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Supporting City of Cape Town to Deliver an Energy Secure Future: Assessing the market appetite for utility supplied green electricity

South Africa
Download the rfp file: 2024.01.31 C40 Green electicity market analysis CCT Final.docx.pdf or go to the link
This document has expired, therefore the above link may no longer work.

C40 Cities under the Supporting South African Cities to Deliver an Energy Secure Future project is looking for a consultant or a consultancy firm to conduct research into the market appetite to buy green electricity from the City of Cape Town as a utility provider. The project outcomes that will be useful to the City are:
- Insight into the market size and typical profile of customers interested in purchasing green electricity from the City
- Insight into market drivers and willingness to pay for the purchase of green electricity from the City.
- Insight into the reporting and certification requirements for the City to provide to the market.
- Insight into the market sentiment to choose the City over other entities offering a similar service.
This market sounding will form a key component of the feasibility to recognise green electricity for on sale to customers and trading within the City of Cape Town grid.

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