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California, United States
For Profit

On behalf of the Receiver of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations ("CDCR") prison medical system, the URS/BLL Joint Venture (URS/BLL) is seeking statements of qualifications from qualified firm(s) to provide Security Equipment Consulting Services (the "Services") for one (1) to seven (7) new prison healthcare facilities on existing state prison sites. The Services shall be coordinated with, and in support of, the planning, programming, design and construction of the facilities. Additionally, it is anticipated the Security Equipment & Systems Consultant (Consultant) shall integrate with the California Prison Health Care Receivership Corporation ("CPR") and URS/BLL Transition, Activation and Occupancy (TAO) staff as a subject matter expert (SME) for these facilities.

URS/BLL and CPR are seeking firm(s) to provide security equipment and systems consulting services, including the necessary personnel, equipment, and material to perform and accomplish the Services during all phases of design, planning, construction, activation, operations and project closeout.

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