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Request For Proposals for Facilitation and Planning of Advocacy Strategy

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Maine, United States
Download the rfp file: FOA_Advocacy RFP_Combined.pdf.

Friends of Acadia
Bar Harbor, ME

Release Date: April 8, 2024
Proposals Due: May 13, 2024
Budget: $20,000

Executive Summary
Friends of Acadia (FOA) is a dedicated and independent voice for Acadia National Park (ANP) and a leader among friends' groups nationwide in effective and appropriate advocacy practices. We have a history and track record of supporting policy initiatives that strengthen federal appropriations for ANP, and we fight threats to the park at the local, state, and federal levels. FOA carefully weighs each advocacy issue to determine whether it matches our mission, available resources, and the fundamental principles that guide our advocacy work.

FOA is soliciting proposals from consultants or firms to collaborate with FOA staff and board members in crafting a public policy and advocacy strategic plan that will steer our efforts for the next three years. The strategic plan should encompass priorities already endorsed by the FOA Board including the following:

identifying and prioritizing climate-related advocacy actions,
outlining engagement with federal authorities to increase appropriations and promote
policies and procedures which benefit the National Park Service and ANP,
establishing guidelines around new engagements and partnerships with local, state, and
federal authorities as well as with civil society organizations, and
providing guidance in dealing with threats to ANP (such as oversized cell towers, large
aquaculture operations near park land, harmful legislation, and economic development
projects that might negatively impact the visitor experience).

The final strategic plan must include a discussion of how various outcomes of the 2024 national election and the 2026 Maine gubernatorial election might affect the strategies and actions identified in the plan for each priority area, and it must include metrics for assessing success in each priority area.

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