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Homme Dam Maintenance Service

Minnesota, United States
Government : Military
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Homme Dam Maintenance Service Contract
The contractor shall furnish all personnel, supplies, and equipment necessary to accomplish the required work. The contractor will complete all work in a safe manner in accordance with guidelines set in ER 385-1-1, COE Safety and Health Manual. All work performed by the contractor shall be recorded immediately after it is completed on the Maintenance Checklist which will be located on a clipboard hanging in the maintenance building on the north side of Homme Dam. This checklist will be used for documentation of quality control/assurance purposes.
1.    Garbage Collection and Litter Pick Up - Two 32-gallon garbage containers are located near the parking lot at the maintenance building and control tower parking lot at the north end of Homme Dam. These containers shall be emptied and each time the containers are emptied new can liners will be installed. The can and immediate area surrounding each can shall be sprayed with an approved insecticide whenever insect/ pests are present. When a spill or offensive odor occurs the cans shall be cleaned and disinfected. The contractor shall pick up all litter located on the parking area and within a 150 foot strip around the parking area including the adjacent riprap at the control tower. The contractor shall dispose of all garbage off site at a location meeting requirements of applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances. The garbage cans will be removed and stored inside the maintenance building on October 1st and then put back out on April 1st. These containers shall be emptied on Monday and Friday of each week during the period of April through September.
2.    Privy Cleaning - One privy is located near the parking lot at the maintenance building and control tower parking lot. The floor, ceiling and walls shall be swept free of debris and cobwebs. The stool riser and stool seat shall be scrubbed with a disinfectant inside and out, flushed with clean water and wiped dry. Exterior walls and overhangs shall be brushed free of all cobwebs, bird droppings and other debris. The privy will be stocked with at least three full rolls of toilet paper. These cleaning duties will be performed on Monday and Friday during the period of April through September. The privy underground sewage tank will be pumped empty, debris removed and 100 gallons of water placed in the tank once at the direction of the Corps of Engineers.
3.    Security - The Corps of Engineers will issue a key to the contractor for the shop building located on the north side of the dam. The contractor will sign a key log and will not make copies of the key. The contractor can store cleaning supplies inside the maintenance building.
a.    Background check. Contractor shall submit all required documentation (copy of valid driver's license, State/Federal/Government ID) for background checks prior to receipt of keys.
4.    Request for payment will be submitted to the Lake Ashtabula Project Office, 2630-114th Ave SE, Valley City, ND 58072.

Jesse Onkka, 6512905444

USACE District, St. Paul

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