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The Department of Veteran Affairs, ( VA ) Veterans Health Administration ( VHA ), is issuing a Sources Sought request for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) and Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB). The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS s) contemplated for this acquisition is 812320 and 812331. All SDVOSB/VOSB must be registered in and

Responses to this Sources Sought shall address all items listed in the Statement of Work. The responses shall not exceed 5 pages. Each page must be numbered and labeled with the company s name. Please provide the contact information for two (2) facilities that you have provided like or similar service to as to what is requested in this Capabilities Statement. Responses shall be e-mailed to and must include a cover letter on institution letterhead including the institution name, point of contact, address, phone number, fax number, NAICS, and DUNS number. Interested contractors must respond by 3:00 PM EDT on Friday, January 26, 2018.

It is noted that comments, questions, and the Government s answers will be posted to FedBizOpps. Accordingly, information will NOT be treated as proprietary, unless specifically stated otherwise.




Description of Services. The Contractor shall provide a bulk laundry facility to accomplish the required linen cleaning services as described in this Statement of Work (SOW). The contractor shall furnish all labor, bulk carts, equipment, supervision, management, supplies, facilities, including transportation of linen to and from the contractor-owned/contractor-operated bulk laundry facility for complete medical laundry services, as described in this SOW for the following VA Maryland Health Care System (VAMHCS) facilities:

Baltimore VA Medical Center
10 North Greene Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Loch Raven VA Community Living and Rehabilitation Center
3900 Loch Raven Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21218

Perry Point VA Medical Center
Perry Point, MD 21902

The line items and estimated quantities to be laundered for each facility are identified in Section 1.9.1 which is incorporated by reference herein.

There is a required mandatory site visit prior to bidding for the purpose of ascertaining an understanding of the nomenclature and all aspects of the tasks to be accomplished with the dynamics of the site s geographical uniqueness.

1.1. Scope

1.1.1. All workmanship shall be in accordance with practices/guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Association for Linen Management (ALM), International Fabricare Institute (IFI), Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), and accepted industry standards. The Contractor shall provide Services that include all processes necessary for the laundering and finishing of the articles.

1.1.2. The Contractor shall provide physical separation, through the presence of a barrier wall and the use of pass-through equipment, is required to maintain positive air pressure in the clean section relative to a negative air pressure in the soiled section. In no case shall clean and soiled linen share the same physical space. The laundry plant layout/design shall incorporate a design for asepsis whereby clean linen neither comes into contact with soiled linens nor shares the same physical space, thus avoiding cross-contamination and/or reintroduction of bacteria once processed. After processing, laundered articles shall be in serviceable and sanitary condition, meeting established quality and performance requirement standards as outlined in this SOW and in accordance with CDC and OSHA standards.

1.1.3. All linen must be processed in a manner consistent with its intended use, free of wrinkles, damage, lint, stains; ensuring that quality will meet or exceed expectations of this SOW.

1.1.4. Safety and protective clothing and equipment for the services required per the SOW shall be provided and maintained by the contractor at the contractor s own expense.

1.1.5. Facilities in which the work is done shall be open to inspection of sanitation and regulatory conditions by Government representatives. These inspections may be scheduled or unscheduled.

1.1.6. The contractor shall have an established program to oversee the quality assurance of this laundry requirement and provide a copy to the Government for concurrence.

1.2. Delivery and Pick up Schedule

1.2.1. CONTRACTOR PICK-UP AND DELIVERY HOURS: Pick-up and delivery schedule shall be Sunday thru Friday and coordinated with the Lead COR and/or the Facility COR at each Medical Center. Schedule modification/alteration opportunities, which would improve operations and turn-around time, without major interruption to either Contractor or the Government, shall be negotiated between the Contractor and Lead COR and shall not be implemented until all parties have concurred.

1.2.2. Clean linen is to be unloaded by contractor personnel and placed at the designated clean linen area. Soiled linen shall be picked up by contractor personnel from the designated soiled linen area.

1.2.3. The Contracting Officer Representative (COR) shall verify the deliveries daily and discuss any discrepancies with the contractor s Project Manager (CPM).

1.2.4. Emergency situations may call for services to be scheduled, which may require the alteration of schedules. Emergency situations will be defined by the COR such as equipment or utility failures at the plant or when transportation failures or accidents occur. In the event of medical facility emergency disaster drills, the contractor shall be notified fourteen (14) days in advance. The delivery/pick-up times may vary for a short period of performance, not to exceed seven (7) days.

1.2.5. Storage Trailers. VAMHCS shall not require storage trailers. Storage of clean and soiled linen before delivery and after linen pick-up is the responsibility of the contractor.

1.3. Report Requirements:

1.3.1. The contractor shall document and provide the COR with the following written and electronic reports of all processed soiled linens and all clean linens which are being delivered, indicating the cart number and weight for each delivery on a daily basis. Daily Report
The reports of soiled linen received and clean linen delivered must show the date, name of the item, number of pieces received and delivered per schedule line item number, pounds received or delivered per schedule line item number, cart number and weight and the location they were delivered. An example of the report shall be provided by the COR post contract award. Weekly Report
The weekly report delivered items must reflect the weekly cost charge; bill charge must be done per clean linen weight.

a. Report of soiled linen received to include: pounds and pieces per schedule line item received.
b. Report of clean linen delivered to include: pounds and pieces per schedule line item received. Monthly Report

Report of washroom chemical titration and pH by chemical supplier. Quarterly Report

a. Titration report listing the results of a whiteness test, tensile strength, and residual chlorine test.
b. Scale calibration.

1.3.2. The reports shall be submitted electronically to the COR and shall be compatible with Microsoft Office. The report and design shall be set with columns, rows, header, date and data will be itemized. Font shall be no less than 12 in size and black in color. Background of all reports shall reflect white in color.

1.4. Linen Control

1.4.1. The contractor shall not bill for laundry services for cleaned linens until those linens have been delivered to the Government. Government-owned items lost or badly damaged, (except normal wear and tear) while under the control of the contractor must be replaced with the name brand item or equal and approved by the COR within thirty (30) days. The contractor bears any and all costs associated with replacing lost/damaged items.

1.4.2. Unusual losses, including suspected pilferage, shall be reported at once to the COR, who will take immediate action to investigate the loss. If the loss is not recovered, the cost of replacement will be negotiated with the Contracting Officer (CO), along with the approval of the COR. Any issues shall immediately be brought to the CO s attention. The contractor will supply an itemized list of linen that will be replaced, to include item description, quantity and unit cost to the COR and CO.

1.4.3. Any items found to have been unsatisfactorily cleaned according to quality and performance standards, shall be re-cleaned at no additional cost to the Government. Such items shall be identified, for contractor recognition by the COR when they are returned on the next scheduled pickup after an unsatisfactory condition is discovered. These items are to be kept separate from the normal laundry items for separate processing. Re-cleaned items will be identified separately and not charged to the Government.

1.5. Carts

1.5.1. Contractor-owned bulk delivery linen carts will be utilized and maintained by the Contractor to ensure they are in working order for employee safety/ergonomics. Replacement or additional cart requirements shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. All carts shall be numbered and have piece count and weight indicated on the return cart document.

1.5.2. The contractor shall disinfect carts after removing soiled linen from them and before placing clean linen in them, with an approved Tuberculoicidal Germicide, which has been reviewed and accepted by the Infection Control Officer at the Medical Center.

1.5.3. Carts containing clean linen being returned shall be covered with clean covers to protect them against contamination while in transit between the laundry plant and the medical center. If reusable laundry bags or liners are used to transport soiled laundry, they must be laundered after use. If reusable bags are not available, the VA Medical Center will utilize plastic bags for soiled linens, which are to be destroyed.

1.6. Fair, Wear and Tear program

1.6.1. The contractor shall provide reject bags for all linen items that are not acceptable for patient care. Rejects shall be collected daily by the contractor and all rejected linen packaged separately and clearly label the package as Fair, Wear and Tear in a visible area.

1.7. Vehicles

1.7.1. The contractor shall provide all required vehicles, vehicle fuels, lubricants, and repairs necessary to perform services under this contract. All vehicles to be used under this contract must be maintained in a safe and serviceable condition during duration of this contract. In addition, the vehicles must be kept clean (exterior and interior) with no unsightly residue of dirt, mud, trash, and other debris. Vehicle efficiency is solely the responsibility of contractor. Contractor shall not be relieved of his contract responsibilities due to vehicle breakdown or failure of vehicles to operate.

1.7.2. Contractor s personnel shall clean the interior of the linen transport vehicle daily with an approved tuberculocidal germicide/disinfectant, which has been reviewed and accepted by the Infection Control Officer at the Medical Center.

1.8. Laundering Requirements

1.8.1. The Contractor shall accept for processing all soiled items listed in section D.1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary elsewhere in the contract, the VA Medical Health Care System reserve the right to add any additional items for laundering as the need arises.

1.9. Estimated Quantities

1.9.1. It is impossible to determine the exact quantities that will be required during the contract term. The contractor shall be required to provide all services that may be ordered during the contract term. Quantities not ordered shall not constitute a price adjustment. The annual estimated weight by site is as follow:

Baltimore VA Medical Center
10 North Greene Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
540,000 LBS annually

Loch Raven VA Community Living and Rehabilitation Center
3900 Loch Raven Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21218
300,000 LBS annually

Perry Point VA Medical Center
Perry Point, MD 21902
240,000 LBS annually

1.10. Packaging

1.10.1. Linen is packaged in bulk by item according to specified quantities and established arrangements.

1.10.2. Items finished and placed on hangers shall be returned in a cart with a coat bar. They shall be placed on the hanger so identification number and size is showing, if any.

1.11. Laundry Size Guidance

1.11.1. Category One - Flatwork items that must be conditioned, ironed, folded and bundled:
Pillow Cases White
Flat White Sheet
Fitted White Sheet
OR Sheet
OR Pillowcase
Wash Cloth White
Bath Towel
PJ Tops XS-5XL
PJ Bottoms XS-5XL
Cotton Blanket
Thermal Blanket
IV Patient Gown
Gown Patient
Isolation Gown
Laundry Bags

1.11.2. Category Two - Items that must be finished through a garment finisher and placed on hangers:
Warm Up Jackets
Lab Coats
Scrub Tops
Scrub Bottoms
Chef Jackets

1.11.3. Category Three - Items that must be tumbled dried and folded:
Shower Curtains
Scrub Tops (ScrubEx)
Scrub Bottoms (ScrubEx)
Bed Pads

1.11.4. Category Four - Items that must be cleaned dried and returned in bulk:
Micro Fiber Mops
Mop heads
Micro Fiber Dust Mops

1.11.5. Category Five - Items that must be dried and placed in laundry bags:
Knitted fitted sheets
Linen Bag
Patient lift slings (thorax, high back, and body) (Each piece must be bagged separately)
Isolation Gowns

1.12. Circumstances to be reported.

1.12.1. The contractor shall report any circumstances, which may affect the performance of the work and unhealthy or hazardous conditions or any delays or interference with work. Such reports shall be made immediately upon discovery by the contractor to the CO and COR by phone and a follow-up email.

1.13. Exposure to Hazardous Working Conditions.

1.13.1. Contractor personnel are required to perform work under potentially hazardous conditions. Contractor personnel shall be informed of potentially hazardous situations by contractor and trained by contractor in techniques required to recognize and deal with potentially hazardous situations in a manner which will minimize personal risk. The contractor is required to adhere to standard techniques for personnel who become injured or ill on the job at no cost to the Government. The contractor is also responsible for providing employees with required personal protective equipment.

1.13.2. Linen contaminated with HD s (Hazardous Drugs) or excreta from patients who have received HD s in the past forty-eight (48) hours is a potential source of exposure to employees. Linen soiled with blood or other potentially infectious materials as well as contaminated with excreta must also be managed according to the Blood-borne Pathogens Standard. Linen contaminated with HD s will be placed in specially marked laundry bags and then placed in a labeled impervious bag by VA employees. The laundry bag and its contents should be pre-washed, and then the linens added to other laundry for a second wash. Laundry personnel should wear latex gloves and gowns while handling pre-washed material.

1.13.3. Prior to start of contract performance, the contractor must supply information regarding the tuberculocidal germicide/disinfectant for the Infection Control Officer s.

1.14. Key Personnel

1.14.1. The CPM providing services for this requirement must meet the following:

1.14.2. Shall have at least three (3) years of specialized hospital laundry experience in this capacity for requirements of similar size and magnitude.

1.14.3. The Contractor shall provide the CO and the COR the name, address and telephone number where the CPM is to be reached during normal business hours from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, and off duty hours from 4:30 pm to 7:00 am. The same information will be provided for a qualified alternate when the CPM is not available.

1.14.4. CPM or alternate shall respond in person, or by telephone, within four (4) hours of notification by the COR or CO. The CPM and any designated alternate shall have full authority to contractually commit the contractor for prompt action on matters pertaining to the contract.

1.14.5. Prior to start of contract performance the role of the CPM, extent of authority and all contact information shall be provided to the CO and COR.

1.15. Contingency Plan

1.15.1 Contractors are required to have a contingency service plan to cover plant operation, delivery and pickup of laundry during periods of disruption due to plant malfunction, labor disputes, natural disasters or personnel shortages due to vacation or sick leave. It is important that service is not disrupted.
Contractor must be able to provide service to all facilities listed herein as described in this document or covered by any subsequent scope modifications, regardless of labor levels at Contractor s plant.
Please submit a written copy of your contingency service plan with your bid.

1.16. Quality Control

1.16.1. The Contractor shall have a quality control program to ensure that the requirements of the contract are provided as specified. The plan shall also include procedures to secure Government property while under contractor s jurisdiction. Subsequent changes to the approved quality control program must also be reviewed and agreed to by the COR and CO. The program shall include the following:

1.16.2. An inspection system covering the performance indicators given in the Quality Assurance/Performance Requirements summary.

1.16.3. A method for identifying deficiencies in the quality of services performed before the level of performance becomes unacceptable.

1.16.4. A file of all quality control inspections, inspection results, and any corrective action required shall be maintained by the Contractor throughout the duration of this contract. This file shall be available to the COR during normal working hours upon request.

1.17. Quality Assurance

1.17.1. The Government will monitor the contractor s performance under this contract using a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan. Assessments shall be by made for each area of service by the Government in accordance with stated limits on discrepancies.

1.18. Performance Evaluation Meetings

1.18.1. The CPM, or their designee, shall meet with the COR on a minimum frequency of once each month according to schedule established by the COR. On occasion the COR may be accompanied by the CO or other required Government personnel.

1.18.2. The issuance of a Contract Discrepancy Report (CDR) may be cause for the scheduling of additional meeting(s) between the CPM, COR and CO. A mutual effort will be made to resolve all problems identified. The COR will prepare written minutes of these meetings. Should the CPM not concur with the minutes, a written statement will be presented to the CO within five business days, and the CPM will be notified of the decision in writing by the CO.

1.19. Correspondence

1.19.1. All correspondence relative to this contract shall bear the VA contract number, title, and name of the VA medical center, and shall be addressed to the COR for technical matters. All other contract matters must include a copy to the CO.

1.19.2. Government Representative. The COR is responsible for providing technical assistance to the CO in administration of the contract. This responsibility involves quality assurance inspection, surveillance reporting and monthly certification of the contractor s performance by the COR. The CO will furnish the name of the COR prior to the start date of the contract. The contractor shall be advised of the extent of the authority of the COR. The COR, CO and/or other required Government personnel may make site visits to plant facilities, without necessity of prior notification to contractor. Each phase of the services rendered under this contract is subject to Government inspection during both the contractor s operation and after completion of tasks. The Government s program is not a substitute for quality control by the contractor.

1.19.3. Any change of function by the Government, which may affect this contract as contemplated by this paragraph, and which requires permanent adjustments in frequency or type of performance as well as amounts, quantities, and poundage prices, will be coordinated with the Contractor by the COR and CO prior to initiation of such a change to assure adequate contractual coverage.

1.20. Phase-in Plan.

1.20.1. The following documentation must be provided to the COR and CO within 5 days after award.

a. Procedures to secure Government property while under Contractor s jurisdiction.
b. The role of the CPM and extent of authority.
c. A copy of the Contractor s Policy and Procedure Manual.
d. Certification that Contractor s scales used for weighing soiled and clean linens have been calibrated on a monthly basis and provide a copy of the certification to the Lead COR (i.e. quarterly).
1.21. Phase-out Plan

1.21.1. The contractor shall have a phase out plan in accordance with FAR Clause 52.237-3.

1.22. Security of Government Equipment.

1.22.1. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that all extraneous articles, except trash, found in linens or in areas under the jurisdiction of the contractor (i.e., medical instruments and personal items) are turned in to the COR daily (Monday through Friday). A note will accompany the articles returned identifying the area or origination, and the type of linen or item it was found on (ex: general OR, special).


2.0. Government Furnished Property and Services

2.1. The Government will provide forms, publications and services specifically identified in this contract as Government furnished.

2.2. Restroom and hand washing facilities are available for contractor employees to wash their hands following exposure to blood or other body fluids while at the VA medical facility.

2.3. The Government will provide facility passes for Contractor s employees as necessary to fulfill provisions of this contract.


3.0. General Information

3.1. Hours of Operation. The contractor shall perform the services required under this contract during their own operating hours. Deliveries and pickups shall be made in accordance with the hours set forth in paragraph 1.2.1, except when coordinated with the contractor due to emergencies. The contractor is required to perform services on Federal Holidays except Christmas. The contractor may find it necessary to deviate from the normal base hours of operation, to ensure timely completion of work under this SOW at no additional cost to the Government.

3.2. Any overtime or holiday pay that may be entitled to contractor personnel performing under this contract shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor and shall not be billed to nor reimbursed by the Government.

3.3. Parking Policy. It is the responsibility of contractor personnel to park only in designated parking areas. Parking information is available from the VA Police. The VA shall not invalidate or make reimbursement for parking violations of contractor's personnel under any circumstances.

3.4. Traffic Laws. The contractor and its employees shall comply with federal, local and VAMHCS traffic regulations.

3.5. Weapons, Firearms, and Ammunition. Contractor employees are prohibited from possessing weapons, firearms, or ammunition, on themselves or within their contractor-owned or privately-owned vehicle while on any VA Maryland Health Care System property.

3.6. Physical Security. The contractor shall be responsible for safeguarding all Government property and controlled forms provided for contractor use. At the end of each work period, all Government facilities, equipment, and materials shall be secured.

3.7. Smoking policy. Contractor personnel may smoke only in designated areas. Enclosed patios connected to facility buildings are considered part of the building and are non-smoking areas.

3.8. Training. The Contractor shall ensure that their employees performing on this contract, specifically those conducting pick-up and drop-off of laundry, complete local VAMHCS Hazardous Communication, HAZMAT, and hazardous waste training. The Contractor shall appoint a primary and alternate HAZMAT and Hazardous Waste monitor. Monitors are responsible for training all Contractor personnel regarding hazardous material containers maintained within VAMHCS and complete SDSs immediately upon receipt of new chemicals, products, or materials. The Contractor shall submit SDSs to HAZMAT as required.

3.9. Personnel. The contractor shall be responsible for the administration and management of all aspects of contractor s obligations under this contract. This includes responsibility for all contractor employees, subcontracts, agents, and anyone acting for or on behalf of the contractor.

3.10. The Government is authorized to restrict the employment under the contract of any contractor employee or prospective contractor employee, who is identified as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, general well-being, or operational mission of the facility and its population. If the Government exercises this right to restrict contractor personnel from providing services under this contract, contractor shall provide an acceptable substitute(s) at no additional cost to the Government.

3.10.1. Contractor personnel shall present a neat appearance. Contractor personnel shall be easily recognizable while on the installation in conjunction with this contract. This shall be accomplished through the wear of distinctive clothing, overcoats, rain gear, or hats. Uniforms are acceptable. The coloring or design of the items selected should be such that identifies personnel easily and quickly for reasons of safety and personal protection.

3.10.2. Contractor s personnel required on site at VA facilities must read, write, speak, and understand the English language, unless otherwise specified in this contract or agreed to by the Government.

3.10.3. All contractor personnel are required to wear identification (I.D.) badges during the entire time they are on the VA grounds. I.D. badges shall have an identification picture, and shall state the name of the individual and the company they represent. The VA will issue an ID badge upon the completed fingerprinting process. Failure to wear ID badges may result in removal from any of the VA facilities and/or otherwise referred to federal property. All VA provided I.D. badges shall be returned at the end of the contract or upon completion of service.

3.11. Certification Requirements. Contractor s personnel performing services shall be fully qualified.

3.11.1 Fully qualified is defined as trained and experienced to perform the services assigned.
The Contractor shall provide written verification of the competency of their personnel and a list of credentials of approved personnel for placement at the Department of Veteran Affairs medical facility.

3.11.2 The Contractor shall also be required to update this information as changes to staff are made, throughout the life of the contract. The Government Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) reserves the right to reject any of the Contractor s personnel and refuse them permission to work with VA employees if they are determined not fully qualified or documentation has not been submitted, and approval given, for the Contractor s personnel to provide needed services.

3.12. Cellular Phones. A hands-free device shall be utilized while driving and texting while driving is strictly prohibited while performing services under this contract.

3.13. Contracting Officer Representative (COR). Each VA Medical Center (VAMC) shall assign a COR to represent the Contracting Office in furnishing technical guidance regarding the work being performed under this contract.

3.14. Period of Performance: Base plus 4 Option Years

In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. This Sources Sought is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation. Neither unsolicited proposals nor any other kind of offers will be considered in response to this Sources Sought. Responses to this notice are not offers and will not be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. The Government shall not be liable for or suffer any consequential damages for any proprietary information not properly identified. Propriety information will be safeguarded in accordance with applicable Government Regulations. Proprietary information or trade secrets should be clearly identified. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this Sources Sought. All information received in response to this Sources Sought that is marked Proprietary will be handled accordingly. Responses to the Sources Sought will not be returned.

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