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Request for Information OS4 Requisition Channel

New York, United States
Government : Military
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Request for Information for OS4 Requisition Channel


This is a Request for Information (RFI) as defined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.201(e). Any information submitted by respondents to this request is strictly voluntary. This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Request for Quote (RFQ), nor does its issuance obligate or restrict the Government to an eventual acquisition approach. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of responses from this RFI or pay for the preparation of any information submitted or for the use of such information. All information received from this RFI will be used for planning and market research purposes only. Not responding to this RFI does not preclude participation in a future solicitation, if any is issued.

GSA Global Supply (GGS) provides supply chain solutions for the global needs of its customers by delivering dependable, reliable, and timely supplies at best value. The GGS business line manages global supply acquisition and distribution functions. It is a vital component of the National Supply System, and supports military, civilian, and some state/local supply requirements throughout the world. Large-scale support is provided through two large distribution centers, acquisition call centers, and more than 30 stores and forward supply points located within the Continental United States (CONUS) and abroad, including multiple sites in Europe and Asia. Approximately 30% of GGS’ business is shipped through the Defense Transportation System (DTS). All GGS items satisfy requirements outlined in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), executive orders on environmental policy and other relevant procurement policy. GGS works with the National Industries for the Blind and National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH), under the AbilityOne brand name, and with UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) to provide top quality supplies.

The General Services Administration (GSA) is pleased to announce plans for Region 2 to be considering competing Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) against new contracts awarded under SIN 75 220 - Enhanced SIN for Office Products & Services / Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4) and/or SIN 75 280 Enhanced SIN for Overseas Office Products & Services / Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4) under Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 75. Approximate annual value for the new resultant BPA awards: $100M.

The General Services Administration’s Office of General Supplies & Services (GSS) is seeking to acquire catalogs of commercially available office supply products and utilize established large distribution networks along with providing small business opportunities for a large portion of the requirements. Potential will be for up to two BPA awards per CLIN category.

The following three (3) CLIN categories have been previously established:

I – General Office Products:

Offerors may offer their entire commercial catalog within the scope of general office products. Office products include, but are not limited to items such as: adding machines and calculators, binding and filing supplies, calendars, personal organizers, and other dated office items, cases and portfolios, computer accessories, computer media, drawing and graphic arts supplies, mailing and shipping supplies, some office furnishings such as clocks, stools, picture frames and wastebaskets, shredders, visual communications and meeting aids, writing instruments, and miscellaneous office supplies such as staplers, paper clips, binder clips, adhesive tape, label makers, rubber stamps, ink, push pins, and paper-hole punchers.

II Office Paper: Offerors may offer office paper items such as copier, carbon, cards, computer, fine stationery, inkjet, laser multipurpose, notebook filler, resume, rolls, stationary and labels. Restroom paper such as toilet paper and paper towels is excluded.

III Toner and Inkjet: Offerors may offer toner and inkjet such as new ink and laser jet cartridges; multicolor and black, and solid ink and remanufactured ink and laser jet cartridges, multicolor and black, and solid ink. Toner cartridge offerors must provide arrangements for empty toner cartridges to be returned from customers. This may include prepaid shipping labels in the products packaging and/or rebates.

GSA is issuing this RFI to gather feedback from industry and any other relevant stakeholders on the proposed plans for the next generation OS4 Requisition Channel. The information received will be utilized within GSA to facilitate the decision making process and to make appropriate acquisition decisions. Information received in response to this notice will not be evaluated or considered as an offer. GSA seeking a solution for all of our orders regarding Requisitioning. We have minimum dollar order issues and want feedback on how best to address the problem of meeting our smaller orders to satisfy our customers?  Please propose solutions to address these requirements.

GSA is requesting feedback and suggestions regarding the following:

Would your company submit an offer that allows for a $0 minimum order?

If your company cannot offer a $0 minimum what solutions do you propose instead to meet our lower dollar orders?

How many awards do you recommend under each CLIN?  Alternately, do you recommend a new award structure that differs from the current three CLIN structure per product category?   

Is a BPA under MAS 75 (Enhanced SINs 75 220 and/or 75 280) the best solution for this requirement?

How will your company comply with MIL STD 129 and FED STD 123 for marking requirements?

Should we structure the acquisition with a mandatory market basket listing or do you prefer to just offer on your full commercial catalog of items provided that they are TAA, ETS and otherwise compliant with Federal regulations?

How can we encourage more SDVOSB participation?

Can you participate fully in the EDI solution and also provide order tracking information, complete with carrier information?   

Please visit for more information regarding the EDI transactions GSA requires.

4PL EDI Requirements

Please also add a note that gives GSA some “flexibility” to add more transactions in the future. Here is an example from the 4PL requirements I’ve linked above:GSA reserves the right to implement additional ANSI X-12 transaction sets as its business operations deem appropriate and will require vendors to implement them in a timely manner. Future transaction sets may include EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice), EDI 214 (Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message/Shipment Delivery Date), EDI 865 (Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement), and EDI 315 (Status Details, Ocean), etc.

How can we best structure our awards so that we meet fair opportunity requirements in the FAR? (Ref FAR Part 8.405-3 Blanket purchase agreements (BPAs)(c) (2) (ii) (A)&(B))

How often should we allow price changes?

What will your delivery time be for CONUS based locations?

What would you suggest needs improvement from the current OS3 Requisition Channel model?

Should we have the same socioeconomic preferences that we had for the previous OS3 Requisition Channel solicitation? (See “methodology for establishing contracts and evaluation criteria” in OS3 solicitation - attached)

Is your company an authorized AbilityOne distributor?


Please see copies of previous RFP and SOW for the OS3 Requisition Channel Requirement issued in July of 2014.  

The current OS3 Requisition Channel contracts have one additional option year remaining.  If all options are exercised, they are due to expire in August of 2020.

Prior to expiration, we are planning on competing the new requirement for OS4 Requisition Channel. The intent is to have offer evaluations completed and new awards in place to begin in August of 2020 so as to avoid any lapse in coverage.

Although no final decisions have been made, it is tentatively planned to post a solicitation for the new requirement at least one year prior to expiration of the current contracts.

We will be evaluating all comments submitted under this RFI as we make decisions regarding our proposed acquisition plan for OS4.

Since the current intent is to compete OS4 Requisition Channel BPAs against awards made under the OS4 Enhanced SINs under MAS 75, we strongly encourage all interested parties to submit an offer under MAS 75, SINS 75 220 or 75 280.

 We will be using GSA Schedule 75 Community Group on GSA Interact:

as a forum for communicating information regarding this RFI.

GSA requests feedback and questions with regard to this RFI. Responses and questions must be provided no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 and must be submitted to Verbal feedback and questions WILL NOT be accepted. DO NOT submit a proposal or quote with your response.

Interested parties are invited to subscribe to the GSA Schedule 75 Community Group to ensure they receive any important information or updates connected with this RFI.


Contracting Office Address:

US General Services Administration

Federal Acquisition Service

Northeast & Carribbean Supply and Acquisition Center

One World Trade Center

55th Floor, Room 55W09

New York, NY 10007-0089


Primary Point of Contact:

 Maria Viscione

Supervisory Contracting Officer

Secondary Point of Contact:

Gwen Bustamante

Contracting Officer

Contact Email:

*Please note attachments are the previous RFP and SOW and we are not requesting any proposals at this time.  This is for market research only.

Maria Viscione, Supervisory Contracting Officer, Phone 2122648727, Email - Gwen L. Bustamante, Contract Specialist, Phone 2122642699, Email

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