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Egypt: RFP 2022-071 Turnkey Data Center Solution

  1. This RFP had a pre-bid event.

Download the rfp file: RFP-MoETE DataCenter Final EDC.pdf.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) selected Education Development Center (EDC) to implement the USAID's Teach for Tomorrow activity (T4T), a four-year $15.8 million activity in Egypt. T4T will support systemic improvements in primary-level teacher instructional practice through enhancements in the in-service teacher professional development system and the strengthening of professional licensing and certification. Project activities will include the design and delivery of an innovative blended learning system for in-service teachers to improve reading, math, and 21st Century skills instruction and a structure for teacher incentivization for continuous professional growth.

T4T will also provide technical assistance and procurement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources to build the capacity of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoETE) to support an online learning management system for more than 1m educators. T4T will assist the MoETE to establish a data center and four media labs with the capacity to produce online content to be delivered on the learning management system platform. This support will also contribute to the MoETE's ICT infrastructure capacity to sustain the system that connects delivery of online content to the record-keeping for the teacher professional development system and career ladder

This RFP requires Offerors to propose a turnkey solution for supplying and installing all required software, hardware, interfaces, connectors and cables as detailed in the scope of work, including performing all the integration needed and guarantee smooth operation and handover of all processes.

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