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Supply Chain Management System

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Arizona, United States
Government : State
Download the rfp file: 90-13-131-RFP.doc.

The Health System hereby solicits sealed proposals from qualified Proposers to provide a Supply Chain Management System solution and implementation services with the intent to replace its accounts payable, materials management and inventory control and purchasing systems. The Supply Chain Management System will touch a number of functional areas including the MIHS Materials Management, Warehouse, Purchasing, Finance and Accounts Payable areas, and all requisitioning departments within the organization. Through the implementation and use of these applications, MIHS' business objectives are to reduce costs and improve process and workflow efficiencies through enhancement of system functionality for vendor management, payables processing, purchase card expense reporting, item master management, warehouse requisitioning, inventory control, receiving, purchasing management, accounts payable reporting, materials management/inventory control reporting, purchasing reporting and dashboards/analytics.

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