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2022-2023 Health Insurance for USA-Based STB Staff

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New York, United States

2022-2023 Health Insurance for USA-Based STB Staff
Reference Tender Number: STB/NY2/22-23/T8

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) of New York invites tenderers for the provision of comprehensive health insurance including medical, dental, vision, and term life coverage for a period of one year from 01 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 for USA-based STB staff

The tenderer will be required to provide a plan design outlined below

A. Medical
. Low inpatient and outpatient co-pay
. Low prescription drug co-pay
. High out-of-network coinsurance
. Low out-of-network deductible

B. Dental, Vision, and Group Term Life Plan

. Diagnostic & preventive services
. Emergency Treatment
. Restorative Service

. Routine eye examination
. Eyeglass & Frame
. Contact Lenses

Group Term Life
. Coverage for employee only

If interested, please send an email requesting for full details of the scope and the full procurement process to: .

The deadline for submission of the tender is at 1:00 AM on Wednesday, 01 June 2022 Eastern Time.

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