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This acquisition is a Prospective 100% set aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) or Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). If Two or more interested (SDVOSB) and/or (VOSB) respond, then the solicitation to acquire services described below, shall be 100% Set-aside to the appropriate VOSB or SDVOSB. If there are less than 2 interested veteran certified companies, this requirement shall be set aside to all small businesses. The NAICS Code is 561720 (Janitorial Services) $18.0 Million size standard.

Please note: That this is not a request for quotes or proposals; this is a Pre-solicitation notice to inform all interested Small Businesses that the VA National Cemetery Administration, Pacific District as directed by the VA Santa Fe National Cemetery, is preparing to solicit the appropriate Set-Aside Proposal Depending on the interested Reponses on this Notice. Contract award will consist of One Base year and up to 4 one-year option; a total of five years (maximum if needed). A solicitation is currently not available. The intent of an awarded contract shall be Janitorial services for the Santa Fe National Cemetery. Subject to all terms, conditions, provisions, and schedules of the contract; contractor shall furnish all equipment, parts, materials, supplies, labor, and supervision necessary and incidental to the work required.

Technical and Past Performance is significantly Greater Than Price

BACKGROUND: The VA National Cemeteries are a resting place for our nation's heroes and as such, the standards for management, maintenance and appearance of these cemeteries have been established by the VA National Cemetery Administration (NCA) to reflect this nation's concern and respect for those interred there. NCA mission is to honor veterans with a final resting place and lasting memorials that commemorate their service to our nation. National Cemeteries are National Shrines. The standards of maintenance and appearance at these cemeteries shall reflect this nation's concern for those interred.

Participation in this effort is strictly voluntary. All costs associated with responding to this Notice will be solely at the interested respondent s expense. The objective of this Notice is to allow industry the opportunity to provide comments to the VA NCA Pacific District. Review of the responses to the Notice will focus on the offeror s technical input and clarification of requirements.

Notice Response Due Date: The VA NCA Pacific District will only entertain written communication; no verbal communions will be accepted. Please submit written information via e-mail to Joseph Mendoza, Contracting Officer, at no later than 22 January 2018 4:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Response Contact: Respondents to this Notice shall designate a primary and one alternate point of contact within the company (Name, Address, Email, and Telephone).

Clarification of Notice Responses: To fully comprehend the information contained within a response to this Notice, there may be a need to seek further clarification from those responding. This clarification may be requested in the form of brief verbal communication by telephone; written communication; electronic communication; or a request for a presentation of the response to a specific VA NCA Pacific District group or groups. The VA NCA Pacific District reserves the right to seek additional information from those respondents identified with unique solutions that are determined to be beneficial to the VA NCA Pacific District.



The Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration, honors Veterans with a final resting place and lasting memorials that commemorate their service to our nation. There are approximately 134 National Cemeteries in 39 states that receive visitors, hold ceremonies and conduct committal services on an ongoing basis. Because of the special significance and attention our National Cemeteries receive from the public, strict adherence to the following specifications is essential.


The Contractor shall provide all supervision, labor, equipment, materials and supplies necessary to provide Janitorial Services at Santa Fe National Cemetery, hereby known as the Cemetery . The overall responsibility of the Contractor is to plan, coordinate, organize, manage, and perform the activities of janitorial services described herein, which are required to maintain sanitation and an aesthetic appearance of the Cemetery Administration facility, and public and staff restrooms:

Approx. Building
Required Services
Santa Fe
National Cemetery
501 North Guadalupe Street,
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Janitorial Services


The physical area of the contract includes the cemetery Administration Building and its immediate surroundings. A portion of the building may be under renovation by another contractor at any time; and specific maintenance activities may be under separate contract with another vendor.


To use an innovative and creative technical approach to manage the janitorial operations at the Cemetery in order to maintain the high standards of appearance as a National Shrine, in accordance with the National Cemetery Administration National Shrine Commitment Operational Standards and Measures (Version 5.1 July 2014) and best commercial practices.


SERVICES PROVIDED: The Contractor shall provide all supervision, labor, equipment, materials and supplies necessary to perform Janitorial Services at the Santa Fe National Cemetery as described herein.

Services to be provided include work under the following:

Janitorial Services
General Conditions



Restrooms are inspected daily and determined to be clean and supplied accordance with a Restroom Checklist.

Structures have a clean and well maintained appearance.


This is a Non-Personal Janitorial Service in which the Contractor shall furnish all supplies, materials, personnel, equipment, tools, and supervision necessary to provide complete Janitorial Services.


Contractor personnel shall adhere to established training criteria (such as OSHA, JCAHO), and shall be able to demonstrate a documented employee initial and refresher training program that includes Universal Precautions, basic bacteriological concepts, infection control, safety, fire protection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and laundry operating procedures and policies.


The Contractor shall, at all times, exercise care and caution in performing the duties described in the statement of work so as not to cause injury to themselves or other persons. The Contractor shall perform the assigned tasks and duties in a safe manner in accordance with VA, NCA, and OSHA regulations and policies. The Contractor shall indemnify to protect it, and render the United States Government, its employees, agents and representatives, harmless from any liability resulting from personal injury arising out of performance of the work contained herein.


Contractor Supplied Items. Unless otherwise noted all equipment, such as step ladders, water hose, mops, vacuum, brushes, etc., and expendable items such as hand soap, plastic garbage bags, air freshener, toilet seat protectors, as well as all cleaning chemicals will be furnished by the Contractor. (Cleaning chemicals must meet The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act (FSRIA) of 2002, E.O. 13423, and Part 23 of the FAR which requires Federal agencies to purchase USDA-designated bio-based products, also known as Bio-Preferred products.) Contractor will provide employees with a binder and training for all cleaning materials with a copy of all Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and provide the COR with copies of the SDS s for all chemicals stored at the cemetery.
The contractor shall furnish the supplies necessary to perform all services required. Supplies and equipment shall meet the specifications below and comply with VA, Federal, or State Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Fire regulations.
All items shall be approved by the COR prior to being used. New supplies or changes in previously approved material shall require product literature and may require samples.
Contractor personnel shall not use steel wool, abrasive metal cleaners, or any other cleaning materials or supplies which could cause damage to property. At no time shall chairs, wastebaskets, brooms, mops or any other items normally placed on the floor be place on any surface of furniture or equipment.
Contractor s equipment shall be compatible with existing sources of furnished electrical power. All equipment shall comply with current safety standards. All equipment shall be cleaned with a disinfectant-detergent each day prior to storage.
Rotary floor polishing, buffing and scrubbing machines, shall be equipped with brush or pad head drive assemblies made of non-porous materials. Equipment will be checked for electrical safety and records maintained.
All electrically operated equipment shall be equipped with hospital quit-type motor, be third-wire grounded, and equipped with an appropriate length of UL approved three-conductor cord. Extension cords are prohibited.
All wheeled and movable equipment shall be equipped with protective non-marking wheels and rubber bumpers or guards around the entire perimeter. No part of the equipment (except fixed handles) shall protrude beyond the rubber bumpers.
When not in use, equipment shall be stored in designated areas only. Trash containers shall be washed each day prior to storage.
Supplies and equipment shall not be transported in trash barrels, mop buckets, etc. All material not immediately used shall be properly stored.
Supplies and equipment reserved for use in designate areas shall not be transferred to the other areas. All such items assigned shall be plainly marked with the area s designation.
Floor Polishing Liquid The liquid shall be synthetic co-polymer plastic (not a wax), water emulsion with a solid content of at least 12 percent, removable by detergent scrubbing, and safe for use on all synthetic, resist scuffing, and water penetration.
Stripping Compound This product shall be purely synthetic, non-ionic, biodegradable, and contain no animal or vegetable soaps, abrasives, bleach, alcohol, ammonia or other ingredients which would produce any harsh, harmful, or noxious odors or fumes, either in use or in storage. It is permissible to use a special detergent stripper specially designed for use in automatic scrubber equipment, so long as it meets the above requirements.
Mops Non-disposable mop heads shall be neutral colored and made of rayon yarn. Cotton yarn may be used only if the disinfectant-detergent is not a quat (since cotton neutralized quats. Mop heads shall be washed in housekeeping closet sinks.
Cloths, Impregnated, Dusting and Sweeping These cloths shall be tubular cotton with 18 percent to 22 percent non-oil impregnation by weigh, and the impregnations compound shall be registered with EPA.
Vacuum Cleaners All vacuum equipment shall have hospital use micro-static impaction type filtration system, which shall filter out all dust and bacteria particles larger than 0.3 microns. All vacuum equipment (i.e. tank, hose, and bag) shall be cleaned daily with disinfectant-detergent. Vacuum filters shall be cleaned weekly.
Floor Polisher. Floor polishers shall have a non-porous scrubbing surface to inhibit bacterial growth.
Mop Buckets The double bucket mopping system shall be used. Buckets shall be constructed of nonporous, acid resistant, seamless material.
Signs Signs shall contain easily understood directions.
Contractor Equipment The Cemetery shall not be held responsible for any items of Contractor s equipment which may be lost, damaged or stolen. The Contractor shall tag all Contractor owned equipment for identification.

The Contractor shall use green cleaning products and processes. Green cleaning is a planned and organized approach to cleaning that is designed to protect the occupants and workers' health and reduce the impact on human health and the environment. Unlike a traditional cleaning program, a green custodial program takes a holistic approach to building cleaning and goes beyond simple appearances to focus on health and the environmental impacts.

Green cleaning products and processes include, but are not limited to products containing recycled content, environmentally preferable products and services, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration, bio-based products, and products and services that minimize the use of energy, water, and other resources. In addition to compliance with these requirements, the Contractor shall follow all applicable standard industry practices including, but not limited to those published by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), and Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), as well as applicable standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Contractor shall take every precaution to ensure that if available, only safe and environmentally preferable products are used. Preference must be given to cleaning products that meet the following: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) designated bio-based products, Green Seal certified (Standard GS-37 for Commercial and Institutional Cleaners, Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)), and applicable Executive Orders.

The Contractor shall give preference to supplies and products that are "environmentally preferable". The list of Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) items and their associated Recovered Materials Advisory Notices (RMAN's) are available at Items such as trash bags are on the CPG list. Information on CPG items can be found at: This includes concentrated and ready-to-use cleaning chemicals (spray bottles must be labeled with the contents) that use ecologically sound packaging, are phosphate-free, non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-poisonous, non-reactive, and non-aerosol; contain no carcinogens, mutagens and teratogens; contain no ozone-depleting substances; and are bio-based and fully biodegradable. Such products must have lower toxicity, and reduced potential for skin, eye, and, respiratory irritation than comparable products used for the same purpose and must contain no unnecessary dyes or fragrances. Concentrates are preferable compared to ready-to-use products and should be used wherever possible. Furthermore, dilution control equipment (use equipment or systems consistent with those specified or recommended by the manufacturer of the concentrate products) should be employed to ensure correct dilutions of concentrates and to protect workers from exposure to concentrated chemicals. Preference must be given to cleaning products meeting the following Green Seal Standards: GS-37 for Commercial and Institutional Cleaners for those product categories covered by this Standard and GS-34 for Degreasers. (

The Contractor must give preference to floor finishes and floor maintenance products that are free of metals, such as zinc, arsenic, lead, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, mercury, nickel, or selenium.

Proper and Safe use of Equipment and Chemicals: Contractor shall use all equipment, disinfectants, detergents, and other chemical agents in accordance with OSHA and manufactures instructions. Contractor shall take extreme care while performing cleaning services to insure that corrosive or abrasive chemicals do not mar, discolor, remove or harm the finish in any way on any facility or fixture. Contractor may be liable for damages to private or Government property caused by misuse.

Reasonable Cleaning Effort. Contractor shall advise the COR of any stains or markings that cannot be removed by reasonable cleaning efforts.


Areas to be serviced at the Cemetery are located in the Administrative Building (Admin Building), Public Information Center (PIC), and Maintenance Shop.

The Administration Building consist of 17 areas, they are: 1. Visitor entrance; 2. Front lobby; 3. Reception; 4. Conference Room; 5. Director s Office; 6. Assistant Director s Office; 7. Foreman s Office; 8. Front Offices area; 9. Men s Staff Restroom; 10. Women s Staff Restroom; 11. Janitors Closet; 12. Break Room; 13. Hallways; 14. Men s Public Restroom; 15. Public Women s restroom; 16. Work Leader I Office; 17. Work Leader II Office.

Approximate Square Footages

Administration Building


Janitorial services shall be performed and completed Monday through Friday for all areas.

The cemetery will be open every HOLIDAY/three day weekend. These dates will be provided to the janitorial contractor in January of each year and will require service of all areas.

Janitorial services are also required in all areas Monday for the Memorial Day Weekend (The last weekend in May); and on November 11th for the Veterans Day Holiday; on the Wreaths Across America Ceremony which falls on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in December; and other days designated by COR. No keys to the building will be provided to the Contractor.

Work shall be accomplished between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.


Unless otherwise specified, work required under this contract shall be accomplished during normal business days and daylight hours (Monday through Friday / 8:00am to 12:00pm). Work is normally not conducted on weekends and Federal holidays unless noted otherwise or directed by the COR. The Government shall not compensate the Contractor for any alternate work schedules needed for the Contractor to complete all contract work within the specified project duration. The following is a list of the Federal holidays:

Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
New Year s Day
Martin Luther King Jr. s Birthday
Washington s Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

When a holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as a Federal Holiday. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as a Federal Holiday by U.S. Government Agencies. Also included would be any day specifically declared by the President of the United States of America as a Federal Holiday.


Tile floors shall be maintained free of grit, soil, dust, scuff and heel marks, stains, spills, debris, litter and other foreign matter by effective routine cleaning. Cleaning shall be accomplished by the most appropriate method (vacuum, sweep, dust mop, damp mop, wet mop, spot clean, etc.) and with cleaning solutions if applicable, for the specific floor type. After cleaning, floor surfaces to include grout shall have a uniform, clean appearance without streaks, swirl marks, detergent residue, or any evidence of soil, stain, film, or standing water. Baseboards, corners, and wall/floor edges shall also be clean.
Floors shall be continuously free of all debris such as paper, cigarettes, coins and so forth. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other easily moveable items shall be moved to maintain floors underneath these items and returned to their original and proper position after cleaning.
Contractor shall provide all safety warning devices at worksite to warn visitors and cemetery employees of potential hazards in both English and Spanish languages, (e.g., Caution-Wet Floors / Cuidado-Piso Mojado).
Daily sweep and wet mop all tile floor surfaces (moving tables, chairs, waste cans, mats, etc.) and remove stains, dirt, mud, grime and markings as needed.
Cleaning solution shall be monitored and must be changed whenever the solution is dirty. Pour all mop and/or cleaning water down the designated floor drains. Sinks shall not be used as a drain. Floors will be checked for cleanliness using a damp paper towel each morning by COR to check for residual dirt.
Grime, dirt and debris which accumulate in corners must be removed at least weekly.
On Friday of each week the tile floors in the restrooms will be cleaned with a brush or machine to remove dirt and grime build up in the grout lines.

Joseph Mendoza
Contracting Officer

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