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United States
Download the rfp file: Request for Proposal.doc.

I am pleased to invite you to submit a proposal for a Salesforce consulting opportunity with the Organization.

The attached RFP document provides a focus on key evaluation criteria for this project. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, interested parties are being asked to sign a confidentiality agreement preceding the receipt of a supplementary Core Functionality document, which provides concrete business scenarios. We hope it will provide you helpful information about the project, the business context and enable you to submit your tender.

The main objective of our project is to create a system in Salesforce for the Rainforest Alliance traceability process, which is designed to connect certified farms to companies interested in using the Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal (RAC seal). This process also tracks crop volumes as they pass ownership from one client to another. The specific project objectives as well as its context and timelines are explained in the attached RFP.

Your proposal should specifically address the needs and business scenarios outlined in the attached document. For each specific need, it should clearly articulate how your product solves the problem.

Please note that proposals must be received via email by February 8, 2013. Final vendor selection is expected by February 15, 2013.

If you have any queries, we would be happy to answer them in writing two weeks before the proposal deadline.

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