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Ohio, United States
Government : Military
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Description:  Item Name: Tire, Pneumatic, Ground

National Stock Numbers (NSN):  2610015425933

Unit of Issue: EA

Destination Information: FOB Point will be within CONUS U.S.

Delivery Schedule: Reference Solicitation

NAICS Code: 326211; small business size standard is 1,500 employees.

This solicitation is being issued under the authority of DLAD 13.390.   The subject tire is restricted to Deval Corporation (CAGE 11201).  The tire is considered to be a commercial item.  Offers must include the approved part number and source for consideration.  FOB and Inspection/Acceptance (I/A) will be at Destination. The proposed solicitation will include Bilateral Indefinite Delivery Contract-SAT solicitation procedures to include a three year base period.  The required delivery for this item is stated in the solicitation.  Procurement Item Description (PID) is included as an attachment to the synopsis. Based upon market research, the Government is using the policies contained in FAR Part 13 (Simplified Acquisition Procedures) in its solicitation for the described supply.  This will be solicited as an unrestricted acquisition.  A description of the NSN is stated in the attached PID.  The solicitation is available on the Internet at:  ;


Due to system constraints, it may take as long as three business days from the stated issue date for the solicitation to post to DIBBS.  Offerors may obtain the specifications, standards, plans, drawings, data item descriptions, and other pertinent documents cited in this synopsis by submitting a request to:


Product Data Management Initiative at


RESPONSE DATE: Offers/Responses will be due prior to the closing date and time specified in Block 10 (Offer Due Date/Local Time) on Page 1 of Standard Form SF18 (Solicitation, Offer and Award). All responsible sources may submit an offer/proposal, which shall be considered.  The Government will be conducting a Best Value to determine the awardee.  The solicitation will include the evaluation criteria.




Michael Shirley, Contracting Specialist, Phone 6146929833, Email

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