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Janitorial RFI

West Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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SUBJECT: Janitorial Services

DISCLAIMER: This Sources Sought is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation. Neither unsolicited proposals nor any other kind of offers will be considered in response to this Sources Sought. Responses to this notice are not offers and will not be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this Sources Sought. All information received in response to this Sources Sought that is marked Proprietary will be handled accordingly. Responses to the Sources Sought will not be returned. At this time, questions concerning the composition and requirements for a future RFP will not be entertained.

SUBJECT: The Clarksburg, WV VA Medical Center is conducting market research in order to provide Janitorial Services.

OBJECTIVE: See Attachment 1


Name and Address of Company
Any small business designation as certified by the Small Business Administration
A through description of experience in managing support requirements of this nature.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Any questions related to this RFI shall be directed to Caitlin Hippensteel at All information regarding Capabilities Statements or any other proprietary information relative to this RFI shall be submitted via email to no later than 3:00 pm EST on 03/04/2019.


DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. The contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, support, management tools, and necessary supplies and equipment to ensure that Janitorial services are performed in a mariner that will maintain a satisfactory facility condition and present a clean, neat and professional appearance.

This VISN 5 wide Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is in effect for the period of performance April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 with four one-year option periods that may be exercised at the discretion of the government.

This BPA is established in accordance with FAR 8.405-3 to fill recurring needs at the four (4) primary VA Medical Center located within the state of West Virginia, and the associated outlying Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) located within the VA Capitol Healthcare Network (VISN 5) catchment area. The facilities and their locations are listed at the end of this statement of work.

. All work performed by the contactor shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, contract standards, instructions, and this SOW.

BASIC CLEANING SERVICES. The contractor shall accomplish all cleaning tasks to meet the requirements of the Statement of Work (SOW) and the Service Delivery Summary (SDS).

1.1.1. Maintain Floors. All Floors, excepted carpeted areas, shall be swept, dust mopped, damp mopped, wet mopped, dry buffed, and spray buffed, as needed, to ensure they have a uniform, glossy appearance and freedom from dirt, debris, dust, scuff marks, heal marks, other stains and discoloration, and other foreign matter. Baseboards, corners, and wall/floor edges shall also be clean. All floor maintenance solutions shall be removed from baseboards, furniture, trash receptacles, etc. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other moveable items shall be moved to maintain floors underneath these items. All moved items shall be returned to their original and proper position.

1.1.2. Remove Trash. All trash containers shall be emptied and returned to their initial location. Boxes, cans, and papers placed near a trash receptacle and marked "TRASH" shall be removed. Any obviously soiled or torn plastic receptacle liners shall be replaced. The trash shall be deposited in the nearest outside trash collection container. Trash receptacles shall be left clean, free of foreign matter, and free of odors.

1.1.3. Clean Interior Glass/Mirrors. Clean all interior glass, including glass doors, partitions, walls, display cases, directory boards, etc. After glass cleaning, there shall be not traces of film, dirt, smudges, water, or other foreign matter.

1.1.4. Clean Drinking Fountain. Clean and disinfect all porcelain and polished metal surfaces, including the orifices and drain, as well as exterior surfaces of fountain. Drinking fountains shall be free of streaks, stains, spots, smudges, scale, and other obvious soil.

1.1.5. Vacuum Carpets. Vacuum carpeted areas. After vacuuming, the carpeted area shall be free of all visible dirt, debris, litter and other foreign matter. Any spots shall be removed by carpet manufacturer's approved methods as soon as noticed. All tears, burns, and raveling shall be brought to the attention of the government representative. Area and throw rugs are included to receive this service. Clean Carpets. Spot clean or shampoo dirty carpets over an area of 2 square feet or less. Spots must be removed immediately.

1.1.6. Vacuum and Clean Floor Mats. Vacuum and clean interior and exterior floor mats. After vacuuming or cleaning, mats shall be free of all visible lint, litter, soil, and other
foreign matter. Soil and moisture underneath mats shall be removed, and mats returned to their normal location.

1.1.7. General Spot Cleaning. Perform spot cleaning on a continual basis. Spot cleaning includes, but is not limited to removing, or cleaning smudges, fingerprints, marks, streaks, spills, etc. from washable surfaces of all walls, partitions, vents, grillwork, doors, door guards, push bars, kick plates, light switches, temperature controls, and fixtures. After spot cleaning, the surface shall have a clean, uniform appearance, free of streaks, spots, and evidence of soil.

1.1.8. General Dusting. All horizontal surfaces must be dusted or cleaned to eliminate dust collection.

1.2 BASIC RESTROOMS CLEANING SERVICE. The contractor shall accomplish all cleaning tasks to meet the requirements of this SOW and the Service Delivery Summary (SDS).

1.2.1. Clean and Disinfect. Completely clean and disinfect all surfaces of sink, toilet bowls, urinals, lavatories, dispensers, plumbing fixtures, dispensers, doors, walls, and other such surfaces, using a germicidal detergent. After cleaning, receptacles will be free of deposits, dirt, streaks, and odors. Disinfect all surfaces of entry doors, (including handles, kick plates, ventilation grates, metal guards, etc.) and wall area adjacent to wall mounted lavatories, urinals, and toilets.

1.2.2. De-scale Toilet Bowls and Urinals. De-scaling shall be performed monthly as a minimum and as often as needed to keep areas free of scale, soap films, and other deposits. After de-scaling, surfaces shall be free from streaks, stains, scale, scum, urine deposits, and rust stains.

1.2.3. Sweep and Mop Floor. After sweeping and mopping, the entire floor surface, including grout, shall be free from litter, dirt, dust and debris. Grout on wall and floor tiles shall be free of dirt, scum, mildew, residue, etc. Floors shall have a uniform appearance without streaks, swirl marks, detergent residue, or any evidence of soil, stain, film or standing water. Moveable items shall be tilted or moved or sweep and damp mop underneath. Floors shall be stripped, scrubbed, waxed, etc., as necessary to maintain sanitary conditions and a clean, uniform appearance.

1.3.1. Strip, Scrub, Seal, and Wax Floors. Strip, scrub, seal, and wax floors as needed with minimum of every six months to maintain a uniform glossy appearance. A non-skid wax is required. A uniform glossy appearance is free of scuff marks, heel marks, wax build-up, and other stains and discoloration.

1.3.2. Clean Interior Windows. Clean glass surfaces. After surfaces have been cleaned, all traces of film, dirt, smudges, water and other foreign matter shall be removed from frames, casings, sills, and glass.

1.3.3. Clean Exterior Windows. Windows are the glass surfaces that are an integral part of the outer wall of the building. Window screens shall be removed, cleaned, and replaced as needed. After window has been cleaned, exterior frames, casings, sills, and glass shall be free of all traces of film, dirt, smudges, water and other foreign matter.

1.3.4 Clean/Shampoo Carpets. All carpets shall be cleaned in accordance with standard commercial practices as needed with minimum of every six months. A heavy-duty spot remover may be required in heavily soiled areas. After shampooing, the carpeted area will be uniform in appearance and free of stains and discoloration. All cleaning solutions shall be removed from baseboards, furniture, trash receptacles, chairs and other similar items. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other items shall be moved to clean carpets underneath, and returned to their original location.

1.4 EMERGENCY OR SPECIAL EVENT CLEANING SERVICES. Upon notification, the contactor shall perform emergency or special event cleaning required in any building, area, or room covered under this contract. The contracting officer shall order cleaning services through issuance of a delivery order for the appropriate and required work task(s). Contractor shall begin emergency work, as determined by the contracting officer, within one hour of notification, which may be verbal. The contracting officer or designated representative will notify the contractor as soon as a special event requirement is known, but no less than 24 hours prior to the event. Completion schedule shall be determined for each delivery order.

SERVICE DELIVERY SUMMARY. The contactor service requirements are summarized into performance objectives that relate directly to mission essential items. The performance threshold briefly describes the minimum acceptable levels of service required for each requirement. These thresholds are critical to mission success.

Government Furnished Property and Services. The contractor will furnish all equipment, materials and chemicals to perform the required tasks.

The government will provide all of the equipment needed to maintain floors (stripping/buffing machines, vacuum cleaners, shop vacs, etc.).

The government will furnish electric power at existing outlets for the contractor to operate such equipment as is necessary in the conduct of their work. Hot and cold water as necessary, limited to the normal water supply provided in the building.


4.1 QUALITY CONTROL. The contractor shall develop and maintain a quality program to ensure custodial services are performed in accordance with commonly accepted commercial practices.

4.2 QUALITY ASSURANCE. The government will periodically evaluate the contractor's performance.

4.3 GOVERNMENT REMEDIES. The contracting officer shall follow FAR 52.212.4, Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial Items, for contractor's failure to perform satisfactory services or failure to correct non-conforming services.

4.4 HOURS OF OPERATION. The contractor will be required to be on site Monday through Friday, hours of operation will be between 4:00pm and 12:00am at the four (4) primary VA Medical Centers. Cleaning will be performed before or after hours on Monday thru Friday at the outlying facilities. Operational hours for the CBOCs are 8:00 am. to 4:30 pm.

4.5 SECURITY REQUIREMENTS. The contractor is responsible for the actions of
employees, safety requirements and security measures, as required by the VA.

4.6 DAMAGE. Extreme caution shall be exercised to prevent damage to the building and its contents. Any damage must be reported to the COR immediately for appropriate action. Any damage caused by the contractor will be repaired and or replaced to the satisfaction of the VA at the contractor s expense.
Damage to the building, its contents or loss of Government property, in excess of $100,000 will require a Report of Survey or Investigative Report by the primary VA Medical Center. Appropriate Government personnel will conduct the investigation. The responsible party will be required to replace and/or submit payment for the damages.

5.1 Cleaning Clinical Areas
The employee is required to clean exam treatment rooms daily. Cleaning with an EPA approved germicidal disinfectant will be used in daily cleaning of the floors, walls, sinks, toilet areas, equipment/furniture and all horizontal surfaces with special attention given to heavily soiled areas.

Louis A Johnson VA Medical Center, Clarksburg:
Louis A Johnson VA Medical Center, 1 Medical Center Drive, Clarksburg, WV 26301
Monongalia CBOC, 40 Commerce Drive, Suite 101, Westover, WV 26501
Wood County CBOC, 2311 Ohio Ave., Suite A, Parkersburg, WV 26101
Braxton County CBOC, 40 Reston Place, Gassaway, WV 26624
Tucker County CBOC, 260 Spruce Street, Parsons, WV 26287
Highland Warehouse lease
Rosebud admin lease

Beckley VA Medical Center:
Beckley VA Medical Center, 200 Veterans Avenue, Beckley, WV 25801
Greenbrier County VA Clinic, 228 Shamrock Lane, Ronceverte, WV 24970
Princeton VA Clinic, 150 Court House Road, Suite 201, Princeton, WV 24740B B B B B B B B B B B

Martinsburg VA Medical Center:
Martinsburg VA Medical Center, 510 Butler Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25405
Ft. Detrick Outpatient Clinic, Ft. Detrick Army Garrison, 1433 Porter Street, Frederick, MD 21702
Hagerstown Outpatient Clinic, Hub Plaza Bldg., 1101 Opal Ct., Hagerstown, MD 21742
Stephens City 170 Prosperity Drive, Winchester, VA 22602
Cumberland Outpatient Clinic, 200 Glenn Street, Cumberland, MD 21502
Petersburg CBOC, 15 grant Street, Petersburg, WV 26847
Franklin CBOC, 91 Pine Street, Franklin, WV 26807
Harrisonburg Outpatient Clinic, 1755 S. High Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Hershel Woody Williams VA Medical Center, Huntington
Hershel Woody Williams VA Medical Center, 1540 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, WV 25704
Charleston VA Clinic, 700 Technology Drive, South Charleston, WV 25309
Lenore VA Clinic, 2867 Route 65, Lenore, WV 25676
Gallipolis VA Clinic, 323A Upper River Road, Gallipolis, OH 45631
Prestonsburg VA Clinic, 5230 KY Rte. 321, Prestonsburg, KY 41653

Caitlin E Hippensteel
Contract Specialist

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