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Mattress Cleaning/Turnover Service Intent to Sole-Source See SOW for addition information.

Ohio, United States
Government : Federal
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Pre-Solicitation Notice
(Intent to Sole-Source)

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration, Network Contracting Office (NCO 10), Cincinnati, Ohio 45220-2637 intends to solicit a RFQ for a sole-source procurement to provide Bed Cleaning and QA Services (See Below), using a Firm-Fixed Price Sole-Source contract as the procurement method.

The VA anticipates issuing a Firm-Fixed Price Contract (Sole Source) to Joerns on or about 09/19/2018 for the ongoing cleaning QA needed.

Place of Performance:

Chillicothe VA Medical Center
17273 State Route 104
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-2637

In accordance with FAR 52.204-7, System for Award Management, prospective contractors must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) and in VetBiz database, if applicable (VetBiz registration is required for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses or Veteran Owned Small Businesses), under the applicable NAICS. Contractors may obtain SAM information at and Vet Biz information at To be eligible for award, contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management database. Registration is free and potential offerors are encouraged to visit the SAM website as no contract can be awarded to any offeror not registered in SAM.

NAICS Code is 561740 with a Small Business Size Standard of $5.0 Million. The solicitation will be issued to a single business with a sole-source justification. One award is expected to be made.

The VA will only consider one proposal and the contractor must be registered as mentioned above and not on the Excluded Parties List.

Questions concerning this announcement should be directed to the Contract Specialist using the email link provided. Telephone requests for information or questions will NOT be accepted. Please email requests or questions to Luke Turner at the following e-mail address: and ensure that the subject line includes: solicitation no. 36C25018Q7963 and the company name and DUNES #.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Network Contracting Office (NCO) 10
260 E. University Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219-2637
Station Code: 36C250


1. Contract Title.

Purchase cleaning/inspection/turning services for the VA owned TxCair Plus mattress system.
2. Background.
Currently, the VA has a contract on the VA wound care mattresses for cleaning/inspection/turn service and would like to continue this service for the proper cleaning, turn service and quality control of the mattresses.
3. Scope.

Items to be provided to Chillicothe VAMC only. Service to be provided to the Chillicothe VAMC only, as needed, with an estimated quantity (100 per year) and with a required turn-around time of (48 hours).

4. Specific Tasks.

Provide mattresses in working order, that have been validated, and according to type and quantity listed in quote. Provide timely and quality cleaning/inspection/turnover service for one year after contract is awarded.

4.1 Mattresses shall be picked up from the Chillicothe VAMC, no later 48 hours after being notified that cleaning/inspection/turnover service is required. Cleaning/inspection/turnover service shall include pick up, cleaning, turn service, quality check, and re-deliver of wound care mattresses. Re-deliver shall be made to the Chillicothe VAMC no later than 48 hours after pick-up.

Warning: Unplug the control unit from its power source. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or equipment damage.
Warning: Do not expose the unit to excessive moisture that would allow for liquid pooling. Personal injury or equipment damage could occur.
Caution: Do not use harsh cleansers/detergents, such as scouring pads and heavy-duty grease removers, or solvents, such as acetone. Equipment damage could occur.
Control Unit
Wipe off dust. If necessary, clean the housing exterior with a disinfectant solution or a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Then wipe dry.
General Cleaning
If there is no visible soilage with possible body fluids, we recommend that you clean the mattress system with a mild detergent and warm water. If disinfection is desired, you may use a combination cleanser/disinfectant as explained in Disinfecting area.
Patient care equipment that does not come in contact with mucous membranes or non-contact skin requires low-level disinfection. Wiping surfaces with a properly prepared detergent or disinfectant carries out low level disinfecting.
Processing of dirty patient care equipment should take place in a designated area away from clean or sterile supplies and food preparation areas.
Detergent/disinfectants should not be mixed with other germicides or detergents. Using the proper dilution insures the most effective killing power of the disinfectant.
Wash hands often and well, including after removal of gloves.
Patient care equipment that is used in isolation areas should be disinfected in accordance with
all internal policies and procedures regarding such equipment.
When there is visible soilage and between patients, we recommend that you disinfect the unit and mattress with a tuberculocidal disinfectant until items are sterile and completely devoid of all living microorganisms. Disinfectant should be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Use rubber gloves and eye protection.
Prepare detergent/disinfectant (registered by EPA as hospital disinfectant) solution according to instructions on label for correct use-dilution.
With support surface deflated, thoroughly wipe down entire mattress, as air cells will lie flat. Be sure to reach all areas underneath and in-between air cells. Allow to air dry.
If dust or other soiling has accumulated along air hoses, remove using swabs moistened with detergent/disinfectant as necessary. Allow all components to air dry. Wrap mattress in plastic and return to storage area.
Thoroughly wipe down outside of control unit and allow to air dry. Cover with plastic and return to storage area.
Remove gloves and dispose; wash hands.
Therapy Pad
The therapy pad can be wiped down with a disinfectant solution or a mild detergent with a damp cloth. If heavily soiled, the therapy pad can be laundered in a washer and dryer with warm water (no more than 120B: Fahrenheit). A non-bleach detergent should be used sparingly. Wipe dry or allow to air dry.
Steam Cleaning
Do not use any steam cleaning device on the unit. Excessive moisture can damage mechanisms in this unit.
Filter Cleaning
Check the air filter on the rear of the unit regularly for buildup of dust/dirt.
If buildup is visible, turn off the control unit and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. Remove the filter by grasping the filter and pulling outward and replace with a new filter. Ensure the replaced filter covers the entire filter region.
Hand-wash the removed filter in warm soapy water and allow to air dry. When dry, store the filter in a safe place for the next filter maintenance.
Mattresses require turning to extend the life and efficacy of the mattress and should be turned as per the manufacturer s instructions.

4.2 Quality Control Procedures/Checklist.
Mattress inflates properly
All Male/Female connectors functional
All air cells connected and secured
Support cell connected and functional
All hose connectors zip tied
All hoses connected and functional
Anchor sheet secured in place
Cair rails inflate
Turn mattress CPR plug (disconnect) for side bolsters installed
External hose hub connector operational
No tears or rips anywhere on the mattress
All mattress straps functional
All zippers functional
Clean therapy pad secured
Turn mode functional and all bladders & therapy cells operating
Items are sterile & completely devoid of all living microorganisms
After mattress has passed ALL (above) functions, verify clean sticker is initialed & placed in mattress
Gently roll up the support surface, expelling any residual air, for temporary storage. The mattress should be wrapped in plastic and/or a clean bag and then store the unit in an area appropriate for an electronic medical device.
Any issues on Quality Control Procedures/Checklist the contractor will take care of to ensure the mattress is fully serviceable
Operating Conditions: Ambient Temperature: +10B:C to +40B:C and Relative Humidity: 30% to 75% Non-Condensing
Storage and Shipping Conditions: Ambient Temperature: 10B:C to +40B:C and Relative Humidity: 10% to 100%

5. Contractor Experience Requirement.

Require experience with maintaining mattress pressure redistribution systems or to possess similar technical experience with servicing, turning and diagnosing system issues of similar complexity.

Service employees shall be competent to perform the specific repairs and maintain all certifications and training to maintain proficiency.

6. Deliverables.

Mattresses will be picked up, cleaned, turned, quality checked and re-delivered within the time frame specified. Any issues on Quality Control Procedures/Checklist the contractor will take care of to ensure the mattress is fully serviceable.

7. Performance Standards.
All items have been delivered and a cleaning sticker has been attached to the mattress. Equipment is working properly and values have been validated against manufactured controls and in accordance with the user manual. Mattresses have been picked up, cleaned, turned, quality checked and re-delivered within the time frame specified (48 hours).
8. Security Requirements.

The C&A requirements do not apply, a Security Accreditation Package is not required.

9. Place of Performance.

Pickup and delivery at the address below, Building 24-Medical Supplies, Monday Friday, between 7:30 a.m. 3:00 p.m.

Chillicothe VA Medical Center
17273 State Route 104
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-2637
740-773-1141 | 800-358-8262

10. Period of Performance (Date of Delivery for one-time purchase).

Base Year: 9-19-18 to 9-18-19
Option year 1: 9-19-19 to 9-18-20
Option year 2: 9-19-20 to 9-18-21
Option year 3: 9-19-21 to 9-18-22
Option year 4: 9-19-22 to 9-18-23

Luke Turner

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