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Just Us Bridge Program Accounting Contract

Illinois, United States

Project Overview:

Just Us Bridge is an Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority grant funded program produced by Professional Litigant. The program is currently seeking accounting services to help manage the budget, payroll taxes, and monthly financial reporting to maintain compliance with the grant.

Scope of Work:

Accounting services will be integral to the success of the Just Us Bridge program. The ideal accounting firm will be able to provide the following services:
Monthly budgeting and financial reporting (aggregate expenditures, track reimbursements/receipts, and financial performance reporting)
Create monthly financial presentations
Assist admin in keeping program priorities on budget
Assist in financial planning to ensure goals are adequately funded
Implement financial changes needed for compliance and goal achievement
Manage payroll taxes
Conduct Financial Audit as required

Evaluation Metrics and Criteria

Previous experience working with grantees and/or NFPs.
Experience creating monthly financial reports for state agencies.
Projected costs that fall within the accounting budget.
5+ years of experience and technical expertise in accounting.
Responsiveness and answers to questions from the program admin.

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