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Hungry Horse Ranger Station Janitorial Services

Idaho, United States
Government : Federal
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This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

The solicitation and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular FAC 2005-95.

North American Industry Classification (NAICS): 561720
Janitorial Services

The small business size standard is $18 million, average gross receipts for the past three years.

Set Aside: Total Small Business

General Information: The intent of this solicitation is to obtain quotes for Janitorial Services for the Administration Building of the Hungry Horse Ranger District, Flathead National Forest, Hungry Horse MT. This contract requires the use of sustainable, BioBased, non-toxic or Green Seal certified cleaners.

Schedule of Items:
See attached Schedule of Items_Experience_Biobased Product Certification.pdf

Quote Submission
The following documents shall be submitted, for evaluation, to be considered a responsive quote:
1. Quote on completed Schedule of Items (see attached).
2. Proof of Active SAM registration (see Provision FAR 52.212-3)
3. Experience Questionnaire
4. Biobased Product Certification
5. Site Specific Quality Control Plan

Send quote to:
E-mail:, please verify receipt of quote. Quotes will be accepted by email only, faxed quotes will not be accepted.

Provide quote by: 12:00 PM, MDT on Thursday, April 20, 2016.

For solicitation questions contact Tina Kelly at (406) 329-3845 


The scope of this contract is to provide janitorial services for the Administration Building at the Hungry Horse Ranger Station, Hungry Horse, Montana, in strict compliance with the terms, specifications, conditions and provisions contained herein. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, supplies (except Government-furnished property listed below), equipment, transportation, and supervision necessary to ensure that the building will maintain a satisfactory facility condition and present a clean, neat and professional appearance. The Contractor's workforce shall perform all services associated with general custodial and cleaning duties listed in the technical requirements.


The Flathead National Forest Hungry Horse Ranger Station is located at 10 Hungry Horse Drive, Hungry Horse, Montana.
Floor area is approximately 13,320 square feet of floor area. There is approximately 9,925 square feet of carpet area.


Vendors/Contractors are encouraged to inspect the site where services are to be performed, considering all general and local conditions that may affect performance or price. In no event shall failure to inspect the site constitute grounds for a claim after contract award.

Interested parties desiring to inspect the work area are asked to make an appointment with Cindy Woods at Hungry Horse Ranger Station, telephone (406) 327-3811.


The contract time is for a base plus or two option years.

Base Year May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018
Option Year 1 February 1 through April 30, 2019
Option Year 2 May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020.


Cloths, mops, or brushes containing a residue of wax or other combustible material, subject to spontaneous ignition shall not be stored in the building. The Contractor shall conduct all operations in compliance with the normal safety standards for this type of work.

The contractor shall comply with all OSHA standards for employee safety. It is the Contractor's responsibility to ensure its employees are properly trained and equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) for potential hazards.


A Smart-Card/Entry Card will be signed out to the Contractor. The Card will open the east side door of the Administration Building. The Card shall be returned upon completion or termination of the contract. Upon completing the scheduled work in the building, the Contractor shall ensure that the entrance/exit doors and windows are locked, even if there are Forest Service employees in the building. Lights shall not be left on or windows open in areas where the Contractor has completed the work.

The Contractor or Contractor's personnel shall not disturb papers or equipment on desks, computers and terminals, open drawers or cabinets, or use the telephones except for emergency calls to police or fire departments.

The Contractor shall prohibit the use of keys or electronic access fobs issued by the Government by any persons other than the Contractor employees. The Contractor shall not duplicate any keys issued by the Government and shall immediately report to the CO any occurrences of lost or duplicated keys or fobs. In the event keys are lost or duplicated, the Contractor may be required to re-key or replace the affected lock(s) without cost to the Government. The Government may, at its option, replace the affected lock(s) or perform re-keying. Cost of such work shall be deducted from the Contractor's payment.


Cleaning shall be performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:00 pm and 5:00 am before the next regular working day for Government employees. Friday's cleanings may be performed at any time during the weekend.

Provide 48 hour notice to the COR for carpet and window cleaning.

The Contractor is not required to provide service on Federal Holidays except in emergency situations (e.g., broken water pipes, commode or urinal overflow, etc.). The holidays are:

New Year's Day, January 1*
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., third Monday in January
Washington's Birthday, third Monday in February
Memorial Day, last Monday in May
Independence Day, July 4*
Labor Day, first Monday in September
Columbus Day, second Monday in October
Veteran's Day, November 11*
Thanksgiving Day, Fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Day, December 25*
*(First Monday after holiday if holiday falls on Sunday or Friday before if holiday falls on Saturday.)


See attached Contract Requirements_Quality.pdf


This contract is subject to the Service Contract Act of 1965.
Please see attached Wage Determination:
Wage Determination No.: Wage Determination No.: 2015-5401 Revision No.: 1 Date Of Revision: 01/25/2017

See Wage Determination attached.

This work is being solicited as a performance based, commercial item contract. Performance based means the Contractor is responsible for an end product. If an end product is not provided, an adjustment to the payment will be made. A commercial item contract streamlines the terms and conditions to resemble those already used in the everyday marketplace.

A post award pre-work meeting may be scheduled with the successful offeror/contractor to review contract requirements. This meeting will be scheduled at the earliest available time of the Contracting Officer and the Contracting Officer's Representative.


Work will be performed, and invoiced on a monthly basis in arrears. The awarded contract value will be expressed as an amount not to be exceeded.

Monthly payments will be made for janitorial services which have been satisfactorily provided during that month. Invoices will be submitted for payment through the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) Invoice will be reviewed and approved or rejected by the COR within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. Rejected invoices must be corrected and resubmitted. IPP will advance the approved invoice to the Contracting Officer for payment processing.


The Government will supply to the Contractor materials, supplies, property or services (hereinafter referred to as "Government-furnished property") as listed below. As supplies need replenishing, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) in writing on a monthly basis. Supplies listed below shall be supplied by the Government.

The Government will furnish the following items:

Building access cards. Keys, key cards, or locks necessary for access to areas requiring work under this contract.

Hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, urinal cakes, room deodorant and garbage can bags.

Dumpster and refuse disposal of all debris, administrative refuse and trash.

Storage space in Government-owned buildings for storage of the supplies and equipment to be used in the performance of the work.

The Government will furnish electrical and water utilities for the Contractor's use during the
contract period. Contractor is expected to use the utilities in an efficient and economical manner. The use of Government furnished telephone and fax machines shall be limited to local or "no charge" calls. Incoming calls will not be accepted on Government telephones.


Building finishes and equipment soiled or damaged due to the Contractor's operations shall be cleaned, repaired, replaced or restored to a condition not less than that existing immediately prior to the damage.


Equipment shall be of commercial quality, size, and type suitable for accomplishing the various phases of work specified and be capable of operating from existing sources of electrical power. The Contractor's equipment shall be in good repair and able to operate efficiently and safely.

The CO may inspect the Contractor's equipment, tools, or supplies at any time and direct the removal of any objectionable, improper, inadequate, or unsafe items. These items shall be removed from the job by the Contractor and replaced with satisfactory equipment.

The Contractor shall provide and maintain a file with copies of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemical products used under this contract. This file shall be kept in the building and accessible to the COR at all times.

The Government will not be responsible for damage sustained by the Contractor's equipment or the Contractor's employees' personal belongings brought, or stored, on the Government premises during the performance of this contract.


This contract requires the use of sustainalable BioBased non-toxic or Green Seal certified cleaners.

The Contractor must comply with Section 9002 of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (FSRIA), Executive Order (EO) 13423, "Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management," and the Federal Acquisition Regulation to provide biobased products.

The Contractor shall utilize products and material made from biobased materials (e.g., biobased greases, biobased hydraulic fluids, biobased absorbents) to the maximum extent possible without jeopardizing the intended end use or detracting from the overall quality delivered to the end user. All supplies and materials shall be of a type and quality that conform to applicable Federal specifications and standards. All supplies and materials to be used in the performance of work described herein are subject to the approval of the Contracting Officer Representative (COR).

The following is an example list of products that may be used in this contract for custodial services for which biobased products are available. The list is not all inclusive. It is desirable that vendors be able to supply the greatest number of biobased products listed meeting the health and environmental specifications.

All purpose cleaner Degreaser/cleaner
Heavy duty cleaner Deodorizer
Carpet shampoo Floor finish
Gum remover Floor finish restorer
Disinfectant sanitizer Floor sealer
Extraction fluid Furniture polish
Floor stripper Glass cleaner
Neutral cleaner (liquid) Grout sealer
Stain remover Stainless steel polish
Air freshener including dispenser Toilet bowl cleaner
Bathroom cleaner White board cleaner
Brass polish/cleaner Wood floor cleaner
Chrome polish/cleaner Laundry detergent
Liquid hand soap including dispenser Cream cleaner
Lime and scale remover (tub/ tile cleaner) Solvent

Biobased products that are designated for preferred procurement under USDA's BioPreferred program must meet the required minimum biobased content as stated in the USDA Final Rule available at The Contractor should provide data for their biobased products such as biobased content.

In addition to the biobased products designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in
the BioPreferred Program, the Contractor is encouraged to use other biobased products.
The Contractor shall submit with the initial proposal a complete list of biobased products, indicating the name of the manufacturer, cost of each material, and the intended use of each of the materials that are to be used in carrying out the requirements of the contract. Additionally, the winning Contractor on each anniversary date of the contract shall compile a complete list of biobased products, including the information above, purchased to carry out the contract requirements. The Contractor shall list volume to be used and total cost for each individual product. This information will be used for reporting purposes.


Only personnel trained in custodial and maintenance services shall be allowed to perform work under this contract. Contractor personnel shall be easily recognized as contractor employees. A roster of Contractor personnel employed under this contract shall be provided to the Contracting Officer (CO) 5 days after the notice to proceed is issued. This roster shall list employee names, duties assigned, and the shift/hours and days each employee is scheduled to work. The roster shall also show telephone numbers of the contract manager and/or alternates.

Prior to a change of personnel, a list shall be submitted with names and their experience to the Contracting Officer for approval.

The Government reserves the right to perform a security check on any employee working under this contract. In the performance of a security check, the Government may request additional information such as full names, social security numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers. Failure to comply with this provision may be deemed a breach of this contract.


The Contractor shall provide a contract manager responsible for oversight of work. This individual shall be available to meet with the CO/COR during normal working hours. The name of this person, and any alternate, shall be designated in writing to the CO 5days after the notice to proceed is issued.


The Contractor is responsible for management and quality control actions to meet the terms of this contract. The Contractor shall develop a complete Site Specific Quality Control Plan (QCP) to ensure the requirements of this contract are provided for as specified. The goal of the QCP should be to identify and correct any problems that may arise before they are identified by the CO or his/her representative COR. The role of the Government is quality assurance to ensure contract standards are met.
Records of quality inspections shall be kept and made available to the Government throughout the performance period and for the period after contract completion until final settlement of any claims under this contract.

A description of the quality control plan shall include security procedures for any Government-provided items such as keys or lock combinations, location of the documented inspections, and corrective or preventive actions taken for unsatisfactory performance.


Janitorial Services -
1. Quality Assurance (QA) describes methods that will be used to monitor the Contractor's performance. The QA is part of the Contract. It is provided to the Contractor and is subject to change by the Government during the life of the contract. The Government reserves the right to perform assessments more or less often than outlined in this QASP.

2. Quality Assurance establishes methods to assess or evaluate performance of the Contractor under the contract. It is designed to provide an effective method of monitoring. The Government is concerned with the quality of the services provided, and not with the method that the Contractor uses to provide the services.

3. Responsibility for Quality Control: The Contractor is responsible for quality control and management actions to meet the performance requirements and terms of the Contract. The Government performs quality assurance to assess the quality of services rendered, and to verify the services meet the contract requirements, and contract standards are achieved. Quality Control for Commercial Items is in accordance with accepted industry practices.

4. Surveillance Methods: The Government will evaluate the Contractor's performance under this contract. Examples of Government surveillance may include:
a. Government Inspections (random or scheduled).
b. Customer complaints with verification by the CO or COR.

5. Deduction Methods: The Government will record performance noting any substandard performance. For substandard performance, the Government's preferred course of action will be discussions with the Contractor to make the Contractor aware of the problem, to request re-performance, and to effectively prevent any recurrence of substandard performance.

Records of quality inspections shall be kept and made available to the Government throughout the performance period and for the period after contract completion until final settlement of any claims under this contract.

MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS: The Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer immediately of any building or grounds maintenance problems such as slow or clogged drains, broken pipes, locks or doors that do not close properly. Notification shall be done by phone and/or by written notice depending on the urgency of the problem. COR cell phone number will be provided during Pre-Work.

The contract period shall extend for 12 months. However, at the option of the Government, the contract option may be exercised for additional one-year periods, not to exceed 2 option periods, at the same terms and conditions. The Government will notify the Contractor of its intent to exercise the option not less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the expiration of the current contract period.


Prior to commencement of work, the Contracting Officer may arrange a Pre-Work meeting with the Contractor to discuss the contract terms and work performance requirements.


Tina D Kelly, Contract Specialist, Phone 406-329-3845, Email - Cindy Wood, Phone 406-327-3811, Email

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