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Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

Washington, United States
Government : Military
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N44255-19-R-7057 Municipal Solid Waste Disposal


1.0 Introduction and Background


The Contractor shall provide all labor, management, supervision, tools, transportation, materials, facilities, and equipment to provide solid waste disposal services for municipal solid waste generated and delivered to Contractor or receiving point by various Navy installations within Navy Region Northwest (NBK-Silverdale, NBK-Bremerton, NBK-Keyport, NAVMAG Indian Island, NAVHOSP, & Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA).


Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Northwest Public Works Department will administer this contract. Coordination between contractors and Government shall go through Public Works Department, specifically the Government Project Manager and Technical POC John Lacy, (360) 315-5450,


Contractor's questions for the Government (pre-award) shall follow the Pre-Proposal Inquire (PPI) process prior to award.


2.0 Performance Requirements


The Contractor shall ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws or regulations related to municipal solid waste handling and disposal. Waste will be delivered by Government operated trucks and government contractor operated trucks. Contractor's facility or receiving point shall be located within 50 road miles of Naval Base Kitsap. The Contractor will not require NBK base access.  All waste will be transported.


Protection of Government Property: The Contractor shall use every means at their disposal to prevent any damage to Government vehicles or other Government property during execution of this work. If property becomes damaged, contact the Contracting Officer immediately. If the damage is caused by the work being administered, the contractor shall stop work immediately until the issue can be resolved.


All work shall conform to solid waste industry standards quality standards for the type of work indicated.


This volume of materials will include municipal solid waste.


2.1 Procedures

The Contractor shall have procedures in place for the collection and disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW). These procedures shall include compliance with State, County, and local laws and regulations. The Government may inspect the collection and disposal procedure at any time during performance of this contract. The total projected tonnage for MSW is approximately 11,500 tons.

The contractor shall have in place procedures that provide for alternate methods of transportation of municipal solid waste in the event of the temporary failure of the primary method. 


3.0 Licenses


All licenses and permits shall be current valid and current and in the name of the contractor.  Licenses and Permits are required to handle Navy municipal solid waste.


4.0 Environmental


Contractor will demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations including:  air pollution control permit, storm water discharge/control permit, county health permit and state department of ecology permits to operate municipal solid waste transfer facility.


The Contractor must maintain certified pollution control equipment in order to accept and process materials identified in this scope of work.


5.0 Quality Control


The Contractor shall be responsible for all quality control measures. The Contractor shall comply with all performance and safety requirements, including any applicable laws, regulations, codes, and standards.


All work done in accomplishment of this contract shall be in accordance with all applicable requirements and latest revisions of OSHA regulations.


6.0 Deliverables: Reporting and Data Transfer Requirements




Deliverable Date

Monthly Report


10th Day of each month


Reporting - The Contractor shall submit an electronic report on a monthly basis that includes a copy of every transaction for the month.  The transaction detail shall include date, time, net load weight in tons, commodity delivered, truck's identification number, installation (Bangor, Bremerton, Naval Magazine Indian Island, Naval Hospital Bremerton, or Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport) origin, and a summary for the month relative to the number of loads delivered, the average weight in tons per load, and the total tons delivered each month.

7.0 Acquisition Regulations. The contractor shall be responsible for complying with applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS), Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement (NMCARS), and NAVFAC Acquisition Supplement (NFAS).


Duration of the contract:  One base year with four option years, and a six-month extension of the final option year. 


8.0 Tonnage Projection: 


Municipal Solid Waste - 11,500 tons /year



Christopher M. Olsen, Contracting Officer, Phone 3603961575, Email - Joel V Deare, Procuring Contracting Officer, Phone 360-396-0982, Fax 360-396-0954, Email

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