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Research for Integrated Vehicle Aerodynamic Technologies (RIVAT)

Ohio, United States
Government : Military
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The Aerospace ******** (RQV), Aerospace Systems *********** (RQ), Air Force Laboratory (AFRL) vehicle *********** in the ********* areas:

1) and Applied Fluid ******** and applied fluid ******** is central to Air Force vehicle flight performance and mission ******** in this area is intended to further understanding of internal and external *********** flow physics and to apply this knowledge to better predict vehicle performance and integrate into future . Of particular interest are multidisciplinary investigations such as fluid-structure interactions (jet impingement, propeller slipstream interactions, vortex impingement, etc.), unsteady fluid ******** (both at micro- and macro-levels), and technology development harnessing these interactions for increasing mission performance/effectiveness. Relevant approaches encompass analytical, computational, and experimental efforts to investigate current geometries and to incorporate into future designs.

2) Aircraft Design and System Enhancements Both enhancing current systems and designing new systems requires the creative process of generating new ideas for artifacts that do not exist. Additionally, trade studies comparing the application of new technologies or technology maturation are invaluable to decision makers. Much interest exists to further develop engineering design capability (both processes and tools) to better leverage limited resources and better support well informed decision-making. Relevant and investigations include the various trade-offs in modeling fidelities, capturing effectiveness-based design concerns, and modeling uncertainties/sensitivities.

3) Flow Control Applications Smartly designing and applying flow control to air vehicle modifications and to future vehicle concepts is worthy of investigation to enhance capab...

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