (3) Offices, 11. Janitor Closet. 12. Outdoor Lanai. Lower Level: 1. Office space. 2. Elevator Lobby. 3. Storage area. 4. Kitchen/Break Room. 5. (2) Bathrooms. 6. Shower. 7. Honor Guard Room. 8. Outdoor Lanai The Public Restrooms 1. Men s Restroom. 2. Women s restroom. 3. Storage rooms. The Maintenance Shop consists of 4 areas. 1. Foreman s Office. 2.(2) Employee Break Rooms. 3. Locker Room. 4. Rest Room. The Overlook Restroom consists 3 areas. 1. Men s Restroom. 2. Women s Restroom. 3. Janitorial Closet. Janitorial services shall be performed and completed Monday through Friday for all areas. The cemetery will be open every HOLIDAY/three day weekend, these days will be provided to the janitorial contractor in January of each year.. Janitorial services are required on Saturday, Sunday and Holiday s for public restrooms only. Janitorial services are also required in all areas on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the Memorial Day Weekend (The last weekend in May), and on November 11th for the Veterans Day Holiday, and other days designated by COR. All other weekends and Holidays will require daily public restroom janitorial services only. Work shall be accomplished between the hours of 4:15 P.M. and 12:00 A.M.

Approximate Square Footage

Administration Building Upper Level
Administration Building Lower Level
Public Restrooms
Maintenance Shop
Overlook Restrooms



1. Daily sweep and wet mop all tile and vinyl/wood floor surfaces (moving tables, chairs, waste cans, mats, etc.) and remove stains, dirt, mud, grime and markings as needed, leaving surfaces streak free.
2. Cleaning solution shall be monitored and must be changed whenever the solution is dirty. Floor s will be checked for cleanliness using a damp paper towel each morning by COTR to check for residual dirt.
3. Grime, dirt and debris which accumulate in corners must be removed at least weekly.
4. On Friday of each week the tile floors in the restrooms will be cleaned with a brush or machine to remove dirt and grime build up in the grout lines.


1. Daily vacuum all carpet and rug areas (including mats and carpet runners), ensuring removal of debris; moving light furniture and floor items as needed. Carpet areas include all carpeted areas within the administrative office and PIC areas, to include all offices, cubicles and upholstered furniture.
2. Daily clean all carpets in accordance with standard commercial practices. A heavy duty spot remover may be required in heavily soiled areas. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other items shall be moved to clean carpets underneath, and returned to their original location.
3. Daily clean floor mats located in the foyer at front entrance(s) will also be vacuumed and cleaned.


1. Daily clean all glass doors at the Administration Office (with glass cleaner), inside and outside surfaces. Spot clean daily all other glass surfaces in the Administration Building and PIC areas ensuring no streaks.
2. Daily dust and polish all employee areas to include wood surfaces, such as counter tops and desks (not moving papers, items, etc. and being extremely careful around computer equipment), telephones, chairs, tables, etc. the Administration Building and PIC areas ensuring no streaks.
3. Daily spot clean doors walls and partitions in office spaces, PIC and restrooms ensuring no streaks.
4. Weekly clean all glass surfaces in the Administration Building and PIC areas.
5. Weekly dust and clean all doors, doorframes, walls and partitions, ensuring all corners are free of dust and cobwebs.
6. Weekly dust and clean all window ledges, windowsills, cabinets, table, desk and counter tops, pictures and baseboards.


1. Daily clean toilets/urinals & sinks with germicide disinfectant.
2. Daily clean and polish all glass, mirrored and stainless steel areas with appropriate cleaners, ensuring no streaks.
3. Daily clean counters, tables, benches and sinks ensuring no streaks.
4. Daily fill all soap dispensers, paper towels, toilet paper and toilet seat protectors.
5. Weekly clean & disinfect Toilet & Urinal partitions, lockers and walls.
6. On Friday of each week the tile floors in the restrooms will be cleaned with a brush or machine to remove dirt and grime build up in the grout lines ensuring no streaks.


1. Daily clean counters, tables and sinks (move small appliance and items as needed)
2. Daily clean and polish all glass, mirrored and stainless steel areas with appropriate cleaners, ensuring no streaks.
3. Daily clean exterior of the refrigerator and microwave s.
4. Weekly remove trash containers and clean. Clean interiors of all microwave ovens and stove ovens.


1. Daily clean storage room from top of stairwell down to floor, removing all dirt and dust from handrails and steps. Sweep and wet mop floor after removing all interferences. Replace all items after floor dries ensuring no streaks.
2. Daily ensure the janitorial closet is clean and neat in appearance. All chemicals stored in locker are below eye level and a MSDS is on hand.
3. Weekly remove all interference from Janitors Closet and scrub and clean floor drain. Sweep and wet mop floor. Replace all items after floor dries.


1. Daily clean all hard surfaces and doors streak free.
2. Daily vacuum carpeted surfaces.


1. Daily empty, clean and line all waste cans, including all trash receptacles inside the buildings and outside of the administration building and public information center entrances, maintenance shop and restrooms. A commercial dumpster is located at the far end of the maintenance shop for the disposal of trash.
2. Daily empty and damp wipe ashtrays at entrances and exits of the administration and public information buildings. The receptacle should be free of litter associated with cigarette smoking, as well as gum, wrappers, etc. Ashtrays with sand will be cleaned out also.
3. Daily empty paper shredder canisters into the Blue recycling containers, change the Blue recycling container bags and place the removed materials into the recycling dumpster located next to the regular trash dumpster. Dispose of all empty cardboard boxes located around trash containers into the recycling dumpster.
4. Daily dust and polish all wood surfaces and countertops.
5. Daily clean, organize and maintain the janitors closets at admin bldg and PIC.
6. Daily, clean, polish and sanitize drinking fountains and vending machines.
7. Weekly clean and damp wipe chairs, wall clocks and wall pictures.
8. Weekly clean and polish light switches, door handles and push plates in all areas.
9. Weekly clean (vacuum or dust) vents, louvers, light fixtures, ceiling fans, mini blinds, windowsills, tube heat radiators, water supply piping, ceiling structural framing braces and HVAC supply registers. A treated cloth should be used when necessary.
10. Prior to departing each evening, Contractor shall ensure all interior lights are turned off; all doors are secured and locked and the security alarm is activated at the PIC and Administration Building. Security will be notified prior to departure.


1. Machine clean, strip and refinish (wax) all hard floors in Admin Bldg., PIC Restrooms and Maintenance Bldg.
2. Wash all windows and glass surfaces in Admin Building, PIC and Maintenance Building.
3. Shampoo all carpeted areas in the Administration Building and PIC.
4. All carpet and rug areas shall be vacuumed, shampooed and thoroughly dried. After shampooing, the carpeted area will be uniform in appearance and free of stains and discoloration. All cleaning solutions shall be removed from baseboards, furniture, trash receptacles, chairs and other similar items.

FEDERAL HOLIDAYS: The cemetery will be open on every HOLIDAY/three day weekend. Janitorial services are required in all areas on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the Memorial Day Weekend (The last weekend in May), and on November 11th for the Veterans Day Holiday, and other days designated by COR. All other weekends and Holidays will require daily public restroom janitorial services only. Work shall be accomplished between the hours of 4:15 P.M. and 12:00 A.M.

January New Year's Day
Martin Luther King's Birthday
February President's Day
May Memorial Day
July Fourth of July
September Labor Day
October Columbus Day
November Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
December Christmas Day


Areas to be serviced are located throughout the cemetery grounds to include: Administrative Building Complex, Main Gate, Pump house and Maintenance Service Building.

BACKFLOW PREVENTERS: Annually the Board of Water Supply will notify the cemetery when to conduct tests on the backflow preventers. Upon notification the COR will deliver the supplied forms to the contractor who will have the test conducted by a certified tester. The test will be conducted within the month received and the completed forms will returned to the City Board of Water Supply with a copy given to the COR for filing in the EMS file.

MAIN GATE: Every 6 months check the oil level per manufacturer s recommendation.
Semi-annually check pressure settings per the manufacturer s recommendation. Every two years change the oil. Keep the control panel and electrical connections clean and free of insect infestation.

ANNUALLY: Clean and wax VA gate seal.

ABOVE GROUND FUEL TANKS: Annually the above ground fuel tanks will be inspected and tested by a qualified individual. The following checks will be completed. (1) Check leak detector chamber for leaks; (2) Check for bacteria/microbial infestation; (3) Inspect all wiring for serviceability; (4) Check emergency relief vent for proper operation; (5) Calibrate Gas and Diesel fuel Dispensers; (6) Check foundation for settlement/washout; (7) Inspect fuel nozzles meet State standards; (8) Inspect fuel dispensers are air compliant;

ACTIVE VEHICLE BARRIER: Every 6 months check the oil level per manufacturer s recommendation. Semi-annually check the pressure settings per manufacturer s recommendation. Every 2 years change oil per manufacturer s recommendation. Keep the control panel clean and free of insect infestation.

GENERATOR SET: Ensure that all safety information, warnings and instructions are read and understood before any operation or any maintenance procedures are performed.

The contractor is responsible for the performance of maintenance, including all adjustments, the use of proper lubricants, fluids, filters, and the replacement of components due to normal wear and aging. Failure to adhere to proper maintenance intervals may result in diminished performance of the product and/or accelerated wear of components.

Use mileage, fuel consumption, service hours, or calendar time, WHICH EVER OCCURS FIRST, in order to determine the maintenance intervals. Products that operate in severe operating conditions may require more frequent maintenance.

NOTE: Before each consecutive interval is performed, all maintenance from the previous interval must be performed.

EVERY WEEK: (1) Battery Electrolyte Level Check; (2) Electrical Connections Check; (3) Engine Air Cleaner Service Indicator Inspect; (4) Fuel System Primary Filter/Water Separator Drain; (5) Fuel Tank Water and Sediment Drain; (6) Generator Inspect; (7) Generator Bearing Temperature Test/Record; (8) Instrument Panel Inspect; (9) Walk Around Inspect; (10) Start the Engine: Operate the engine and check all gauges, oil pressure, fuel pressure, rpm (frequency), generated voltage and engine jacket water temperature, for correct readings.

EVERY YEAR: (1) Perform fluid analysis on fuel; (2) Alternator Inspect; (3) Alternator and Fan Belts Inspect/Adjust; (4) Cooling System Coolant Sample (Level 2) Obtain; (5) Engine Clean; (6) Engine Air Cleaner Element (Single Element) Replace; (7) Engine Mounts Inspect; (8) Engine Oil Sample Obtain; (9) Engine Oil and Filter Change; (10) Fuel System Primary Filter (Water Separator) Element Replace; (11) Fuel System Secondary Filter Replace; (12) Generator Set Vibration Test/Record; (13) Hoses and Clamps Inspect/Replace; (14) Insulation Test; (15) Rotating Rectifier Check; (16) Starting Motor Inspect; (17) Water Pump Inspect.

ELEVATOR MAINTENANCE: Examine the elevator equipment for optimum operation. Examine, lubricate or adjust the following component groups and related equipment. (1) Control and Landing Positioning Systems; (2) Signal Fixtures; (3) Machines, Drives, Motors, Governors, Sheaves, and Ropes; (4) Power Units, Pumps, Valves, and Jacks; (5) Car and Hoistway Door Operating Devices and Door Protection Equipment; (6) Loadweighers, Car Frames and Platforms, and Counterweights; (7) Safety Mechanisms; (8) Lubricate Equipment for Smooth and Efficient Performance; (9) Adjust Elevator Parts and Components to Maximize the Elevator s Performance and Safe Operation; (10) Relamp all Signals

HVAC: Using the manufacturers provided Maintenance Documentation Log record all maintenance performed and following the manufacturers maintenance procedures perform the following:

QUARTERLY: (1) Change all filters; (2) Clean all fans/blowers; (3) Lubricate all fans, motors, louvers per manufacturer s recommendation. Test, clean and lubricate all Fire Type Dampers.

ANNUALLY: Clean all ductwork throughout the buildings.

ADMIN BUILDING GROUNDS MAINTENANCE: Contractor shall perform the following maintenance.

DAILY/WEEKLY: Maintain all turf and planting beds in accordance with the NCA Standards and Operational Measures. Fertilize and apply insecticides in accordance with current industry standards.
Clean all walkways, stairwells, breezeways and parking surfaces of debris and litter.

QUARTERLY: Clean and wax all signage. Pressure wash all sidewalks, breezeway s, steps, benches.

ANNUALLY: Clean all gutters.

EVERY 2 YEARS: Slurry Seal all asphalt surfaces.


Contracting Officer (CO). A person duly appointed with the authority to enter into and administer contracts on behalf of the U.S. Government.

Contracting Officer s Representative (COR). An individual designated by the contracting officer to act as his representative to assist in administering a contract. The source and authority for a COR are contained in the written letter of designation.

Government Property. All property owned or leased to the government or acquired by the government under the terms of the contract. Government property includes both government furnished property and contractor acquired property as defined in FAR 45.101.

Performance Requirement. The point that divides acceptable and unacceptable performance. When the method of surveillance is other than random sampling, the performance requirement is the number of defectives or maximum percent defective in the lot before the government will effect the price computation system in accordance with the Performance Requirements Summary and the Inspection of Services Clause.

Quality assurance (QA). Those actions taken by the government to assure services meet the requirements of the performance Work Statement (PWS) and all other service outputs.

Quality Assurance Evaluator (AQE). A government person responsible for surveillance of contractor performance.

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). An organized written document used for the quality assurance surveillance. The document contains specific methods to perform surveillance of the contractor.

Quality Control: Those actions taken by a contractor to control the performance of services so that they meet the requirements of the contract.


The Contractor shall be aware of the intensive labor and equipment requirements needed to meet contract specifications. Inclement weather - except for hurricanes - will not be considered an excusable delay in meeting specifications. The government expects the Contractor to work throughout all weather conditions and to apply additional labor and equipment as necessary to meet deadlines.

The Contractor is responsible for taking all precautions to prevent damage to the cemetery, in any manner.

Cooperation with other Contractors: The Government may undertake or award other contracts for additional work at or near the site of work for this contract. The Contractor shall fully cooperate with other Contractors and with Government employees.

More than one Contractor may have access to storage areas designated by the COR. The government is not responsible for any costs associate with repairing or replacing Contractor(s) property while on cemetery property.

The Contractor shall provide adequate safety warning devices, barricades and cover boards, etc., at all work sites to eliminate hazards from public visitors and cemetery employees at no cost to the government.

At the end of each day, the Contractor shall remove all debris from the cemetery site. At all times rubbish and trash generated by the Contractor shall be kept clear of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the site. The government shall not provide receptacles for the disposal of debris related to this contract.

The Contractor shall possess and maintain all necessary insurance, licenses and permits required for contract performance. Contractor is responsible for any injury to himself/herself, his/her employees, as well as for any damage to personal or public property that occurs during the performance of this contract that is caused by his/her employees fault or negligence, and shall maintain personal liability and property damage insurance having coverage for a limit as required by the laws of the State of Arizona.

Reporting "on-the-job" Injuries: The Contractor is required to report all "on-the-job" injuries incurred by the Contractor, its agents or employees, resulting from performance of this contract. Contractor shall notify the COTR (either orally or via telephone) within twenty-four (24) hours of the injury and provide details and exact location of the incident. This will be followed up by a written notice to the COTR. Any Contractor (including its agents and employees) that knowingly files a false claim may be criminally prosecuted.


Contractor and Contractor personnel are required to adhere to the following standards of dress and conduct while performing work at the cemetery. These standards and regulations are enforceable under Title 38, U.S.C. Section 218. Contractor and Contractor Personnel --

Shall be fully clothed at all times, to include long slacks or pants and shirt, buttoned up from neck to waist. Clothing shall be clean each day. Any soiled clothing should be cemetery work-related that day. T-shirts and/or tank tops as outer garments are prohibited. Shoes/boots will have no holes or loose soles. Steel-toed shoes will be required in accordance with OSHA. Contractor employees will maintain personal hygiene.

Shall not engage in loud or boisterous behavior or use profane or abusive language and show proper reverence during committal service.

Shall not eat or drink beverages except water or non-alcoholic drinks while in the work area or in site of committal shelter during a service. Use of intoxicating beverages and/or drugs is strictly prohibited.

Contractor personnel shall not lean, sit or stand on or against headstones or monuments. No tools, equipment or other items will be placed or leaned on headstones or monuments. Cemetery Director or his representative may direct work to be stopped or delayed based on operational needs of the cemetery.

SMOKING is not permitted in any buildings with the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. This restriction includes offices, restrooms, stairwells, entrances, exits or any other public area. Smoking in designated areas is authorized.

Use of Cemetery Facilities: The Government shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of Contractor items, nor shall free telephone service be provided. Contractor shall be responsible for acceptable standards of housekeeping and custodial maintenance of Department of Veterans Affair s facilities used by Contractor's employees.

Space: Based on availability of space, and at the discretion of the COR, a limited storage area may be provided. Space offered will be in as-is" condition. Prior to making any modifications or alterations to the space, Contractor shall obtain written approval from the COR. Any such modifications or alterations shall be at the expense of the Contractor. Upon completion of the contract, the facility shall be returned to the government in the same condition as received at the expense of the Contractor, except for reasonable wear and tear.

The Government shall not provide the Contractor with any fuel storage, equipment or telephones. If available, electric and/or utilities at the designated work and storage areas may be provided for purposes of contract performance only. The Contractor shall take adequate safety precautions to prevent hazardous product spills, fire hazards, odors and unsanitary conditions.

The Contractor is responsible for safely handling any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning solutions, etc. in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. An MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is required for all chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and cleaning solutions.

If space is provided, only the Contractor s equipment, supplies and property necessary to perform work under this contract shall be stored at the Contractor's designated storage area. No maintenance or repair of Contractor equipment shall be done on cemetery property without the COTR s approval.


The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of personnel conduct and work performance and shall administer disciplinary action as required.

The Contractor shall remove employees for cause, to include, but not limited to, misconduct in performance of duty under these specifications and/or conduct contrary to the best interests of the Government.

The Contractor is responsible for safety / precaution training of Contractor employees performing work under the contact. OSHA standards shall be observed by the Contractor in all work performed. Appropriate safety equipment shall be furnished by the Contractor to Contractor personnel and shall be used as prescribed by OSHA standards, including hard hats, safety shoes, safety glasses, and hearing protection devices.

Joseph Mendoza
Contracting Officer

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