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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Alaska, United States
Government : Military
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USACE - Alaska District is conducting market research for Geotechnical Design and Related Engineering Services IDIQ.  Project sites primarily located throughout Alaska, but include Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and other Pacific Rim areas both on and off Federal property. Design Support includes, but is not limited to, geotechnical design recommendations; subsurface/field investigations; geotechnical reports and studies; 
forensic geotechnical analysis of vertical/horizontal facilities, pavements andstructures;
field and laboratory testing of soil, rock, groundwater, and various construction materials; groundwater studies; material source evaluations; geologic and geophysical investigations/surveys; and environmental site investigations involving hazardous, toxic, or radiological waste (HTRW).  The A-E may be required to provide geotechnical analyses and recommendations for the following: planning, design and construction of foundations, pavements, earth structures, embankments, dams, levees, harbors, underground structures, and slopes; ground improvement; analysis of static and seismic stability; site-specific seismic hazard assessments and related impacts on planned or existing facilities; geologic and geophysical site characterization; performance monitoring and instrumentation; and selection of appropriate abatement methods concerning HTRW materials present on project sites.  Design and engineering deliverables may include narrative geotechnical recommendations, plans, specifications, basis of design, cost estimates, design reviews, field and laboratory test results, analysis of test results, graphics, reports and studies, and presentations of findings and recommendations at project meetings.
The A-E will be required to have sufficient staff, flexibility, and capability to be available on an as-needed basis, to perform services described above as well as: supervising field geotechnical investigations using drilling equipment and personnel; furnishing sampling supplies and instrumentation; developing and implementing geotechnical and/or chemical work plans, sampling and analysis plans, and site-specific health and safety plans; conducting exposure assessments to document worker exposures for regulatory compliance; shipping and testing of samples for physical and chemical analyses at Corps validated laboratories; and performing geotechnical and/or chemical data reviews consistent with USACE and regional/local protocols.  Arctic design experience is required of both in-house and subcontracted personnel.  Firm must have the ability to provide AutoCAD formatted drawings and all support files that conform to and are compatible with USACE CAD and GIS systems and District Data Management Plans through the life of this contract, for all projects.   The A-E will be required to use the ProjNet design review and checking system to respond to USACE review comments on A-E deliverables.  Firms must have access to materials and chemical testing laboratories which are validated under NELAC, ADEC, and USACE.

Interested firms should submit a pachage (not to excedd five pages) demonstrating the ability to perform the work listed in this notice.  Be sure that the package includes:

Company name, address, and SAM qualifications (DUNS number or Cage code)

Business size under NAICS 541330 along with Small Business Status (if applicible)

Capabilities/Firms Experience   

Christopher E. Taylor, Contract Specialist , Email

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