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USO Acknowledgement & Welcome Series RFP

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Virginia, United States
Download the rfp file: Acknowledgement_RFP_2024_Web.pdf.

Successful and timely acknowledgement of gift receipting is an important part of building and maintaining donor loyalty which support our growth goals. The USO is seeking an Agency partner to perform the following services for its acknowledgement and welcome series:

- Provide high quality and excellent customer service to work with USO on timely execution of these two programs.

- Print, personalize and distribute twice weekly donor acknowledgements.

- Produce ongoing a four-part welcome series to onboard new donors to the USO.

- Store material inventory storage.

- Annual volume in FY2023 = 950,000 records

The successful bidder will be able to help the USO achieve its 10-year plan to achieve $76 million in gross revenues while focused on successfully positioning the USO to donors as an urgent and worthy mission in a very competitive philanthropic marketplace.

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