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NEW - Continuous Water Monitoring

Texas, United States
Government : Federal
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The Department of Veterans Affairs, NCO 17 Network Contracting Office, on behalf of VA Medical Center Dallas, is issuing this sources sought synopsis as a means of conducting market research to identify parties having an interest in and the resources to support this requirement for a firm-fixed priced Continuous Water Monitoring and Emergency Remediation Services. The result of this market research will contribute to determining the method of procurement. The applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code assigned to this procurement is 561210.
THERE IS NO SOLICITATION AT THIS TIME. This request for capability information does not constitute a request for proposals or quotes; submission of any information in response to this market survey is purely voluntary; the government assumes no financial responsibility for any costs incurred.
If your organization has the potential capacity to perform these services, please provide the following information:

Organization name, address, point of contact, email address, Web site address, and telephone number.
Business size: small, small disadvantaged, woman-owned, Hub Zone, serviced-disabled veteran-owned small business, large business, etc.
Business type under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 561210, which contains a size standard of $38.5 Million, CAGE Code and DUNS Number.
Under which NAICS code does your company usually provide the requirements described in the Scope of Work (SOW) - Please provide rationale for your answer is different from NAICS 561210.
Tailored capability statements addressing the particulars of this effort, with appropriate documentation supporting claims of organizational and staff capability.
The government will evaluate market information to ascertain potential market capacity to:
Provide services consistent in scope and scale with those described in this notice and otherwise anticipated. Secure and apply the full range of corporate financial, human capital, and technical resources required to successfully perform similar requirements.
Implement a successful plan that includes: compliance with program schedules; cost containment; meeting and tracking performance.
Provide services under a firm-fixed price contract.

Submission Instructions: Interested parties who consider themselves qualified to perform the services are invited to submit a response to this Sources Sought Notice by 11:00am CST, May 11, 2018. All responses under this Sources Sought Notice must be emailed to, Subject Line Title: Continuous Water Monitoring and Emergency Remediation Services. Telephone inquiries will not be accepted or acknowledged, and no feedback or evaluations will be provided to companies regarding their submissions.
SAM: Interested parties shall be register in the System for Award Management (SAM) as prescribed in FAR Clause 52.232-33. The SAM can be obtained by accessing the internet at or by calling 1-866-606-8220


Scope of Work: The contractor shall provide equipment, calibration services, training and procedures to VA staff for continuous monitoring of the building water supply and routine testing of domestic water parameters for the following facilities:
VAMC Dallas, 4500 S Lancaster Rd, Dallas, TX 75216, an acute care medical campus comprised of multiple buildings, each served by a separate cold water and hot water system:
Bldg 1, 6-floor, 40-bed mental health building
Building 2, 10-floor, 211-bed acute care hospital
Bldg 2J (Clinical Addition), 7-floor, 75-bed acute care hospital
Bldg 60, single-story, 135-bed community living center and hospice care
Bldg 74 (Spinal Cord Injury Center), 2-story, 30-bed spinal cord injury center including a treatment pool
Fisher House, 2-story, 21-bed, patient and visitor overnight stay building
Municipal water supplied by Dallas Water Utilities which uses monochloramine as the primary disinfectant.

Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center (SRMVC), 1201 E 9th St, Bonham, TX 75418, an acute care medical campus comprised of multiple buildings, each served by a separate cold water and hot water system:
Bldg 24, 2-story, 224-bed mental health domiciliary
Bldg 29, single-story, 116-bed long-term care facility
Municipal water supplied by North Texas Municipal Water District s Bonham Water Treatment Plant which uses monochloramine as the primary disinfectant.

A. Continuous monitoring with the abilities to measure the following parameters and expected ranges. Provide output signals to SIEMENS Apogee for monitoring and trending capabilities. Contractor will perform site visits bi-weekly at a minimum ensuring proper operation and calibration of equipment and respond within two (2) working days of receipt of service request from the medical center(s). Provide electronic copies of service reports within fourteen calendar days of service.

Biocide residual level: Monochloramine (NH2Cl): 0 to 5 mg/L
Pressure: 0 100 psig
Temperature: 40B0F to 100B0F
pH: 6.0 to 9.0
Dissolved solids: 100 to 500 mg/L

B. All equipment, supplies, material and labor to perform emergency remediation if required using either Thermal Eradication or Shock Chlorination. The method of remediation will be decided in consultation between the Chief Engineer and the Contractor with the Chief Engineer having final approval.

3. Background: VHA Directive 1061 dated August 13, 2014 requires incoming potable water entering each building subject to the Directive to be continuously monitored.

4. Performance Period: 1 June 2018 through 31 March 2019 plus four (4) option years.

5. Hours of Operation: Routine work under this contract shall be performed during normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday excluding Federal holidays unless the Contracting Officer or Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) approves schedules other than normal duty hours.

6. Security Requirements: The Contractor or his representative will check in at the Energy Center upon arriving to perform work and check out with the Energy Center upon completion. While on VA premises the Contractor or his representative shall wear a company uniform garment or display some means of identification showing he is an employee of the Contractor.

7.Type of Contract: Firm-fixed-price contract.

8. Items

One-time install Monchloramine monitor (0-5 mg/L) (HACH 5500 AMC 2KTO)
Monchloramine reagent sets
One-time install Panel to monitor parameters below (HACH Water Distribution Panel)
SIEMENS Apogee Data Connections
pH monitor (6.0 - 9.0)
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) monitor (100 - 500 mg/L)
Pressure sensor (0 - 100 psig)
Temperature sensor (40B0F to 100B0F)
System service (8 every 2 weeks, 2 systems per hour)

Information Systems Officer, Information Protection: The contractor will not have access to VA Desktop computers nor will they have access to online resources belonging to the government while conducting services.

The COTR and the Contractor will assure that-
No other information except what is in this contract will be shared with the contractor in any follow up communication.
None of the information in this contract includes Protected Health Information (PHI) or Individually Identifiable Information (III).

Privacy Officer: The contractor will not have access to Patient Health Information (PHI) nor will they have the capability of accessing patient information during the services provided to the VA.

Records Management:
Citations to pertinent laws, codes and regulations such as 4 U.S.C. Chapter 21, 29, 31 and 33; Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552); Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a); 36 CFR Part 1222 and Part 1228.
Contractor shall treat all deliverables under the contract as the property of the U.S. Government for which the Government Agency shall have unlimited rights to use, dispose of, or disclose such data contained therein as it determines to be in public interest.
Contractor shall not create or maintain any records that are not specifically tied to or authorized by the contract using Government IT equipment and/or Government records.
Contractor shall not retain, use, sell or disseminate copies of any deliverable that contains information covered by the Privacy Act of 1974 or that which is generally protected by the Freedom of Information Act.
Contractor shall not create or maintain any records containing any Government Agency records that are not specifically tied to or authorized by the contract or identified in the RCS10-1.
The Government Agency owns the rights to all data/records produced as part of this contract.
The Government Agency owns the rights to all electronic information (electronic data, electronic information systems, electronic databases, etc.) and all supporting documentation crated as part of this contract. Contractor must deliver sufficient technical documentation with all data deliverables to permit the agency to use the data.
Contractor agrees to comply with Federal and Agency records management policies, including those policies associated with safeguarding of records covered by the Privacy Act of 1974. These policies include the preservation of all records created or received regardless of format [paper, electronic, etc.] or mode of transmission [e-mail, fax, etc.] or state of completion [drat, final, etc.].
No disposition of documents will be allowed without the prior written consent of the Contracting Officer. The Agency and its contractors are responsible for preventing the alienation or unauthorized destruction of records, including all forms of mutilation. Willful and unlawful destruction, damage or alienation of Federal records is subject to the fines and penalties imposed by U.S.C. 2701. Records may not be removed from the legal custody of the Agency or destroyed without regard to the provisions of the agency records schedules.
Contractor is required to obtain the Contracting Officer s approval prior to engaging in any contractual relationship (sub-contractor) in support of this contract requiring the disclosure of information, documentary material and/or records generated under or relating to this contract. The Contractor (and any sub-contractor) is required to abide by Government and Agency guidance for protecting sensitive and proprietary information.

Reginald Hayes
Contracting Officer

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