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Commissioning Consulting Services

California, United States
For Profit

On behalf of the Receiver of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations ("CDCR") prison medical system, the URS/BLL Joint Venture (URS/BLL) is seeking statements of qualifications from qualified firm(s) to provide commissioning consulting services (the "Services") for seven (7) new prison healthcare facilities on existing state prison sites as CPR's commissioning agent ("CA"). The Services shall be coordinated with, and in support of, the planning, programming, design and construction of the facilities.

URS/BLL and the CPR are seeking firm(s) to provide the Services in connection with this 10,000 bed program to ensure that proper start-up, operations, training, calibrations, and any other similar activities for the facilities are performed and documented in accordance with applicable law. Respondents should note that CPR seeks to attain a minimum LEED Silver designation for all applicable facilities. The CA will serve as an advisor to the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams, URS/BLL and CPR. The seven (7) facilities will range from approximately 800,000 BGSF to 1,200,000 BGSF. Total program will be approximately 7 million BGSF on sites ranging in size from approximately 40 to 120 acres.

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