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Pennsylvania, United States
Government : Military
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This requirement has been determined to be a 50%/50% split between the Federal Prison Industries and Industry.  This portion of the proposed RFP is for the GLOVES, MEN'S AND WOMEN'S, LEATHER, LIGHT DUTY (BLACK and GREEN), NSN 8415-01-644-4837(s).  Subject item made in accordance with specification GL/PD 08-12C dated 23 October 2014.  The solicitation will be issued as a 100% SMALL BUSINESS SET-A-SIDE (SBSA), and awarded under an Indefinite Delivery Type Contract. The resultant contract will be for a base term and three (3) one-year option terms. The base year and each of the three one-year option terms will have a minimum quantity (MIN) of 33,600 PR and an annual estimated quantity (AEQ) of 131,100 PR.  The Government is obligated to order the Guaranteed Minimum Quantity of 33,600 PR for the base term and any option terms that may be invoked.  While a maximum quantity is not provided per term, the Government reserves the right to place orders for any combination of colors up to the Contract Maximum Quantity of 891,000 PR for the life of the contract, not to exceed the order limitations in Clause 52-216-19.  This will allow the Government maximum flexibility in meeting our customer needs.

 All materials used in the fabrication are to be furnished by the successful offeror. Delivery of the first shipment is scheduled for 150 days after date of award.  Production Lead Time for the initial order is 150 days.  Any subsequent order has production lead time of 150 days.  Inspection and acceptance is at Origin and shipment is FOB Destination.

The destinations will include Travis Association for the Blind - Austin, TX, and Peckham Inc. - Lansing Michigan

Best Value Lowest Price Technically Acceptable Source Selection Procedures will be used. Technical acceptability will be based on meeting the following non-price factors:

1. Terms and Conditions:

The Offeror must meet the minimum requirements of the solicitation and take no exception to any of the terms or conditions of the solicitation.  The offeror is required to complete the clauses, listed in Sections L&M of the solicitation. Failure to complete and check all clauses listed may determine an Offeror technically unacceptable. If clauses on check list do not apply, the offeror should annotate it as N/A.


•a.       Past Performance: Although Past Performance is not a technical evaluation factor, the Government reserves the right to review Past Performance when making a determination of responsibility. This may include the review of Past Performance data from other sources such as the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) and Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS); as well as information pertaining to production capacity, technical capacity, procurement history, financial capability, laws and regulations, and integrity and ethics.


•b.      Cost and Pricing Data: A full cost and pricing proposal is not required. However, the offeror may be required to submit additional cost and pricing data during discussions. Therefore, offerors are cautioned to retain cost proposal worksheets, vendor quotations, and related support information.





The offer shall submit the following PDMs: 









            1 PR





            1 PR




PDMs will be submitted at no expense to the Government and must be received prior to the time and date set forth for closing of offers.  PDMs will be returned at the offeror's request and expense so long as the PDMs are not destroyed by testing, retained by the Government as a manufacturing standard, and/or unless otherwise specified by the solicitation.  PDMs will become Government property unless return is requested within 30 days after date of award.

The PDM will be evaluated for the presence of any of the following:  Acceptable/Unacceptable Defects. 


The PDM will be determined Unacceptable if it contains one or more Unacceptable Defects listed below:

If defects listed below are present, PDM will not be rejected but the resultant awardee will be expected to produce the gloves without the defects.

•·         Any minor defect listed on pages 9 through 12, paragraph 4.3.3, Table III, End Item Visual Defects.


NOTE: Placement of labels must be completed to indicate compliance with label requirements. The labels need not be printed for the purpose of submitting the PDM.

The gloves shall be free from any of the following defects or it will be cause for rejection of your PDM:

•·         Failure to meet any major defect listed on pages 9 through 12, paragraph 4.3.3, Table III, End Item Visual Defects.

•·         Failure to meet the requirements found on page 12, paragraph 4.3.4, Table IV, Measurements of Gloves (inches).


NOTE:  Any deviation from the requirements must be in writing with your submission of the PDM.


The results for the PDM will be reported as ACCEPTABLE or UNACCEPTABLE in accordance with the adjectival rating definitions found in Section M.



The Government will make award to the responsible offeror whose proposal is technically acceptable and who has offered the lowest evaluated price. The following non-cost/price factor shall be used to evaluate offers:






Proposal clearly meets the minimum requirements of the solicitation. The offeror meets the minimum requirements of the solicitation and takes no exception to the terms and conditions of the solicitation.  The offeror completed the clauses that are listed in their entirety, provided in Section L of the solicitation, verifying that all listed clauses are completed in full. The clauses on the checklist that did not apply were annotated as N/A.





Proposal does not clearly meet the minimum requirements of the solicitation. The offeror does not meet the minimum requirements of the solicitation and/or takes exception to the terms and conditions of the solicitation. The offeror failed to complete the clauses that are listed in their entirety, provided in Section L of the solicitation, verifying that all listed clauses are completed in full. The clauses on the checklist that did not apply weren't annotated as N/A.


PDM essentially meets requirements of the acquisition document GL-PD-08-12C, but contains some weaknesses that are offset by strengths. PDM indicates an understanding of the stated requirements. Any weaknesses noted can either be easily correctable or may require preventative corrective action in production.

The PDM does not meet all of the requirements of the acquisition document GL-PD-08-12C, and contains weaknesses that are not offset by strengths. PDM does not indicate a full understanding of the stated requirements. PDM contains weaknesses that would either require significant corrective action or weaknesses that are too extensive for correction.

It is anticipated this solicitation will be posted to the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) in the month of March 2019. All offerors MUST be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). All responsible sources may submit offers, which, if received in timely fashion, shall be considered.


Availability of solicitations, FAR 5.102(d) applies, as our office no longer issues solicitations or amendments in paper form. Offeror should register to receive notification of this solicitation or solicitation amendments. Detailed system requirements and instructions for registration can be found on the DLA DIBBS Home Page accessed on A few highlights of the information that will be found include: 1. On the DLA Internet Bulletin Board System (DIBBS) Home Page, click the VENDOR REGISTRATION link to begin the registration process. 2. In order to register for access to secure portions of DLA DIBBS, the company you are representing must already be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system. 3. A Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code registration will be processed immediately. A User ID will appear on the registration screen 2AQW and a password will be sent separately to the email address of the Super User. If a CAGE is already registered on DLA DIBBS, the name and email address of the Super User will be provided. The Super User should be contacted to set-up additional accounts, logons and passwords for their CAGE. DIBBS Super User *If your CAGE has already been registered on DIBBS, the name and email address of the person designated as your super user will be provided. *The representative who starts the DIBBS registration process has the option to accept their CCR registration POC as the DIBBS super user, or they can designate themselves or another person to act as the super user for the CAGE. *The super user acts as the account administrator for a CAGE. They can add up to ninety-eight (98) additional users, provide user IDs and passwords, modify existing users, and control the login status of each user for their CAGEs through My Account (Account Maintenance). The Defense appropriations and authorization acts and other statutes (including what is commonly referred to as "The Berry Amendment") impose restrictions on the DoD's acquisition of foreign products and services. Generally, Clothing and Textile items (as defined in DFARS clause 252.225-7012) must be grown, reprocessed, reused, melted or produced in the United States, its possessions or Puerto Rico, unless one of the DFARS 225.7002-2 exceptions applies.

DLA Troop Support has developed a web-based system that allows manufacturers the ability to request specifications, patterns and drawings on our contracting page. To request technical data for DLA TROOP SUPPORT Clothing and Textiles (C&T) solicitations, use the following link to the DLA TROOP SUPPORT C&T Technical Data Repository area at


Jeffrey Fox, Contract Specialist, Phone 215.737.6076, Email - Denise Vogelei, Contracting Officer, Phone 215-737-7024, Fax 215-737-5684, Email

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