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The McVety Grant

United States
Download the rfp file: The McVety Grant.pdf or go to the link
This document has expired, therefore the above link may no longer work.

This is a request for proposals (RFP) that are specifically designed to coordinate and distribute funding to a consortium of research projects that enhance the quality and presence of Three Principles research.

The primary goal of this multi-year project is to fund research examining the behavior, resilience and performance benefits of Three Principles counseling and teaching in a variety of areas such as trauma, violence, mental illness, addiction, workplace, prison, family, and education.

It is anticipated that the following positions would be a necessary aspect of this project:
A Research Coordinator who would guide and facilitate the project.
An Advisory Committee to evaluate the quality of research proposed.
An organization to provide oversight, infrastructure, and have fiduciary responsibility for grant funds.

Part of the funding for this project is designed to be 'passed through' to partner agencies. There are potentially two types of partner agencies- 1. Those who are experts in a related field and who may be well-poised to conduct high-quality research on the Three Principles and 2. Community-based Three Principles programs that are at a point of sophistication where they can begin to evaluate their impacts and/or replicate their programs in new locations or with new staff (i.e., begin 'scaling' their efforts).

Submissions shall identify relevant management, administrative and organizational capacities as well as technical and necessary skills, qualifications and experience that they consider appropriate to the evaluation of their ability to successfully undertake the proposed contract and meet all objectives of this project. An outline of the expected expenses, infrastructure, and funded positions for example would also be desirable.

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