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Project CSC 17701 "Maintenance and Repair to Building 20"

Ohio, United States
Government : Military
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PR: 68107326

Description: Project CSC 17701 "Maintenance and Repair to Building 20".

Firm-Fixed-Price Acquisition

Set-Aside 100% Small Business.

Period of Performance: 180 days (After the Notice to Proceed Letter)

FOB Inspection at Destination (DoDAAC# SC0707)

Acquisition Authority: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 36, "Construction and Architect -- Engineer Contracts" and (FAR) Part 15 "Contracting by Negotiation" procedures and regulations will be utilized.

Delivery Location: Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime, Building 20A

Unit of Issue: JB (JOB).

Estimated Dollar Value: $1,000,000.00 and $5,000,000.00





1. SCOPE:  This section of the specifications covers the general requirements to repair and maintenance work in Building 20 at Defense Supply Center Columbus, Ohio.  The contractor shall furnish all plant, labor, equipment, materials, supplies, testing and supervision required in performing all operations in conjunction with this project in strict accordance with the specifications, contract drawing No. 3-1662 (1 thru 12 excluded sheet 8), complete and subject to the terms and provisions of this contract. 


2.  CONTRACT DRAWINGS, FIELD VERIFICATION AND LAY OUT OF WORK: The contract drawings indicate the extent, general arrangement and approximate locations of the buildings, warehouses, facilities, structures and utility systems to be demolished; utility system demolition, repairs, replacement; and other pertinent information.  If any departures from the contract drawings other than minor adjustments are deemed necessary by the contractor, details of such departures and the reasons therefore shall be submitted in writing as soon as practicable to the Contracting Officer for approval.  No such departures shall be made without the written approval of the Contracting Officer.

 2.1 Field Verification:  In addition to the "Site Investigation and Conditions Affecting the Work" clause under FAR 52.236.3 (Apr 1984), the Contractor shall familiarize himself thoroughly with all details of work and working conditions and verify all critical dimensions and other data in the field, and shall advise the Contracting Officer of any discrepancy before performing any work.


The contractor shall be responsible for field verification, site survey work necessary to locate and identify all work required by this project (buildings, facilities, structures and utility systems) and other pertinent information.


The contractor shall field locate, identify and mark all under ground utilities within all work areas in coordination with responsible designated DSCC facilities engineering personnel, and telecommunications support personnel prior to beginning any work. 


2.2 Layout of Work: The Contractor shall establish required lines, grades, elevations, bench marks and lay out of all work, at the site, and shall be responsible for measurements in connection with the layout.  The Contractor shall furnish, at his own expense, all stakes, templates, equipment, tools, materials, and labor required to lay out all parts of the work.  The Contractor shall be responsible for executing the work to the approved lay out, lines and grades established. The Contractor shall also be responsible for maintaining and preserving all stakes and other marks established by the Contracting Officer until authorized to remove them.


3.  MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT: Unless otherwise specified or indicated on the drawings, all materials used in this project shall be Contractor Furnished New material and shall be in compliance with respective material specifications indicated.  


3.1 Materials and equipment shall be installed in accordance with the approved recommendations and instructions of the manufacturer for obtaining conformance with the specifications and contract drawings.

3.2 Contractor furnished materials delivered to the site shall be inspected for damage, unloaded, and stored with a minimum of handling.  Storage facilities shall be provided by the contractor at the job site for maintaining materials at temperatures and conditions recommended by the manufacturer.  Storage accommodations shall afford easy access for inspection and identification of each shipment.


3.3 Warranty of Construction:  In addition to the warranty clause as specified in FAR 52.246.21 and Alternate I (April 1984), the Contractor shall provide to the Government, upon the completion of the project, the standard warranty of the material/equipment offered by the manufacturer which extends beyond the one (1) year warranty of construction.


All contractors shall submit with their offer a complete and detailed summary of operations and procedures proposed for work to be accomplished.  The operations and procedures must provide for a safe conduct of work, protection of personnel and property to remain in place.  The operations and procedures must specifically address the following:

4.1 A Narrative Description of What Steps Will Be Taken to Minimize Disruption of Traffic; Disruption of Utilities Such as Water Mains, Building Water Services, Fire Protection and Sprinkler Systems, Electrical Systems.

 4.2 The Operations and Procedures Must Specifically Address Field Verification, Site Layout of Work; Methods of Execution, Equipment and Materials to Be Used; Personnel Safety and Protective Equipment; Shoring, Bracing and Supports; Barriers, Barricades and Warning Devices.                                          

4.3 Personal safety and protective equipment

4.4 Confined space testing and entry procedures.

4.5 Clean up and disposal operations. 

5.  COORDINATION AND COOPERATION:  The Contractor involved in the performance of this project shall coordinate the work to eliminate delay and shall submit, in a format provided by the Contracting Officer, within fourteen (14) days after date of Notice to Proceed, a schedule of operations to the Contracting Officer or their authorized representative for approval.  All work shall be performed in strict accordance with the schedule of work approved by the Contracting Officer, unless any delay is found excusable within the meaning of the default clause, referenced elsewhere herein.  The Contractor's central point of contact on this project will be the Contracting Officer, or their authorized representative.  The areas at which the work is to be performed may remain active and operational during the performance of this contract.

It is imperative that all work performed under this contract be scheduled and phased to minimize disruption of utility systems, vehicular traffic and personnel.

5.1 Except as otherwise specified, the Contractor shall confine his work during the hours of 0700 to 1600, Monday through Friday.       



6.1 No utility system or portion thereof or other utility service shall be interrupted or blocked off without approval of the Government Inspector.

6.2 Scheduling for interruption or shutdown of services shall be submitted in writing to the Contracting Officer as part of the contractor's weekly schedule, not less than fourteen (14) days prior to date of all proposed interruptions.  The request shall give the following information:

   (1) Nature of utility or system (sewer, water, electrical, fire sprinkler system, etc.)

   (2) Size of line and location.                 

  (3) Buildings, Family Housing Quarters, Services, and Equipment Affected.

  (4) Hours and date, estimated length of time of interruption.

6.3 Water Line Disinfection and Chlorination: Each unit of water main line capped, repaired or replaced shall be disinfected as prescribed by AWWA C651 and as approved by DES-CE, the Safety and Health Office. The water line unit to be disinfected shall be thoroughly flushed with water until all entrained dirt and mud have been removed before introducing the chlorinating material.  The chlorinating material shall be either calcium hypochlorite, or sodium hypochlorite. The chlorinating material shall be introduced into the water lines in an approved manner. In no case shall the agent be introduced in the line in a dry solid state.  The treated water shall be retained in the pipe long enough to destroy all non-spore forming bacteria. Liquefied (compressed) elemental chlorine shall not be used for disinfection.


6.3.1   When required or directed by the Government Inspector to minimize the time of interruption of water services, the "Slug Chlorination Method" prescribed by AWWA/ANSI Standard C 651-92, Section 10.4, shall be used.  Copies of the regulation are available from DSCC-DW, The Safety and Health Office.  Sufficient disinfectant shall be used to ensure exposure of all portions of the potable water system downstream from the replacement/repair/installation to achieve a free chlorine concentration of 300 mg/liter (300 ppm). In most cases, the water in the system will be considered potable immediately after treatment and flushing.  Samples shall be taken and tested to affirm that the treatment was adequate.

6.3.2 Except when a shorter period is required or directed by the government inspector, the retention time shall be at least 24 hours and shall produce not less than 25 ppm of free chlorine residual throughout the line at the end of the retention period.

6.3.3 All valves on the lines being disinfected shall be opened and closed several times during the contact period.  The line shall then be flushed with clean water until the residual chlorine is reduced to less than 1.0 ppm.  During the flushing period, each fire hydrant on the line shall be opened and closed several times.

6.3.4 The Contractor's commercial laboratory shall accept water samples in sterilized containers and perform a bacterial examination in accordance with City and State approved methods. The commercial laboratory must be certified by the state's approving authority for examination of potable water.

6.3.5 The disinfection shall be repeated until tests indicate the absence of pollution for at lest 2 full days.  The unit will not be accepted until satisfactory bacteriological results have been obtained.

6.3.6 The test results of all water samples, taken after disinfection and flushing, shall be submitted to DS-FCO, the Safety and Health Office, for review and to affirm that the water system is clean and safe.  In most cases, water from a properly disinfected and flushed system may be considered potable immediately after treatment.


6.3.7 The Safety and Health Office will collect samples at random and in response to complaints, have them analyzed by an equally qualified laboratory and use the results to independently evaluate the effectiveness of the disinfection procedure.


7.  RECORD DRAWINGS: As part of the final inspection and acceptance, the Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer three (3) complete sets of reproducible record drawings size 24" x 36", single color shall be furnished. Also Contractor shall provide Drawings on CDs. Record Drawings shall be kept-up-to date during the process of work and shall be made available to the Contracting Officer upon request.  Record drawings shall be signed by the principle of the contracting firm.  The Contractor shall maintain record drawings on file at the project site.  The contractor shall enter and keep an actual record at the job site of all completed work with changes, modifications, alterations and corrections that were not shown on the contract drawings.  The contractor shall enter all completed work, changes and corrections promptly, but in no case later than on a weekly basis.

8.  DAILY ACTIVITY REPORTS: Shall be submitted by the Contractor to the Government Inspector each day activity, work occurs at the job site.  The daily report shall include the date, contract number and title, report number, contractors name, weather conditions, work location and description of activity, work performed, safety actions, work hours, personnel, equipment, subcontractors, deliveries, and other pertinent information.  A sample Daily Activity Report form to be used by the contractor is provided on page 16 of Section 01 35 31 (Rev 3/14/2013).

9.  PROTECTION FROM DAMAGE: The contractor shall take all the necessary precautions to protect Government equipment and property at the job site, and shall be responsible for any damage to equipment and property that may occur as a result of negligence in connection with the prosecution of the work performed. Damage to Government equipment or property shall be repaired by the contractor at the contractor's expense.

10.  DUST CONTROL: The amount of dust resulting from any work performed shall be controlled to prevent the spread of dust and to avoid creation of hazardous or objectionable conditions such as ice, flooding and pollution.

11.  CLEAN UP: Upon completion of the work at the end of each work shift, the contractor shall leave the premises in a clean and neat condition satisfactory to the Government Inspector.  Drop cloths or other suitable methods shall be used as required to protect the equipment and the personnel.  Contractor shall remove the rubbish and debris from Government property daily, unless otherwise directed.                                                

11.1 Remove and transport all debris and rubbish from the project site in a manner that will prevent spillage from streets and adjacent areas.  The contractor shall comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local hauling and disposal regulations.

12.  FINAL INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE: Upon completion of the entire project, a final inspection will be performed by the contractor, the contracting officer and authorized representatives from the Facilities Engineering Division, DS-FCI.


The contractor shall provide and maintain temporary safety fencing or other approved barriers around project site.  


(X) The solicitation will be available in FedBizOpps on its issue date of 05/08/2017
(X) The Small Business size standard is $36,500,000.00.
(X) Specifications, plans or drawings are available and attached to the solicitation.
(X) Synopsis posted for 15 days.
(X) Solicitation will be posted at for 30 days. Solicitation will be open on 05/08/2017 and close 06/08/2017 until 1:00 p.m.

(X) DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) quotations are no acceptable for this solicitation. Offeror's must complete the entire solicitation including amendments previous posted in Proposals must be submitted on hard copy of this Request for Proposal (RFP) and scanned and emailed to Construction Cost Estimate must be submitted with your company proposal to be considered complete.






All products proposed for use in, or requisitioned under this contract must conform to federal Green

Procurement regulations as they relate to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines. These products include Energy Star or Federal Energy Management Program designated electronics; United States Department of Agriculture bio-based designated products; Electronic Product Assessment Tool designated electronics; alternative fuels and fuel efficiency; and nonozone depleting substances. Such products must meet contract performance requirements, taking into consideration price, competition, and availability factors.


 (a) Offerors are mandatory to attend an organized site visit by reporting to the DLA Installation Support-Columbus Engineering Services Branch , Building 308, Defense Supply Center (DSCC), Columbus, Ohio on May 22, 2017 at 1:30 PM eastern time. Please email Ricardo Blanco at with a list of attendees' names, not nicknames will be allowed. Email should be submitted no later than 48 hours prior to the site visit. (b) Prospective offerors are notified that remarks or explanations provided during a site visit shall not qualify the terms of this solicitation. Unless and until this solicitation is amended in writing, terms of the solicitation and specifications remain unchanged.(c) Site visitors requiring interpretation or clarification of technical or contractual requirements included in this solicitation are encouraged to submit their questions and any information obtained during the site visit to the Contracting Officer, by contacting the individual identified on the face of the solicitation. Base map will be attached to the solicitation (Page # 285). No other Site Visit will be conducted after May 22, 2017 at 1:30 PM eastern time, no exemptions.

 (b) Contractor "MUST" attend to the Site Visit. No proposal will be accepted by the contracting officer if contractor do not attempt to the Site Visit.

(c) Contractors must review and comply with REAL ID Act before Site Visit take places.

All questions shall be asked via email. Questions must be asked no later than May 24, 2016 no later than 12:00 p.m. eastern time.


Contractors shall provide their proposal in the following manner, use zip file:

1. SF 1442; (including Section B/vendor fill-in provisions), one (1) PDF document.

2. SAM Certifications; evidence showing your company is considered small business under NAICS code 236220. While in SAM's search for provision 52.219-1 "Small Business

Program Representations (Alternate I)", shall state NAICS code information and business size. One (1) PDF document.

3. Past Performance; review Section M for technically acceptable considerations. One (1) PDF document.

4. Technical Construction Experience; review Section M for technically acceptable considerations. One (1) PDF document

5. Technical Qualifications of Proposed Staffing; review Section M for technically acceptable considerations. One (1) PDF document.

6. Bid Bond; original copy must be submitted with your proposal. Liability limit shall cover the total value of your proposal. Also, if your company do not have a corporate seal. A separate memo shall be issued and submitted with your Bid Bond explaining the reason why your company do not have corporate seal. One (1) PDF document.

7. Contractor Cost Estimate; contract must complete all the columns including overhead, profit, and bond cost. One (1) PDF document.

 A. Note: the written qualifications statement shall be certified and signed by the principle of the contract firm.

B. Note: A total of seven (7) documents shall be submitted by the contractor "proposal" to be considered a complete package.

C. Note: SAM certification date must match proposal submission date.

Upon completion of the entire project a final inspection will be performed by the contractor, the Contracting Officer or their authorized representative and authorized representatives from the Facilities Engineering Division, DS-FCIE (Construction Administration Office, Operations & Maintenance Office and Engineering Office).

(X)  The following provisions are applicable to this solicitation:
Warranty of Construction (FAR 52.246-21).
Preconstruction Conference (FAR 52.236-26).
Contract Drawings, Maps, and Specifications (DFARS 252.236-7001).
Site Visit (52.236-27).
Liquidated Damages- Construction (52.211-12).
Site Investigation and Conditions Affecting the Work (FAR 52.236-3).
Cleaning-Up (FAR 52.236-12).
Protection of Existing Vegetation, Structure, Utilities, and Improvement (FAR 52.236-9).
Limitation of Government Liability (FAR 52.216-24).
Contract Definitization (FAR 52.216-25).
Contractor Personnel Security Requirements (FAR 52.204-9000).

Evaluation Factors for Award:
Selection of an offeror for contract award will be made on the basis of an assessment of each offeror's response to the Request for Proposal (RFP). As a Request for Proposals (RFP) based on Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Source Selection Process, in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15.101-2, the Government will make the award based on the lowest evaluated price of proposals meeting or exceeding the acceptability standards for non-cost factors. The THREE (3) evaluation factors for determination of technical acceptability consist of:

1. Past Performance;
2. Technical Construction Experience; and
3. Technical Qualifications of Proposed Staffing.


Wide Area Workflow Information:

Information for Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Invoicing: Use 2 in 1 document Invoice. To ensure

timely payment the vendor should enter the required info in WAWF on the first or second day the service was rendered. Contractors/vendors not using WAWF will need to register for WAWF in order to gain access to the new MyInvoice functionality

 WAWF is in accordance with the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act (DFARS 252.232-7003/252.232-7006 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests - January 2004) which requires claims for payment under a Department of Defense Contract to be submitted in electronic form.

As of March 03, 2008, DOD has issued a final rule amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation supplement (DFARS) to require use of the Wide Area Workflow as the only acceptable electronic system for submitting requests for payment (invoices and receiving reports) under DOD contracts.

Government credit card would not be utilized for this purchase request. All payments will be processed and submitted through WAWF "only".


Material Cost Reduction Initiative
To ensure DLA continues delivering products and services at the most economical costs, DLA Contracting Services Office has initiated a Material Cost Reduction Initiative. To support this initiative, please be advice, the Government is seeking to reduce material pricing by as much as 10% per CLIN on this solicitation. Please consider the Government's objective when supplying your company's offer.

Ricardo Blanco Soto, Phone 6146925296, Email

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