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Microsystems Exploration

Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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Amendment 04: The purpose of this Amendment is to update the Program Announcement and to provide updated Volume 2: Price Volume and Volume 2: Proposal Summary Spreadsheet templates along with an updated Model Other Transaction (OT) for Prototype document. Changes highlighted in yellow therein. Furthermore, please note that future B5E topic announcements will include a "Proposal Preparation Checklist and Tips" document to aid in the proposal preparation process. Amendment 03: The purpose of this Amendment is to revise the Volume 3 template to add additional required OT reps and certs. Specifically, Section 8 is changed from "Representations Regarding Unpaid Delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Conviction under Any Federal Law," to "Certifications for Agreement," and Section 8 is revised in its entirety. Amendment 02: The purpose of this amendment is to clarify conforming proposal requirements found in DARPA-PA-19-04 (changes are highlighted therein); update Volume 2: Price Volume Template to further clarify proposal instructions (changes are highlighted therein); and update Volume 2: Price Summary spreadsheet (notes 2 and 3 added). Amendment 01: The purpose of this amendment is to revise the "Proposal Template - Volume 1: Technical & Management Volume" to clarify that the TDD is not included in page limit. See the conform DARPA-PA-19-04 document with changes highlighted in yellow attached.Original Synopsis Below.MTO seeks to develop high-risk, high-reward technologies that enable revolutionary advances in materials, devices, and systems and continue DARPAbs mission of creating and preventing strategic surprise. In order to capitalize rapidly on new opportunities, DARPA announces the Microsystems Exploration program which calls for faster responses with smaller, targeted investments. Microsystems Exploration awards will be made within 90 days of each Microsystems Exploration topic (B5E) announcement.

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