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RFQ - Ascension Saint Thomas River Park - Design/Engineering Services

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Tennessee, United States

This Scope of Work (SOW) aims to expand surge capacity for Ascension Saint Thomas River Park Hospital, located in McMinnville, Warren County, Tennesee, funded through the Healthcare Resiliency Capital Investments program, as approved by the State of Tennessee Department of Health.

The contractor shall complete the work per all applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws, Regulations, and Codes.

Medxcel seeks to engage with a selected Partner and its key individuals to achieve the Project goals through participation in the design process, schedule management, cost management, and execution of the work.

Medxcel intends to onboard one Design ("Architect").

The selected Architect shall provide key team members a voice in driving the development and completion of the Project. The individuals shall be the primary, devoted personnel who will communicate and coordinate the services and efforts under the leadership of Medxcel.

We seek advice, expertise, design, construction documents and specifications, and construction administration services for the overall task intended to be defined collaboratively with professionals with the capacity and documented experience in assignments of this nature

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