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Design and Construction of Tactical Obstacle Course near Bamako, Mali

South Carolina, United States
Government : Federal
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This is a sources sought notice for information only. The purpose of this sources sought is to conduct market research to provide data for planning purposes. This sources sought announcement does not constitute a formal solicitation and is not a request for proposal, request for quote, invitation for bid, and it does not obligate the government to award a contract, issue a solicitation, or reimburse respondents for any proposal preparation and/or submittal costs. Issuance does not restrict, in any way, the Government as to its ultimate acquisition approach. The Government will not pay for any materials provided in response to this notice and submittals will not be returned to the sender.

The US Department of State (DoS) through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) assists host nations with construction of facilities which enable the nation to enhance their capacity to manage security incidents within prison environment in their own countries. INL, in cooperation with the Government of Mali, is providing technical assistance in the design and construction of a new tactical obstacle course to be used by the Malian Prison Administration at Baguineda, a site near the prison in Bamako, Mali. The site is located approximately 15 Km from the city center.

There will be twelve (12) distinct obstacles included in the construction of the course.  The selected site for the construction of the tactical obstacle course is approximately 30 meters by 50 meters in size. Site clearing of existing brush, weeds, rocks, small trees, etc. will be required.  The contractor will also verify the presence of any underground utilities during the design process and prior to beginning construction. The contractor shall be responsible for all excavation and grading work necessary for construction of the course.  The Contractor may be responsible for the relocation of electrical poles and restoration of the power & communication lines, if the proposed site requires such.  The Contractor is required to construct a permanent perimeter security fence system, including both vehicle and man gates, which will meet minimum site security requirements.

Place of Performance: Baguineda, a site near the Bamako prison in Mali. The site is located approximately 15 Km from the city center.

Period of performance: 150 calendar days

This is not a solicitation and no award shall be made as a result of this announcement. In the event that a solicitation is developed, it will be assigned a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) number or Request for Quotation (RFQ), and the announcement will be published on FEDBIZOPPS. No questions will be answered at this time.


All potential sources with the capability to provide the requirements referenced in this sources sought are invited to submit, in writing, sufficient information within the page limitations listed below. This information should demonstrate the respondent's ability to fulfill the technical, delivery, and support requirements and be responsive to the technical questions in this RFI as indicated below. We will not answer technical questions or provide additional technical information at this time via this sources sought notice.

Responses to this RFI shall include the following:

1. A cover sheet which includes:

•    Company Name;
•    Address;
•    Point of Contact;
•    E-mail Address;
•    Phone Number;
•    DUNS Number;
•    Primary Business and Market Areas; and
•    Business Size and Socioeconomic Status (if applicable).

2. Relevant Construction Project Experience (2-page limit):

•    The potential offerors need to demonstrate that they possess, within the last five years, construction experience similar to that described in this specified source sought category in Mali. Offerors must verify experience commensurate with the construction of excavation, modular buildings, and furnishing and equipping in Mali.
•    Experience described above needs to include the offeror's role, primary contractor or sub-contractor. Each project experience needs to include the contract number, the US Agency or private company that awarded the contract and contract monetary value.
•    Potential offerors need to possess Malian permits and licenses to operate legally throughout the territory. Copies of the licenses must be submitted in response to the sources sought and are excluded from the two (2) page limit.
•    The potential offerors need to document experience in coordinating with host nation government(s) or local municipalities to mitigate and solve potential issues.

3. Capabilities of Successfully Completing constructions:

•    Ability to provide all required design and engineering services, manpower, and materials to construct new buildings or to renovate existing ones;
•    Ability to provide and deliver required materials and equipment to projects located in Mali;
•    Capabilities to import all required material and equipment through either sea or air transportation to Mali;
•    Ability that, should a solicitation be issued in the future for this requirement, offerors should declare if the offeror is applying as a primary contractor, a joint venture or partnership or other as applicable to their submission; and
•    Ability that, should sub-contractors figure into an offeror's plans, the offeror will be expected to specify what percentage of work will be tasked to assigned sub-contractors.


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