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Reverse Osmosis Machine-STL JC

Kansas, United States
Government : Federal
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This solicitation uses a Brand Name or Equal Description of the product required. This permits prospective contractors to offer products other than those specifically referenced by brand name. All offers must work with existing equipment that has already been purchased and is currently in use at the station and also to meet standardization requirements throughout the hospital.

These machines are needed in our acute hemodialysis area to dialyze patients. Their purpose is to change the potable water into reverse osmosis water that is safe to use to dialyze patients with. The Acutes have increased in number which has put a great strain on the equipment we currently operate. We don't have enough machines to use on a daily basis to care for this increase in census.

Power Supply
Main voltage - 10, 115 or 220-240 V +/- 10%, 50 or 60 Hz
Power - 100V: max 1500W, 115V: max 1380W, 220-240V: max 1850W
Depth - Max: 20.5 inches
Width - Max: 8.1 inches
Height: 22.2 inches
Depth - Footprint: 15 inches
Width - Footprint: 7.3 inches
Weight: 72.75 lbs.
Feed Water Supply
Input - 0.8 gpm required
Pressure - 20 to 45 psi
Temperature - 41 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
Potable water shall be used. Softener followed by carbon/particle filter
Product Water
Output - Minimum 0.3 gpm at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 22 psi
Quality - Total dissolved salts > 96%, bacteria and pyrogens > 99%
Drain Requirements
Operation - 0.32 + 0.03 gpm
peak Flow (Rinse) - 0.8 gpm
Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Material - Polyamide, thin film composite
Configuration - Spiral wound
pH-Tolerance - 2-11
Disinfection & Cleaning
Heat Disinfection - User initiated or automatic start of heat disinfection
Chemical Disinfection - Automatic dilution of disinfectant. Rinse memory forcing the rinse program to start after chemical disinfection.


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