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West Virginia, United States
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This is a sources sought announcement for information and planning purposes only. This is not a solicitation announcement nor a request for proposals or quotes and does not obligate the Government to award a contract. A contract may not be awarded because of this sources sought announcement. The purpose of the sources sought announcement is for market research to make appropriate acquisition decisions and to gain knowledge of potential qualified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses, Veteran Owned Small Businesses, 8(A), Hubzone and other small businesses interested and capable of performing the work. Documentation of technical expertise must be presented in sufficient detail for the Government to determine that your company possess the necessary functional area expertise and experience to compete for this acquisition. Responses to this notice should be sent to no later than January 10, 2019 at 1400 EST. The following information must be provided: (A) Name of company (B) Address (C) Point of contact (D) Phone and email (E) Duns number (F) Cage Code (G) Tax ID number (H) Type of small business (I) Capability statement that addresses the organizations qualifications and ability to perform as a contractor for the work described below.
Introduction / Background Information Intent

Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) Washington, DC at 50 NW Irving Street, Washington DC has a requirement for Durable Medical Equipment (DME). The Contractor shall be responsible for providing Government-Supplied Durable Medical Equipment (DME), pickup and delivery services, setup, installation, disassembly, repair, preventive maintenance, site assessment, disposal, storage, transportation of equipment, equipment services, labor, supervision, patient education, safety management, infection control, as necessary for patients receiving DME services, as specified under this requirement to all beneficiaries serviced by VAMC Washington DC, Virginia counties of Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Manassas, Great Falls, and Maryland counties of Prince Georges, Montgomery, and Howard. These services shall be required between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except in cases of emergency. The contractor shall be staffed and stocked to render services provided in accordance with all terms and conditions of this requirement for the duration of the performance period. Offerors should thoroughly review the specifications and be familiar with the area of coverage before submitting their proposal in order to be fully aware of the supplies and the services required. Failure to do so will not relieve the offeror from performing in accordance with the strict intent and meaning of the specifications without additional cost to the Government.
Contractor Responsibilities:

The Contractor has responsibility for providing services, supplies and equipment as ordered, under the timelines specified.
The contractor shall be responsible for coordinating, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the care and service provided and shall assure that the contracted services are performed according to the terms of the contract. The contractor shall also assure that its personnel meet the requirements of the contract and are competent to do the jobs assigned them. It is the contractor s responsibility to schedule the times and dates for the delivery of services within the timelines established (see Timeliness of Services). Deliveries shall not be left unattended at the beneficiary s home, unless prior arrangements are made with the beneficiary and documentation exists that the beneficiary has knowledge of proper use of equipment.
VAMC Facility Responsibilities

The VA shall monitor the contractor s performance through contractor site inspections, patient s home inspections, record checks, patient satisfaction/complaints, monthly review of invoices for accuracy and review of contractor submitted performance improvement data. Monitors will focus on timeliness of equipment delivery; timeliness of repairs or maintenance; accuracy of required documentation submitted, and adherence to Joint Commission standards.
The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) will be responsible for Clinicians orders for the provision of DME equipment in the home that are processed through the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service (P&SAS) at the respective VA Medical Center. Initiation of delivery and pick up of equipment, and resolutions of problems related to equipment or patient care are under the direction of the COR or designee.
Description of Facilities/Equipment/Instruments:

All VA equipment/supplies shall be stored on, or within single premises occupied by the Contractor within the Washington metropolitan area. Services shall be provided from a facility or other storage locations and approved by the COR or designee. The Contractor shall have a physical location 15 day prior to the award date which is the start date of the contract.
Contractor is to provide storage for VA beneficiary equipment/supplies. The minimum space requirement shall be 2000 square feet available always. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for determining the design, pattern, or plan of storage area taking into consideration shelving, bins, and any other elements necessary for proper storage of VA equipment/supplies at the quantities indicated below. Area should be designed and maintained for ease of inventory reconciliation and maintenance, and conform to all applicable national, state, and local Fire Protection Association codes.
Storage area shall have clearly defined/labeled and separate areas to store clean, soiled, damaged in-repair, and scrap equipment. All VA owned equipment and supplies shall be stored separately from any vendor owned equipment. All new and used equipment that is cleaned shall be bagged, tagged, dated, and ready for issue. All equipment/supplies shall be arranged in such a manner as to afford immediate inspection and enable easy access for inventory reconciliation.
An area separate and apart from the clean area is to be designated for the sanitizing of soiled equipment picked up from a Veteran beneficiary. This area shall contain adequate and appropriate supplies needed for proper cleaning and sanitizing, bagging and tagging, as well as protective equipment to guard against infection such as rubber gloves, gowns, masks, safety glasses, eye wash stations, a first aid kit, and be arranged in a neat and orderly fashion. Appropriate signage shall be in place and include universal precautionary measures.
The relocation of existing inventory from present VA storage facility to newly awarded Contractor s storage facility shall be the responsibility of the newly-awarded Contractor and shall be at no charge to the Government. Arrangements for the moving and transfer of VA equipment/supplies shall be made between the old Contractor and the new Contractor and be completed within (5) business day of the contract period.
The storage facility shall be equipped with adequate electrical outlets for testing of electrical pieces of equipment such as motorized beds, battery chargers, etc.
A separate area shall be designated for items determined by the Chief, Prosthetic Treatment Center as scrap/non-issue. This area shall be protected and secured against theft, pilferage, vandalism, and be marked as Scrap - U. S. Government Property, No Trespassing. Items contained therein shall be disposed of periodically in accordance with established procedures.
Personnel Policy: The Contractor shall assume full responsibility for the protection of its personnel furnishing services under this contract, such as providing worker s compensation, professional liability insurance, health examinations, income tax withholding, and social security payments. The parties agree that the contractor, its employees, agents, and subcontractors shall not be considered VA employees for any purpose.

Policies and Procedures: The contractor shall conform to all issues addressed in the VA Medical Center Memorandums pertaining to delivery of services.

Scope / Performance Requirements: Specific Tasks
The contractor s comprehensive procedure manual shall become part of this contract. The manual shall include but not limited to delivery/set-up, infection control, safety, rights and responsibilities, inventory, employee training (to include age specific), competency records, performance improvement.
7.1. Description of Supplies/Services:
Full Electric Hospital Bed w/Full or Half Safety Rails: Six-position full control pendant raises and lowers the
upper body and/or lower extremities at the knees as well as bed height; motorized pull tube assembly controls frame/spring angle adjustment for knee and back comfort; efficient spring-loaded drive shaft controls the bed height adjustment; no cables to rig or maintain; two-piece 80"x36" frame/spring assembly; strong bed frame made of channel steel welded together; strong head and foot boards can support trapeze and traction equipment; 3" ball bearing casters, two with tread brakes, allow bed to be easily moved; and zinc-plated helical springs resist rust and are turned down to prevent damage to mattress and sheets; high quality, low noise reliable gear motors; emergency hand crank to allow position change during power failure; hospital grade plug and completely enclosed junction box; listed with U.L. Laboratories, Inc. Safety rails are spring loaded crossbars that fit beds 25" to 39" wide and telescope a length 47" to 72"; spring stabilizers maintain safety rail position regardless of position of bed; spring loaded pull buttons permit easy adjustment of safety rail to raised or lowered position; head or foot of bed may be raised or lowered independently; safety rails drop well below top of mattress for comfortable patient transfer and ease in bed making; safety rails may be separated for easy cleaning; and safety rails are all welded chrome-plated steel. Equipment to be Invacare Bed II package or equal.
Hospital Bed Mattress: Comfortable 80"x37" mattress that can flex freely, and is resilient to help minimize skin related problems, lightweight, and easy to turn; flame retardant; multi-layered cushioning system; durable high carbon steel innersprings; and cover that protects the mattress from moisture and contamination.
Hospital Bed Standard Trapeze: Attaches to the headboard of a manual, semi or full electrical hospital bed; helps patients to safely change position in bed and transfer from bed to chairs and other equipment with minimal assistance from attendants; fully adjustable height and handlebar locations; and constructed of heavy gauge steel tubing.
The Hospital Bed w/Full or Half Safety Rails/Hospital Bed Mattress/Trapeze will be purchased by the VAMC as mandated by the standardized PSAS National Contract. Delivery of standardized items will be made directly to the DME Contractor Warehouse Facility. The DME Contractor will maintain and install the Government owned equipment.

NOTE: Any DME item listed on the contract that becomes standardized on a PSAS National Contract will be purchased by the VAMC. Delivery to be made directly to the DME Contractor warehouse facility. The DME Contractor will maintain and install the Government owned equipment for the duration of the contract.
Non-Tilt Over Bed Table: Heavy-duty, laminated top, with easy height adjustment; swivel casters for easy mobility; "C" based table can also be used with wheelchair; and sturdy chrome plated, welded steel base.
Patient Lifter: Hoyer Lifter designed to make patient transfer quickly and effortlessly, with maximum comfort for the patient; smooth action of the hydraulic jack provides gentle lifting and lowering of weights up to 400 pounds; low U-base permits close access to beds, and it can be adjusted from its normal width of 24" to as wide as 39-1/2" for getting close to chairs; base and mast may be separated for compact storage; chrome plated finish; brakes on two casters; and Dacron mesh, one-piece seat, back and chains.
Wheelchairs & Scooters: Manual and power mobility devices designed to assist patients ambulate who are unable to walk safely or far without assistance.
Emergency Repairs/Replacement: An emergency repair/replacement will be initiated by the contractor when the patient's health is at risk, and the incident occurs any day, Monday through Friday, from 4:30 p.m. through 8:00 a.m., or anytime on Saturday or Sunday. Hourly rates begin from the time the Contractor's service technician leaves his "on call" station until he returns (portal to portal). The COR will be notified on the next available business day regarding the nature of the incident, and the labor and any materials necessary to complete the repair/replacement.
Pick-Up Rate per Visit: Visit includes services for the pickup, cleaning/disinfecting, storage and inventory of VAMC equipment picked up from patient's home. As directed by the COR, the contractor will pick up equipment from a patient's home. The equipment will be returned to the contractor's warehouse and placed in a VA designated contaminated storage room. The equipment will be labeled with the patient's name and date when picked up from the patient's home. After cleaning and disinfecting, the equipment will be labeled, dated and wrapped. Refurbished equipment will be transferred from the contaminated storage area to a clean storage area. Dispose of all disposable equipment, which cannot be reasonably cleaned and reissued (e.g., bed mattresses, opened cartons of supplies, foam wheelchair cushions).
Repair Equipment: When a patient's DME requires repair at the Contractor's facility, the contractor will provide a "LOANER" DME at no additional charge for the patient's use until the patient's repaired items has been returned.
Delivery Rate per Visit: Service includes delivery and repair of VA refurbished DME and delivery of scooters, wheelchairs, and lift chairs. Upon the direction of the COR, deliver refurbished VA Items to a beneficiary, or deliver to the Washington DC area and Primary Service Area.

7.2. Timeliness of Services

Upon receipt of a VA purchase order, the Contractor shall deliver and set up in the veteran s residence all equipment and supplies ordered.
Initial contact with the patient occurs immediately upon receipt of the order. Fulfillment of the requested service shall be completed within three (3) working days from receipt.

Emergency services may be required when requested by the COR or designee. These services shall be provided within four (4) hours of receipt of request.
In the event Contractor is unable to meet those delivery times, the Contractor shall notify the COR or designee or purchasing agent making the equipment request immediately. The VA reserves the right to obtain the service from another source and to charge the Contractor with any excess cost which may result there from.
Contractor shall maintain a daily log of orders received and their associated scheduling status. This log shall be transmitted to the respective Medical Center COR or designee at the end of each business day.
7.3. Delivery

Equipment/supplies covered under this contract include, but not limited to, all DME items as described in the Glossary of the Joint Commission Accreditation Manual for Home Care. Equipment/supplies shall be properly secured while in route to and/or from the beneficiary s residence to prevent damage to VA owned equipment. Contractor shall be liable for damage to VA owned equipment in their possession.
Items of equipment requiring no assembly shall be removed from the carton at no cost to the Government prior to delivery to the beneficiary or the Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service, and inspected to ensure that all parts and pieces of the equipment are present and operable before attempting delivery. Failure to do so may forfeit claim for payment or related return trips to complete the delivery.
The Contractor is to deliver new and/or used equipment/supplies as requested on each Purchase Order to maintain accurate inventory maintenance. At no time shall the Contractor deliver equipment/supplies other than what was requested without prior approval by the COR or designee. Contractor bears the responsibility to notify the COR or designee when he/she questions the serviceability of equipment by documenting the Invoice for pickups as scrap and/or providing an estimate for repair of said item. The COR or designee retains the sole right to condemn equipment and shall visit the Contractor s place of business as they deem necessary to inspect scrap equipment, conduct inventory counts, or other business as set forth in this contract.
The Contractor shall be furnished the name, address, and telephone number of the individual to whom deliveries/pickups are intended. The Contractor shall visit the beneficiary s residence in the performance of this contract by appointment only, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, except in cases of emergency.
Beneficiaries shall be contacted to schedule an appointment for delivery/pickup at the Contractor s expense and only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. A record of all contacts made shall be included with each invoice submitted. Appointments to make deliveries/pickups shall be given within four (4) hour time slots, i.e., between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon; between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., etc. If contact cannot be made to a beneficiary within two consecutive workdays after receipt of the delivery/pickup order, the Contractor shall contact the COR or designee for guidance.
If the COR or designee and/or the vendor is notified of the death of a beneficiary served under this contract the notified party shall inform the other party of said death.
If, through no fault of the Contractor, the beneficiary refuses acceptance of the equipment being delivered after the Contractor has made the delivery trip, payment shall be made based on catchment area for DME, with documentation made of the reason refused on the invoice. The Contractor shall advise the beneficiary/caregiver to direct all question/concerns relating to the equipment delivered/picked up/repaired to the COR or designee and other medical needs to his/her physician.
7.4. Pickup/Repair

The Contractor shall make all pickups within the established zones for the medical facility they serve. The Contractor shall document all discrepancies, such as missing equipment or equipment that cannot be located, on the invoice that has been requested by the VA to be picked up.
All items picked up shall be cleaned with an antiseptic/germicidal hospital approved solution, inspected and bagged and/or tagged and dated before final disposition as outlined on the purchase order. Scrap Items may either be picked up by the VAMC or delivered to the VAMC by the contractor to be properly disposed of or at the COR s or designees request. VA Logistics can inspect items on site to determine methods for scrap disposal. Any revenue generated because of scrap disposal will be remitted to the VA.
Items waiting to be cleaned shall be stored in a designated location, clearly marked until such services are completed by the vendor. See Section 4 on (Description of Facilities/Equipment/Instruments) concerning soiled equipment.
All equipment placed in the SCRAP area shall be disposed of upon approval of the COR or designee and after proper reconciliation by both parties. A separate inventory shall be maintained on these items awaiting disposition. All documentation of disposition shall be completed and turned in to the COR or designee on the same day the scrap is disposed of.
Emergency repairs may be conducted during non-business hours of the Prosthetic & Sensory Aids Service at the discretion of the vendor however emergent repairs can only be performed to the extent of placing the equipment back into serviceable condition. Immediate contact must be made with the respective COR on the next working day.
7.5. Delivery Charges

Delivery charges under this contract shall be based on a flat rate for millage $25 charge for over 50 miles one way from VAMC Washington DC. The rates are based on the counties surrounding VAMC Washington DC area.
In rare instances it will be necessary to make a delivery/pick-up beyond the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area; a separate delivery charge will be used for these occurrences.
For billing purposes, the trip ticket shall identify the name and address of the Veteran where the delivery/pick-up was made.
7.6 Mattresses

The Contractor shall properly dispose of all used mattresses. No mattresses shall be reused at any time. Used mattresses shall not be stored or returned to any location for storage, but shall be cut/sliced, rendering them unusable and disposed of in a timely manner.
Documentation of mattress destruction shall be included on the invoice that corresponds to the pickup.
Disposition may include, but is not limited to, burning, shredding, or any other means allowable by Federal or State standards.
This applies to standard hospital bed mattresses. Specialty hospital bed mattresses for the prevention of bed sores (i.e., air mattresses, Ken-air, SAM (self-adjusting mattress), etc. are excluded.
7.7. Plan of Care

As appropriate, the equipment and related medical supplies/services shall be provided according to a physician s order. An individualized plan of care/service shall be implemented for each patient by the Contractor.
Education and training in the care, routine maintenance, mechanical operation, and safe use of the equipment shall be provided to the patient/caregiver by a qualified individual in a language or form the patient/caregiver can reasonably understand and demonstrate. A sample of all educational materials provided shall be a part of the Contractor s Policies and Procedures Manual, and documented on the Patient Education Checklist that accompanies each invoice.
The COR or designee shall be responsible for coordinating and ensuring compliance with contract requirements resulting from purchase orders issued to the Contractor as part of the patient s plan of care. The COR or designee shall be responsible for notifying the ordering physician of any problems/concerns reported by the Contractor because of consults/prescriptions processed.
The Contractor shall be responsible for implementing the plan of care under conditions and terms set forth in the contract and/or notifying the COR or designee of any patient related problems and/or concerns or issues encountered within four (4) hours of discovery. The Contractor shall be involved in the discharge process when notified by the COR or designee to pick up the equipment.
7.8. Sentinel Events/Incident Reporting
The Contractor shall have a policy for reporting and documenting all accidents and injuries and documenting safety hazards, and be a part of the Contractor s Standard Operating and Procedure Manual.
All accidents, malfunctions, injuries, deaths, and equipment recalls, related to the provision, delivery and use of DME, shall be immediately reported to the COR or designee and to the manufacturer of the equipment, if applicable.
The Contractor s employees that are providing the equipment and related services to meet the needs of patients shall have current education, training, and experience appropriate to the equipment and scope of services provided and demonstrates knowledge and competence.
Site Inspections: On-site Contractor and VA beneficiary visits will be made on a scheduled and unscheduled basis. The Contracting Officer and/or the COR or designee and, other VA employees as necessary, will conduct contractor site inspections. The purpose of these inspections is to monitor the Contractor s performance as it relates to the contract and commercial practices. The Contractor agrees to make available all records and documentation necessary during such visits. In addition, the Contractor agrees to receive visits by an accrediting body or other Government representative accompanied by the Contracting Officer, COR or designee necessary to review the contract services. These visits shall be allowed at no additional cost to the Government.

Delivery Orders: Delivery orders will be issued under the contract by the COR or designee. The COR or designee will place orders for supplies or services. Each order will contain the beneficiaries name, home address and telephone number as well as the type of supplies or services prescribed. Orders may be placed by telephone, fax, or PKI secured email and will be confirmed in writing with a DME prescription. The vendor will establish a designated telephone line for VA service calls and a designated fax number for transmission of these orders. If a delivery order is placed verbally a written copy of the verbal delivery order will be transmitted to the Contractor within 24 hours of placing the order. Confirmations shall be required for an order placed. Invoices shall be sent by mail or fax to the ordering facility. Delivery shall be made to the appropriate VA facility, nursing home, or patient s residence specified in the order. Contractor shall provide a single source entry system/office to submit delivery orders.

Reports: The Contractor will provide written, daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and meet all Joint Commission Standards or equivalent accreditation for improving organizational performance. The Joint Commission standards may be accessed at . A complete listing of all reports and the timelines for submission is outlined in Section D.3.

Safety, Management and Infection Control

The Contractor shall comply with all applicable state laws concerning licensing and operation of motor vehicles. Evidence of certification with Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations are to be included with bid, or prior to contract award, as well as personal liability and property damage insurance coverage within the limits as required by law.

The Contractor s truck walls, ceiling and floors should be of a surface that can be easily cleaned and sanitized and have areas clearly marked to separate clean and oiled/contaminated equipment/supplies. Delivery/pickup vehicles shall be equipped with a first aid kit, infection control supplies, standard operating procedure manual, vehicle registration, daily trip log/inspection, as well as items required for vehicle breakdown.

The Contractor shall maintain a telecommunication system, i.e., telephone, fax machine, and e-mail system with PKI Encryption (preferred method) to preserve continual contact with the Department of Veterans Affairs and for emergency contact. The fax machine and all computers with e-mail access shall be kept secure and out of public view to maintain the safety and security of our Veteran Patients confidential medical information.

The Contractor shall furnish the Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service with a copy of their Standard Operating Procedure Manual, employee competencies and training and updates as they occur, quarterly reports of quality assessment and performance improvement activities, and patient satisfaction survey results. Safety and infection control procedures as well as documentation of all education and training received by personnel servicing this contract shall be a part of this manual. Education on safety and infection control is required on a yearly basis.
Steel-toed shoes shall be worn by all employees performing under this contract in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Identification badges with a photograph, employee s name, and company name shall be worn always by the employees performing under this contract. Contractor personnel servicing VA beneficiaries shall present themselves in a neat, clean, and professional manner and verbally identify themselves. He/she shall then ask permission to enter the home. The Contractor s personnel servicing VA beneficiaries shall always demonstrate a high level of courtesy and consideration when providing services.

The Contractor shall check the safety of the electrical outlets in the patient s home prior to installing any electrical equipment. Electrical outlets shall be inspected and tested with a voltmeter to ensure that the voltage level is adequate for the item being installed, that polarity is correct, electrical ground present, and that the outlet is in good physical condition. Any unsafe electrical conditions shall be immediately reported to the COR or designee for further instructions. When the residences have non-grounded electrical receptacles, the Contractor shall provide and install a three-prong adapter to plug in the electrical equipment at no charge to the Government. The grounding prong on the equipment shall not be removed.

Health Test Contractor shall submit proof of the following with their offer. All testing shall be current within the past year.

Tuberculosis Testing All contractor and /or subcontractor personnel shall provide documentation of a Two-Step Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) test performed within the past year and within ninety days of beginning at the VAMC. In case of a past positive PPD test, a negative chest radiograph report to rule out active tuberculosis shall be provided. The PPD test shall be repeated annually.

Hepatitis B Vaccine The contractor shall provide training or a self-study training module to its personnel; provide Hepatitis B vaccination series at no cost to its personnel who elect to receive it; maintain and distribute an exposure determination and control plan to its personnel, maintain required records and ensure that proper follow-up evaluation is provided following an exposure incident. Contractor shall provide documentation that the employee(s) have received the Hepatitis B vaccination series or that the employee(s) declined to receive the series.

Contractor shall ensure that all safety and infection control procedures are followed while performing under the terms and conditions of this contract for the protection of all parties involved.

Measurement Standards

Performance Objective
Acceptable Quality Level
Method of Performance Assessment
Incentive / Disincentive
Timeliness of deliveries
Performance criteria met in 98% or greater of cases

Patient satisfaction / complaints, monthly review of invoices for accuracy, timeliness of equipment delivery,
Incentive: Favorable contractor performance evaluation.

Disincentive: 10% decrease in invoice for each noncompliant month.
Adherence to Purchase Order Instructions
Performance criteria met in 98% or greater of cases

Patient satisfaction / complaints, monthly review of invoices for accuracy.
Incentive: Favorable contractor performance evaluation.

Disincentive: 10% decrease in invoice for each noncompliant month.
Adherence to Pick up Requirements
Performance criteria met in 98% or greater of cases

Patient satisfaction / complaints, monthly review of invoices for accuracy, timeliness of equipment pickup.
Incentive: Favorable contractor performance evaluation.

Disincentive: 10% decrease in invoice for each noncompliant month.
Repair Requests Handled Properly
Performance criteria met in 98% or greater of cases

Patient satisfaction / complaints, monthly review of invoices for accuracy.
Incentive: Favorable contractor performance evaluation.

Disincentive: 10% decrease in invoice for each noncompliant month.
Plan of Care Properly Documented
Performance criteria met in 98% or greater of cases

Patient satisfaction / complaints, Monthly Reports
Incentive: Favorable contractor performance evaluation.

Disincentive: 10% decrease in invoice for each noncompliant month.
Quality Assurance/Site Inspections
Quarterly or As determined by the COR
Performance criteria met in 98% or greater of cases

Site inspection, record check, accuracy of required documentation submitted.
Incentive: Favorable contractor performance evaluation.

Disincentive: 10% decrease in invoice for each noncompliant month.
Quarterly or As determined by the COR
Performance criteria met in 98% or greater of cases

Site inspection, record check, accuracy of required documentation submitted.
Incentive: Favorable contractor performance evaluation.

Disincentive: 10% decrease in invoice for each noncompliant month.


The Contractor will be responsible to ensure that Contractor employees providing work on this contract are fully trained and completely competent to perform the required work.
The Contractor is required to maintain records that document competence/performance level of Contractor employees working on this contract in accordance with Joint Commission standards and other regulatory body requirements.
Notwithstanding other contract requirements, upon request of the Contracting Officer, the Contractor will remove from the work site, any Contractor employee who does not comply with orientation requirements or meet competency requirements for the work being performed.
When changes in Contractor personnel occur, the Contractor shall provide evidence of orientation, the current competence assessment, and current performance evaluation to the COR or designee within 5 working days of the change.

Work Hours:

The services covered by this contract shall be furnished by the contractor as defined herein.B The contractor shall be required, in case of emergency, to furnish such services on a Federal Holiday or during off duty hours as described below.
Contractor shall provide services through scheduled visits, Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Typical operating hours for the VA is Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Federal Holidays:B The 10 holidays observed by the Federal Government are:
B B B B B B B New Year s Day
B B B B B B B Martin Luther King s Birthday
B B B B B B B President s Day
B B B B B B B Memorial Day
B B B B B B B Independence Day
B B B B B B B Labor Day
B B B B B B B Columbus Day
B B B B B B B Veterans Day
B B B B B B B Thanksgiving
B B B B B B B Christmas

AndB any other day that is specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a federal holiday.
When one of the holidays falls on Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as a Federal Holiday. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as a Federal Holiday.

Management and Supervision:

The Contractor shall complete background investigations to ensure that employees do not have a record of criminal offenses or substantiated incidents of patient abuse; and, if required to perform their duties, employees are properly licensed and insured to operate motor vehicles.
Contractor shall follow the COR delegation of authority relative to any aspect of the contract. Contractor agrees he/she shall not directly or through his/her dealers solicit the beneficiaries of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Contractor is to contact the patient or caregiver only to decide for rendering services or supplies authorized by VA.

Quality Assurance:

The contractor s comprehensive procedure manual shall become part of this contract. The manual shall include but not limited to delivery/set up, infection control, safety, rights and responsibilities, inventory, employee training, education, licensure and competency records, employee immunizations, patient education plan, performance improvement plan, etc.
The contractor s performance improvement reports shall be provided to the VAMC s. They will be submitted on a quarterly basis, based on the Federal Government s Fiscal Year which runs from October 1 to September 30. Therefore, reports would be due no later than the last business day of January, April, July, and October.
The service by the contractor shall clearly show a commitment to courtesy and concern to the veteran and his caregivers by all personnel concerned in the furnishing of services as specified under the terms of this contract.
Before entering a patient s home, the contractor s representative(s) shall present a picture identification card/badge to the patient/primary caregiver and verbally identify themselves. The contractor s representative(s) will ask permission to enter the home. All costs associated with obtaining cards/badges are the contractor s responsibility.
The Department of Veterans Affairs is allowed according to public law 99-272 and 101-508, to seek reimbursement from health insurance carriers for the cost of medical care and treatment provided to veterans for their non-service connected conditions. The contractor may not bill any veteran or their health insurance carrier for care provided to a veteran while employed by or working under contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

ADP Security Responsibilities:

In performance of official duties, the Contractor s employee(s) have regular access to printed and electronic files containing sensitive data, which must be protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a), and other applicable laws, Federal Regulations, Veterans Affairs statutes and policies. The Contractor s employee(s) are responsible for (1) protecting that data from unauthorized release or from loss, alteration, or unauthorized deletion and (2) following all applicable regulations and instructions regarding access to computerized files, release of access codes, etc., as set out in a computer access agreement which the Contractor s employee(s) signs.

Confidentiality of Patient Records:

The Contractor is a VA contractor and shall assist in the provision of health care to patients seeking such care from or through VA. As such, the Contractor is considered as being part of the Department health care activity. Contractor is a VA contractor for purposes of the Privacy Act, Title 5 U.S.C. 552a. Further, for VA records access and patient confidentiality, Contractor is considered to be a VA contractor for the following provisions: Title 38 U.S.C. 5701, 5705, and 7362. Therefore, Contractor may have access as would other appropriate components of VA, to patient medical records including patient treatment records pertaining to drug and alcohol abuse, HIV and sickle cell anemia, to the extent necessary to perform its contractual responsibilities. However, like other components of the Department and not withstanding any other provisions of the contract, the Contractor is restricted from making disclosures of VA records, or information contained in such records, to which it may have access, except to the extent that explicit disclosure authority from VA has been received. The Contractor is subject to the same penalties and liabilities for unauthorized disclosures of such records as VA.

The records referred to above shall be and remain the property of the VA and shall not be removed or transferred from VA except in accordance with U.S.C. 551a (Privacy Act), 38 U.S.C. 5701 (Confidentiality of claimant s records), 5 U.S.C. 552 (FOIA), 38 U.S.C. 5705 (Confidentiality of Medical Quality Assurance Records), 38 U.S.C. 7332 (Confidentiality of Certain Medical Records) and federal laws, rules and regulations. Subject to applicable federal confidentiality or privacy laws, the Contractor, or their designated representatives of federal regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over Contractor, may have access to VA s records, at VA s place of business on request during normal business hours, to inspect and review and make copies of such records.


The Contractor shall maintain documentation of all orientation programs and background checks for all employees involved in delivery/recovery of DME equipment. All documentation shall be furnished to the Contracting Officer prior to commencement of work activities, and shall be updated as employees enter / exit service on the contract. Annual competencies required at a minimum, include safety and equipment management such as; electrical requirement, back-up systems, equipment safety checks, troubleshooting, equipment set-up, infection control procedures, patient confidentiality and handling procedures. Documentation shall be made available upon written request of the Contracting Officer or facility COR or designee.
Failure to complete this mandatory training within the timeframe required shall be grounds for suspension or termination of all physical and/or electronic access privileges and removal from work on the contract until the training is completed.

Contract Administration Data:

The Contracting Officer is the only person authorized to approve changes or modify any of the requirements of this contract. The Contractor shall communicate with the Contracting Officer on all matters pertaining to contract administration. Only the Contracting Officer is authorized to issue changes that shall affect price, quantity or quality of performance of this contract.
The Contracting Officer shall resolve complaints concerning Contractor relations with the Government employees or patients. The Contracting Officer is final authority on validating complaints. In the event the Contractor effects any such change at the direction of any person other than the Contracting Officer without authority, no adjustment shall be made in the contract price to cover an increase in costs incurred as a result thereof.

Delivery Areas: The geographical area for service will encompass the following:

Washington DC,
Maryland counties of Prince Georges, Montgomery, and Howard (this does not include Baltimore)
Virginia counties of Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Manassas, and Great Falls.

A coordinated effort between the VA, the patient and the contractor will be necessary to accomplish this task.


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