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This is a subcontract opportunity with Adams & Associates, Inc. and NOT with the United States Department of Labor.

Nevada, United States
Government : Federal
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SCOPE OF WORK ID #: KI2015-011

This is a subcontract opportunity with Adams & Associates, Inc. and NOT with the United States Department of Labor.

Adams and Associates, Inc., contracting for the U.S. Department of Labor for the operation of the Kittrell Job Corps Center - a 350 student residential training facility located at 1096 US Hwy 1 S Kittrell, NC 27544 is currently soliciting written bids for Linen Services.

All quotes should be submitted in writing to the Purchasing Department by Friday, December 19, 2014 by 3:00 p.m. Quotes received after the deadline and/or without all requested documentation applying to your company will not be considered.

Vendor is to return written bid on included excel worksheet and put company name at the top of each page, vendor paperwork, and all licenses for doing business in the State of North Carolina, all employee licenses required for performing work in the state of North Carolina, Certificate of Liability insurance and list of references if no past experience with Center.

The period of performance is January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

Submitted bid will show at minimum breakdown as follows:

• Cost per Item
• Vendor Stock Number
• Case/Pack Size
• Printed name and Signature of authorized person submitting bid



SCOPE OF WORK ID #: KI2015-011

Bids, vendor questionnaire, W9, Authority to Commit and all licensures needed to do business may be faxed to 252-438-9178, Attn: Ruber Rodriguez, Purchasing Department; emailed to: ; or mailed to:

Kittrell Job Corps Center
Attn: Ruber Rodriguez
1096 US Hwy 1 S
Kittrell, NC 27544


If your quote deviates from specifications in any way, such exceptions must be noted on bid sheet. If unable to quote please indicate ‘No Bid' and return bid package to us.

Adams and Associates, Inc. reserves the right to reject any bids and select the bid deemed most responsible. Bidders should be aware of bid requirements for federally funded projects and act accordingly.

Bidders are placed on notice that this is a competitive bid process and cost is an important fact. Overall low bid does not constitute bid award.

Kittrell Job Corps Center is a federally funded facility and entitled to GSA pricing.

Payment terms are Net 30 days from date of invoice.

All questions regarding the Invitation to Bid and/or scope of work must be submitted in writing to: No phone calls will be accepted.



SCOPE OF WORK ID #: KI2015-011

Freight, fuel surcharge or handling charge, if any, must be noted on bid or charges will not be paid if invoiced.

Vendor shall hold all licenses necessary to do business in the state of North Carolina and/or the state the business is located in, and provide copies of all licenses with bid package.

Vendor must supply manufacturer name and stock number for all items bid on. Items reference a manufacturer and stock number on bid sheet for reference purpose to insure correct item is bid. Vendor may substitute identical items under a different manufacturer or brand name but must note manufacturer and stock number on bid sheet.

Vendor is to provide a billing invoice that includes BPA number and shows individual lines for each item ordered.

Kittrell Job Corps Center does not accept back-orders on food and drinks, all orders will be considered complete upon receipt.


The vendor shall obtain and maintain insurance(s) as follows if vendor's employee(s) or agent(s) will be on Center at anytime:

• Workers Compensation
• Comprehensive General Liability with Woodstock Job Corps Center listed as additional insured. ($1,000,000 per occurrence).
• Comprehensive Automobile Liability ($1,000,000/combined single limit)


SCOPE OF WORK ID #: KI2015-011

Project Description: To provide maintenance cleaning products.

Specific Requirements:

1 Anti Bac Foam Hand Soap
2 5-GL Ultra-Strip Floor Finish
3 5-GL Durabrite Floor Finish
4 1-GAL Revive Spray Buff
5 19" Black Stripper Pad
6 19" White Polish Pad
7 16 oz Wearever Mop Head
8 2.5 Gal Flash 55 Stripper
9 36" Trapper Dust Mop Complete
10 J155 Trapper Dust Mop Head
11 Grout Brush - Swivel Head
12 19" 20 Grit Sandpaper Disc
13 Quick Change Mop Head
14 KL/260 Disposable Liner- CS/500
15 20 oz Wearever Mop Head
16 2005 Plastic Dustpan
17 Medium Weight Broom #6
18 1-GL Accent PH Neutral Cleaner
19 Baseboard Stripper 22 oz
20 Lemon Luster Furniture Polish
21 Stainless Steel Polish
22 So-Brite Glass Cleaner 19 oz
23 Foam Disinfectant Cleaner
24 1-GL Window Cleaner
25 32 oz Ten-Ten Liquid Deodorant
26 335-37YW Mop Outfit Complete
27 NN90 Nifty-Nabber 36"
28 1002 Bay West Tissue - Jumbo 9"
29 226-312 YW Mop Outfit Complete
30 1-Gal #117 Envirox Concentrate
31 1-Gal Evolveo Concentrate


SCOPE OF WORK ID #: KI2015-011


Center Rules and Requirements

Center Regulations:
Vendor and his employees shall abide by all of the Center's rules and regulations. There shall be no fraternization between contractor personnel and Job Corps Center students or personnel. The Contractor will be required to follow all Center safety and security requirements including searches entering or leaving the Center.

Deliveries: The Contractor shall clear all deliveries with the Center's Security


Ruber Rodriguez, Purchasing Agent , Phone 252-438-9136, Fax 252-438-9178, Email - Janice Bradley , Purchasing Assistant , Phone 252-438-9109, Fax 252-438-9178, Email

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