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Pharmacy Management System

North Carolina, United States
Government : State
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The North Carolina Department of Correction ("DOC" or "The Department") operates 78 prison facilities (including two prison hospitals and one prison infirmary) with approximately 39,000 inmates. The Department currently utilizes pharmacy management software from Pharmacy Computer Services Inc. (PCSI) on an HP3000 running MPEix. Two HP9000s have been purchased recently and will be available for use under the proposed contract. The current contract with PCSI will expire August 31, 2008.

This Request for Proposals (RFP) solicits responses from Vendors who can provide pharmacy management software, training, and support/maintenance services for a three-year contract, with a possibility of two additional option years. The Department desires to make award from the RFP in early 2008, to allow adequate time for transition and implementation. Full performance by the awarded Vendor must commence on September 1, 2008. All testing and acceptance processes must be completed prior to commencement of operations of the pharmacy management software.
The awarded Vendor shall provide pharmacy management software which provides medication processing, inventory management, and reporting functions; which meets security requirements, operates in the Department's network environment, and interfaces properly with the Department's databases and with robotic medication processing equipment which the Department currently owns or will purchase separately from this contract. The awarded Vendor shall also provide training, software support/maintenance services, timely upgrades, and project management for the life of the contract.

The Department desires to purchase a proven and tested COTS (off-the-shelf) pharmacy management system that requires no customization, but the Department will consider a system that requires less than 20% customization, in order to reduce implementation time, cost, and possible risk to the State.
Vendors may propose a solution and hosting at the Vendor's site, or which would be hosted at Department of Correction site. Vendors who wish to offer a choice of these hosting options may submit Alternate Proposals.

Under current policy, the DOC retains patient pharmacy information for five fiscal years plus current fiscal year. At present there are approximately 170,000 patient records; 1.5 million unique prescription records; 3.5 million dispensed product records; 450 employee records; 2,300 physician records; 3.5 million inventory transaction records; 33,000 inventory items; and 4 individual pharmacy locations. These figures are provided for estimation purposes only and are not intended to be a complete accounting of record types and/or categories. The Department has not fully determined if existing pharmacy data, including dispensing history, patient profiles and allergy information will need to be fully migrated into the new application from existing system. The Vendor is invited to offer a solution for data migration in its bid response as a separately priced option, to be exercised if the Department desires.

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